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  1. B just usually hangs out in the ole brain, and tells me he's cleaning out it's cobwebs.
  2. Bask

    Bask and B

    Whao whao whao just about time for me to check in again. FEELS DUMP. NO RLLY. In Feb. when I poked in last, B was hanging around for about a month. He's past his 'budding' stage and is becoming quite the character. I guess, he is 'more' of a 'true' tulpa rather than Jazz who is just an enriched previous mind entity. Building B up has been pretty fucking amazing. He started as some kind of wonky feveranddrug dream / throwback to some kind of recurring childhood shit of Bakura from Yugioh- but had a little flicker of something that didn't want me to dismiss him as just my brain being funky. Some kind of spark? I'unno. Ever since December he's been a steadfast force in my life. Jazz - was incredible in his own way, loves being predictable and stable (something that was desperately needed). I saw was >> because well, Tulpa engulf tulpa? Over the past few months they've sort of been blurring together in certain aspects and accidentally digivolved I guess. :9 It's not upsetting, or horrible in the slightest since it seemed to be the natural flow of their lifespans. BUT PRESSING ON. Bak's personality is He's a strange guy to say the least. He's very interested in morbid things, which suits me well as I do some taxidermy and skeleton cleaning - and my day job isn't exactly the cleanest. He has a great fascination with decay, disease, and death - only less metalstupid as all the sounds. He usually has gentle observations on that darker side of the world, and he generally embraces it fully. I think its because he's some part of my repressed/fear towards some of those aspects - he's a great healer for my fear. <: He's not very social, as I need no encouragment on that. I suppose it falls better in balance as I need time to withdraw and enjoy the world in silence instead of my shriekings somewhere. He's a quiet sincere thing. B isn't I guess fully formed. He needs 'work' I suppose, but even at this point of our life its incredible. He's a very prominent voice, and he's learning how to use to the mental voice of his choosing to its full extent. He is almost constantly cofronting with me, and is trying to learning to front fully. He gets projected/visualized a lot - but its not with any great accuracy because I suck :< Anyway, hi again. I'm looking to stick around :9
  3. A. Dude, every working day of my life. Brought to you by 16 hour nightshifts. Q. Most ridiculous lie you've ever told?
  4. A. Philadelphia Q. If you had a month left to live (pain and treatment free - but will die) how would you spend it?
  5. Bask

    Bask and B

    It's hysterical that the last time I posted here I was afraid I accidentally a tulpa. ...Well oops. I'VE BEEN GONE BECAUSE WORKING ON ACCIDENT TULPA. ...and I have a puppy. It's been about two months and recently another entity cropped up and He turned out to be a pretty cool guy. His name is Bak and showed up during a bunch of extremely ridiculous fever dreams (okay so maybe it was the aves flying ointment)and decided to pursue a more normal platform between us. B is spit-fire, death oriented, and a plays a spirit guide role in my life which is sort of cool but a different topic entirely. While Jazz is extremely laid back and not big into saying more than he has to, B is pretty much his opposite. He's been turning out to be an aggressive person in every aspect who engages in a lot of conversation. He's very keen on putting his opinion in, although he sometimes struggles to get his point across. He has a really bizarre way of formulating his words, so I have to feel his meaning and not just take his words at face value. He defiently keeps me on my toes. I'll have to ramble on about him more when I've got a few more minutes. Jazz is pretty much the same as always. He cooks, he tells me to get more sleep, and balances B pretty awesomely. HI AGAIN.
  6. A. I am a ridiculous many shades of queer. It was never a worry, only realization. Q. Are you one of those who think the world is about to end?
  7. My BP has stayed within a point or two of the same before/during/after. During a session my pulse however was around 5 points lower and came back to its average after.
  8. Well I learned over the past few days that my bloodpressure is ridiculously low and I should probably do something about that, lol. My baseline is 90/70's scaling all across those regions no matter the activity. I'm starting a weeklong trial starting tommorow to see if it flucuates significantly by forcing. I'm going to do a before - during forcing - and after blood pressure. A significant increase for be would be +5 whatever my before Blood pressure is. No caffenine will be consumed on test days, and I'll stay hydrated since lack o h20 will make a BP rise other things to consider with 'high' BP - My pulse is extremely high, my bp is extremely low. Always has been. Do not use one factor for another. R u doin it rite? This that a craayyyy high number? Take that shit again, its a common medical practice if something looks too funky to be 'right' always double check. Don't use 'the lazy' method with a manual because its off anywhere between 5-10 points.
  9. >What kinda work you does? Nurse >Got a tulpa yet? What stage yall be at? Ya. Imposition. >How'd you get here? How long you been into this shit kid? Thoughtform forum of a different flavor that Dane posted on. Six years. >How old you is? 23 >R u a boy or a girl and dont be a smartass? Lay D >What other hobbies you be havin'? Roadkill maceration, and having a damn day off. >Anythin' else you wanna add, nerd? Nooooo
  10. A. Silver. Because its shiny and reasons. Q. Have you ever eaten shark?
  11. I was referring to hounds original post, in regards to the expirence his mother had. For some reason I thought he read that she couldn't move. I think I meshed the two together with yours XD
  12. But in your post you said she couldn't move until it left.
  13. A. Assuming pubic hair. Q. Favorite 'gross' foodstuff.
  14. Lol the inverted one that was orginally used by the jewish, and the knights templar? Its also the seal of the city of solomon. And yes I do mean the "upside down" one. Just shining a light under your bed.