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  1. Can't a Tulpa move on his own sometimes? Or is it almost required? I'm guessing for some it's necessary? ~NovaIce
  2. Hey Luna, Keep in mind it took me three years myself to reach where I am today. Don't give up! ~NovaIce
  3. I know when creating a Tulpa, we are used to hallucinations and what have you, but when you start to adjust to your Tulpa. Is it common they start to feel "real"? Is this the hallucination or is this common? It this another way to make/have their presence known? Like for example, I have been using white noise, like what you would hear from a TV to help concentrate, but when visualizing. It's now gotten to the point that if I stare or see my Tulpa... my brain believes I can actually reach out and touch, feel. As if he's there. He doesn't talk or speak to my head, but I can see him watchi
  4. Thank you. I'll consider that option! ~NovaIce
  5. It's fine if I don't have to talk about it. I just had a strange encounter with my Tulpa, but I can or should treat it like any other relationship I suppose... ~NovaIce
  6. Would it be okay to speak or explain about anything related to "sex" regarding your Tulpa? I didn't want to speak of anything in public seeing it's often "shamed" in this community. So where exactly does everyone stand regarding this? I don't wish to make a fool of myself. ~NovaIce
  7. June 16th into the 17th, 2015 With my first official challenge regarding the visualization of Evan pushes the necessary limits. This doesn't stop me from thinking of him, unknowing that I was doing a passive force all day yesterday. By using an old Metal Gear Solid Bandana I got exclusively with Peacewalker years back, I knew I could use it to project Evan's energy through or assisting with his visualization knowing I wouldn't be able to actively force. Passive forcing isn't unusual by several standards and experiences. Offering and talking to Evan to tag along, he was able to com
  8. Evan's first official headshot is complete! I still use the formula of Big Boss, but in this one he looks like Aragorn with his hair pulled back. Hahaha I like it! ~NovaIce
  9. I know it's a weird conception, but can they give you butterflies in your stomach? I heard of how they can interact with you through head pressure or they can sense you talking of them. But what of that gut feeling in your stomach? I received my gut feeling while drawing out another picture of my Tulpa in my head. Is this possible? Just another sign they know you're thinking of them? It's just out of curiosity. Like I was doing the right thing or something along those lines. ~NovaIce
  10. A little about myself, maybe you can understand where I stand... I was always told "I can't" all my life, by my family and my mom hated my active imagination so much she did anything and everything to stop me as I grew up. As a teen, she took away my video games and writings even sent me to a psychiatrist thinking that having an "imaginary friend" or even "roleplay" was some sort of sin. Ten years later, they believe they still have control over me, which I broke free from a few years ago. Those, like myself. Will still judge. Believing that I need to "grow up", but they don't experience
  11. I feel as though I have been battling a week to believe in my Tulpa. It's not that I can't sense him, smell him, hear him talk, but now... I am sure someone here has been where I am now. "Hearing voices and out of instinct my mind is screaming: This isn't logical! You're creating an alternate personality! You live alone, you start hearing the voices and here's where it got you. You're snapping!" "You created Evan. He's not an "extension" of you. He's just a part of you that you don't want to face!" Others are starting to catch on to my behavior. Those I know or those that know me now
  12. You both can follow his progress here: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-venom-of-the-snake If you want. I remember like the first or second day his request was that I keep a journal. In which I am. One I am writing and another I post on here in case I need to keep track or lose the one written. ~NovaIce
  13. June 13th 2015 Yesterday was unexpected after I implied Evan take the day off. He ran off because as many know Snake had threatened him. Which isn't what I normally expect from Astral Beings seeing they are often thoughtforms/tulpas themselves. Snake is no exception! You can read it all about here and the strain I was frightened with to get Evan back (thinking I lost him for good): https://community.tulpa.info/thread-misc-my-tulpa-evan-was-bullied-to-leave After several hours all day and focusing on him (even drawing a picture of him out of my own restlessness (it's nothing special ye
  14. It's a common reaction. Some Tuppers connect differently than others. You'll be fine. Just the steps may be varied. ~NovaIce
  15. Ahhh. I remember those days from other Thoughtforms/Tulpas contacting me when I was a teen. It takes time to adjust to, but after awhile it will sound like whispers. Just give it time! Your body is just developing and adapting to change. ~NovaIce
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