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    I'm Knux, and I'm working on a Fluttershy tulpa. I like classical, electronic, and metal/rock/punk(nearly all forms).
  1. I'm not going to tell my close family(they already think I'm weird enough) but my friends I tell almost all the time if I haven't before xD However, if I think someone might be weirded out or something I don't specifically say it, though I might >imply it.
  2. The Everett interpretation of Quantum Theory? I(non-denom Christian) believe that if anything God is happy with it. Tulpae help you in positive ways, they can be your reaffirming voice, etc.
  3. Assassin's Creed? I say FRIK YES PLEASE I would love this xD When I manage to make my tulpa I know what I'm asking
  4. I have no diagnosed mental illnesses, although being introverted has been a rather large nuisance. It makes me get very easily distracted into other thoughts, entertaining scenarios that I know won't happen, until I just forget I was forcing eventually and end up bringing myself back. It's delayed my progress a considerable amount, along with my procrastination. I assume it is because of these two reasons I have not reached sentience yet(mostly the procrastination)
  5. I would do this but I don't have a good WiFi at the moment, I'm running on 3G. Once I have a steady WiFi signal, I'll comment again on this post(if I remember, anyway) Also, I'd be a hypotee-I have both a webcam and a mic, though my microphone isn't very good.
  6. Feminism AND social justice? What an oxymoron. Have her watch this: I'm still posting even though it's a troll thread
  7. Valid point, a blowjob/hoofjob... Oh joy. Oh well, I'll refuse to let it. If it does in my sleep then whatever idgaf because then it's more like a wet dream and doesn't consciously affect me. That is IF this theory is real anyway.
  8. Gideon has a point, though of course, you can still have a normal school experience with a little help. I plan on having my tulpa helping me, but not relying on it-I see that as, well, sheer stupidity. You should actually learn instead of depending on the tulpa you create, though if you HAVE too, then you use the tulpa.
  9. I'm making mine genderless, for the exact reason NED has specified.
  10. Unrelated to original post, but take a look at this: Did you take his skin and glue it to your skin with semen?
  11. knux3k

    Possible Speedup

    Breaking rule 25, I'd like to say I'll test your theory. The only problem now is actually astral projecting xD I'm plenty early and I've been dabbling in astral projection forever, though I've still yet to do it.
  12. I've never heard you should continue to force after they're imposed fully, but I have heard they should be when still imposing. I think by tulpaforcing once it's sentient is, is that you keep it visualized and get the full look of it, as opposed to developing personality traits. This, of course, would vary with each person.
  13. I'm a Christian and I've pondered this hypothesis myself. Currently I have no stance, as I believe that this may be true, but it doesn't disprove God-in fact, it may be what God intended, seeing as you would get to know him more through the Bible and whatnot. I'm still pretty neutral. Before the atheists attack, this is >implying he exists, and according to my current beliefs.
  14. Seconded, I've seen him around and he seems to be pretty good and knowledgeable about tulpae.