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  1. Day 20 Okay, well so much for updating "everyday"! I also have a tulpa blog on Tumblr called its-tulpa-time, so I guess doing two separate progress reports wasn't exactly the best idea. BUT, I do have a few progress thingies with Lord Tourettes. 1. He changed our wonderland a little. I remember telling him that if he wants to add some things, he can. Well, he did! He added a fountain in one of the meadows, made the grass greener, changed the big wooden house into a cute little cottage, scattered more wild flowers and mushrooms, made the creek wider, put the tree we usually sit against on
  2. Thank you for all the answers, guys! It helps. But about asking them if it was them, that's one of my problems. He can't talk yet, not only that but I wouldn't know if his answer was me or him since my thoughts can be so random and spontaneous. So, if it was them, it would be clear and obvious, right?
  3. Hello, everyone! I've decided to start a progress report for my tulpa, Lord Tourettes. We have been forcing since June 2 (my 16th birthday!). We haven't had too much progress, but hopefully we will soon. In case you were wondering, Lord Tourettes is a green stick figure with a hat from a YouTube series called "Dick Figures." I've decided to base my tulpa off of him because I admire the way he's always happy, optimistic, and whimsical. The way the character is portrayed in that show makes him seem like such an enjoyable person for me to be around, since I'm happy-go-lucky myself. As shown by
  4. That's adorable! My tulpa isn't all the way there yet, but once he's able to talk to me, I would definitely buy him physical things if he wants them.
  5. So, I've only been a tulpamancer for 17 days now, and I have a few questions about it. Sorry if these have already been asked, I could not find the answers I was looking for elsewhere. 1. How clear/obvious is it when your tulpa sends you a thought or mindvoice? Even before I started forcing, I've always had random thoughts that pop out of nowhere. It's like my brain randomly generates these things. So how can I really tell if it's my tulpa? I find it really hard and I feel that it will hold me back from hearing my tulpa. 2. Are head pressures a reliable way of communicating with your tul
  6. I experience the same things every time I think of Lord Tourettes, sometimes my eyes tear up a bit from pure bliss and a smile spreads across my face. I'm not saying for sure that it isn't your tulpa, but it's probably just you. You get happy when you think of your tulpa, it's an emotional response to something. But then again, if you're unsure, I would ask your tulpa about it just in case.
  7. This is completely normal. The tulpa comes from your brain and has access to all your thoughts and memories, so they're bound to know some of the the same things you do.
  8. Aww, your tulpa is very cute... :) And ah, I see. So wait, LT could always appear 2D to me, right? I kinda want him to stay 2D for some reason.
  9. It's not re-labeling or roleplaying imaginary friends. The reasoning is because unlike imaginary friends, tulpas can actually think on their own, talk on their own, and do things on their own will without you controlling them. It's like talking to and interacting with an everyday individual, only within your head. It's like two separate consciouses living in one physical body together. But I mean really, there is no way to prove it if you haven't experienced it yourself. It isn't anything you can prove or show to others.
  10. Sorry if the question is a bit basic, but I just want to know how many tulpas are of each. Mine is a 2D stick figure. Can't tell if it's easier to visualize that way or not. What do you all think?
  11. So, I was wondering if this ever happens to anyone else while forcing. I posted a thread yesterday about experiencing REM while laying down in my regular sleeping position, eyes closed, and forcing. Turns out I was wrong about it being REM. Earlier today, I sat up and actively forced, while I wasn't even tired, and the lights were on. After a couple minutes, the same exact thing happened. My body grew relaxed, my eyes began to flicker under my eyelids rapidly, and I would experience subtle twitches. I even felt a bit numb, and had lost some of my senses in my hands and arms. Since I obvi
  12. I have a lot of songs that remind me so much of how I want my tulpa's personality to be. Can just simply listening to these songs while focusing on how it's like their personality aid in development? I want to try it out, but I just want to make sure I'm not gonna be wasting my time. (I can't concentrate enough to talk and listen to music at the same time, so there wouldn't be any talking to him, just relating his personality with the music).
  13. Thank you for your response, it is indeed a very interesting subject. I just do simple prayers before bed so hopefully my prayers won't create a tulpa.
  14. Thank you for your response. I don't usually think of it as anything formal while talking to LT, the head bowing and stuff is more of a habit while speaking in my head. I've been working on LT since June 2, so maybe the fact that he's undeveloped is what's causing me confusion. And I know he has a seemingly powerful name, but trust me, I don't talk up to him like he's an actual lord. He's based off of the character Lord Tourettes from the YouTube series "Dick Figures," a very effeminate and whimsical green guy. Just look google him up, you'll see what I mean. xD
  15. I'm a Christian who prays to God almost every night, and I'm beginning to see major similarities between praying and forcing. You talk to someone who you can't see, but believe is there. Even when I force with Lord Tourettes, I often catch myself accidentally bowing my head, putting my hands together, or calling him "Father" from how used I am to praying. My question is, could praying possibly create an accidental tulpa? And do you think praying often while also forcing could interfere with things?
  16. Thank you everyone for your answers, I'll be sure to not go so far back with my eyes again the next time I try it out. And about the WILD lucid dreaming, that's exactly what I was thinking while it was happening! I'm definitely trying it out again, but going with it longer. Glad I got clarification on that, because I wasn't sure if I could lucid dream that way or not.
  17. Yeah, I honestly think the eyes rolling back was my fault. Since I knew I could stop the flickering at any time, I kinda let them do that and was afraid that if I tried to put them in a normal position, it would stop altogether. I just tried rolling my eyes back, and turns out it's super easy to do that for me. The rapid flickering however, no. That was definitely involuntary. And the vision I had wasn't exactly that bad, it just looked like what you would see if you got a little dizzy. Could have been adrenaline (I was pretty excited).
  18. Last night was one of the single most strange nights I've had in my life. For the first time ever, I decided to tulpaforce while laying down, eyes closed, in the dark, and while I was very tired as well. Knowing myself, I knew I probably wouldn't fall asleep since I have to be in complete peace and relaxedness to do so. But I did not expect THIS to happen. All of a sudden, even though it was already dark in my room, it seemed as if everything got darker. My body felt heavy, and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest from anxiety (since I had never felt that kind of sudden feeling
  19. Mine is Lord Tourettes from the YouTube series, D!ck Figures. In case you've never seen him, he's a green stick figure with a pointed hat. I am OBSESSED with him, so I couldn't help but make my tulpa based off of him. cx
  20. Hellur. I'm Grace, a 16 year old girl in the process of making a tulpa based off of Lord Tourettes from D!ck Figures. Been working on him since June 2. Nice to meet you all!
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