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  1. A: When I was young and clumsy I round housed a kid in the face while trying to show him how to do it. Q: Roll
  2. I know. I suck at writing, and I blame it on the educational system in america. I might go back and revise that or just put in some visual aid in place of the words.... Anyways, what happened today- not much. Also, let me explain a bit more about the my tulpae, NO. 2 is female, pink and slightly long-ish curly hair. Old enough to be mistaken as an adult, however not one. NO. 1 is male, black short spiky hair, muscular yet lean and lithe build. Both have blue eyes, and sound similar to me because we haven't worked on their voices, except NO. 2 has a slightly more female sounding voice though. Thursday, January fourth, 12:00 AM. NO.2 was sick, until about halfway through the forcing. NO. 1 decided to leave and go explore the dungeon. All other details are irrelevant, really, nothing exciting.
  3. Alright, I'm just going to put this here because I was told to, and because it should help pressure me to interact with my tulpae more, along with browsing these forums. Which also makes me want to interact with them. So let me go ahead and start from the beginning with what I remember. Also, I was recovering from being broken, and mentally ill from a certain heartbrake. Oh yeah, and just for the record, until about halfway through my subcon(ciousness) thinks it's fun to be a general bastard and screws with us ALL THE TIME. 08-30-2012, 3:00 AM The day and an hour after I registered, I first began. With the idea I absolutely HAD to start off easy, I made a female out of skin toned clay, no facial features. I then started rambling off what I wanted her to act like, and more importantly, her talents. Eventually I turned my back to her and mentioned "Art" and how cool it would be to have a tulpae be good at art, then I turned around, and was astounded to see her drawing a vase, after about 30 minutes of forcing. Later. An indefinite later to be exact, but still in chronological order, divided into acts to make it look less scary. Because we all hate even the slightest amount of overly large text. ACT 1: The beginning. I make a wonderland!Being just as Alice-in-wonderlandy as possible!(Thought about naming her Alice) Tulpa's first babblings. Of course I didn't believe. Everything goes downhill from here. I start adding bad traits, things I thought I would want.... And I started saying awful things to my tulpa.... Then I start doubting every move she made. After that I proceeded to wipe her personality traits and make new ones. Then the tulpa makes a deviation to what broke me in the first place, and all forms of thought break down for the rest of the day (was early the morning). After that I continue to screw with the personality a few more times over a period of time, until I decide to screw all that and just let HER decide. (her features changed too much for me to desribe them.....She started off tall with black hair, when I originally made her. Oh yeah, and I had problems with seeing duplicates.) ACT 2: new people After a while I became more mentally stable and I decided to make a new wonderland, and just totally nuke the old one from my mind. While exploring the new land I lost my tupper and decided to check out the surrounding area. I met a female farmer who gave me a ride, we talked and watched a few crows go by.... Then when I finally found my tupper we went exploring the new horizons together! And we got lost. In space. I don't even know how the hell it happened. So the space we were in had a few buildings, albeit even if they didn't have the walls attached to anything else, like the floor. After a while I found a female servitor and commanded it to help my tupper speak, which she did. Then after that they tricked me into thinking that I got NO.2 from NO.1 duplicating, and the clone deviating to be NO.2, until I woke up one day realizing that wasn't true. Then eventually I started doubting their ability to speak as they we starting to sound a lot like me. (To keep from confusion I'll just call the original "1" and the ex-servitor "2.") Act 3: A safe haven A while after that I decided that I was SERIOUSLY fed up with the subcon, when I got attacked by clones of my tuppers every time I tried the trick involving imagining them as puppets and cutting the strings off. (ALOT of doubt again) So I created a safe whitespace, which would continue to evolve into a white circle surrounded by a fog like darkness. The tulpae would go sleep in the darkness to dream and make their own subcon free wonderlands. Then it turned into a whitespace with what looked like the original computer but with several monitors, and a part sticking sticking out to be the control panel. Then that computer lost the computer part, keeping only the control panel, a mess of levers, dials, and all sorts of things which controlled my body (very limited right now). With that change we got our darkspace back, along with pretty smooth sailing from then on. And I started believing they were talking and moving again, even if I still doubted some things. Yeah, and I got a new wonderland, occasionally using the darkspace as a shelter. And NO. 1 turned into a guy. Because that's cool. Monday, January first, 2013 Forced with NO.1 by talking in a blank place, just complete blackness, then we somehow transported to space and grabbed some snow boards and started grinding down a screw like rail growing infinitely at the same rate of speed we were grinding. After some investigations I saw a star contained in a cup like structure, and saw that the rail we were on ended on the top of the cup. Tuesday, January second, 2013 I tried narration with NO.2 this morning for about an hours worth of it (three hours.) Then somtime around 11 PM I casually decided I wanted a dungeon, and broadcasted to the tuppers that it was okay for them to explore (as in, I wouldn't loose them) and I also told them I would believe in them from now on. Then a minute afterwards I went into the blackspace, and happily found them missing, and commanded the useless bar winch of a servitor there to lead me to them. And if your wondering why she's so useless, its because the second I made her and told her her purpose she went missing. She started SLOWLY making her way towards them, until I told her to go faster, in which she promptly decided to be a rocket and flew off towards my tuppers as if the earth was going to blow up. I followed teh servitor, and found the tulpae in question wading through a jungle towards the dungeon, so I decided to join. We killed some wolfs, talking along the way. Then we found the dungeon, spiraling down into the earth looking just like a Skyrim dungeon, except it went on for a LONG time. We proceeded down to be attacked by bats, of which I smashed one through the brick wall making up the dungeon, and I peered out the hole I made. Then I decided to be stupid and climb out the whole, with the loose bricks I was holding breaking free, and letting me fall to my death. Until I spawned a grappling hook and pulled myself back up until some nicely placed miniature companion cubes forming a wall kept me from crawling back in. Until NO.2 broke them like a badass and pulled me up through the hole, and promptly fell with me to our presumable deaths as the crappy boards gave loose before our feet. Until I grabbed a log embed in the wall made to support the boards, and I also grabbed NO.2 too. Oh yeah, NO.1 was COMPLETELY MISSING during all of that, until she came to our aid with some boards for us to ride down the logs to the bottom, while NO.1 jumped down to the bottom. He (2) then built a wooden ramp for us to break our fall with. Which we used, because physics TOTALLY WORKS LIKE THAT. Obviously. Then he decided to ricochet some arrows off some walls until he got about 15 arrows embed into his eyes. All at the same time. We tried to save him but he died, and we had to wait for the tard to respawn. Then we found a deserted underground space age train, which we took, while we started talking more. After a while the subcon attacked so we made a darkspace sphere around the cart we were in, and hopped into the next one so we could still see the scenery. After that we celebrated our victory, hearing two too many voices celebrating with us, one being some kid servitor who I murdered by throwing out of the train, and I saw fluttershy, whom I hugged, and then threw out the window. Then actually checked out the scenery and found out the train was more like a roller coaster, going through the sky, doing corkscrews, going up the side (and sometimes into) impossibly large cliffs. Then I got out of the train and walked onto the left wall of it (magnetic BS) while it was going up a cliff and found fluttershy again, asking me to make her a tulpa. I told her no, and flung her into the distance again, spawning her in Ponyville wherever the hell she landed. Then I climbed back into the train and talked to the Tulpae some more, ended the session, and started writing all this.
  4. If your asking what I think you are, then it's already happened to me, either that or I got confused as hell. Events: Gets tulpa (obviously) Goes to wonderland with tulpa (filled with random things, including people, what I assume to be servitors) I find a servitor with a personality I like, and start trying to convert into a tulpa One day I wake up thinking that I got the servitor from the tulpa splitting. I confront them both about it, and they say it happened. I wake up one day generally thinking "WTH? I didn't get the servitor from the tulpa splitting!" Yeah. Pretty much my experience, would keep a journal but I'm a bit too lazy for that.....
  5. Is there really not enough information around here? We've pretty much nailed what a tulpa is and we can essentially create one in a day.