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  1. We know that what you're saying is that you're saying what you're saying, no need for further confusion.
  2. I can just cross the Atlantic Ocean instead
  3. I'd say take off your jacket but man's not hot Wonder how long I can keep this up for till I start to mentally hurt myself.
  4. Agreed, that is indeed what the queen has done. Vosvosvosvosvosvosvos is obviously the real queen, we must spit on the fake queens. Why am I doing this
  5. Too many exceptions, English does not know da wae
  6. Gudgud, definitely. Wish I had habits like that too but instead I'm just sitting here procrastinating.
  7. That's some serious attention paid to detail I think
  8. I did not triple post, I did not, it's bullshit, I did not triple post, I did NAWT. Oh hi Lumi
  9. I'm singing Sympathy for the Devil. Have been for the last two hours.