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  1. Dont give up or lose hope thats my best advice
  2. Good luck with your tulpa make sure you get all the info prior doing any attempts and if you feel that any bad reactions are happening go to a doctor right away and stop with the tulpa process. Havent heard of any benefits from having a tulpa with people having your medical condition so it would be nice if you could create a log here on your progress.
  3. So im in the medical field and to my understanding on this phenomenon called tulpa and your medical condition is that. If you have schizophrenia under control with no medication it wont be harmful but your case has to be really mild. I would need more information on your case to do a more objective decision. I have read cases about people withthis condition having tulpas with no adverse effects if you feel uncomfortable getting an opinion from a stranger do your research there is guides that talk about mental conditions and tulpas online.
  4. Parallel processing should be tested using different regions of the brain and not the same region at once. If the same region is used at once it woukd just force the brain on queue mode when it comes to multiple functions on whatever it is. If you are good at math and have your tulpa do math problems at that same time as the host it will still force the brain into queue mode but since that region is well developed it would be able to handle multiple problems with no adverse effects. If the host math region is not as developed and both host and tulpa try to use this region it will just cause cluttered up queue. I definitely believe that the brain could be trained and further develop certain regions of the brain to improve the queue times. Improving queue times means faster times and it might seem that parallel processing is almost achieved in the same region.
  5. Exodusfever

    Tulpa and Drugs

    Its funny to read different proples experiences with drugs and their tulpa effects. I wonder why some drugs dont affect tulpas.
  6. I read all your thread with amusement at the musings of you and your tulpa. It was interesting how your tulpas differ from each other and how you managed to split their fights and jealousness. I was suprised how you managed to have sexual intercorse with your tulpa its funny how you add spoilers to the lewd things you do. I read your spoilers i find it amazing the jnteractions you are able to have with your tulpas. Keep up the updates coming and hopelly you find ghe solution to your energy problems.
  7. I dont have experience on this subject but i been reading your detailed post. They are pretty neat full of detail on what you are doing day by day. I would definitely read up to see your progress. Dont feel like you are alone on this there is nice people on this forums willing to help out and teach. Im doimg research on my own on this subject i wish you the best of luck with your experience.
  8. Hello my name is exodus fever but everyone can call me exo. I been reaerching the tulpa around online after reading some creepy pastas around. Im kind of scared to try it my selfbutits fun toread other peoples experiences. Its something im debating about doing some day and experience my own tulpa but im afraid of it taking a scary shape and scaring me at night. I lkke ghe idea of having a close friend to talk about thats fine.