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  1. - Surprise me! - Len appears in a giant brown bear suit, paws in the air.
  2. I want to say it's your fault, but that doesn't seem right. It isn't your fault either. Think of it this way: she isn't purposefully not letting you hear her. Why would she just want to sit there with no interaction? Read another guide or if you can find the one you used, compare it to the process you used to create her. What did you do differently?
  3. 14 minute forcing session to Alio Die's Password to an Entheogenic Experience. I entered Wonderland and got tackle-hugged after he jumped off his balcony to meet me. We danced, we played Monopoly, and we raced. I found out that he decorated his house on his own. He also decided that he hates running. Loves to dance. Will be drawing the layout of his house, I think it's so cute! It isn't at all the way I'd guess Len's ideal home to be, but I guess I did allow him to deviate. ;) Looking back at this forcing experience, it was one of my most clear! It feels like a memory. Experimenting w
  4. Do not punish your tulpa. It isn't her fault. No one on here will give you any methods on how to kill your tulpa in an extreme way. Maybe you haven't been allowing her to get a word in- do you parrot all the time? Also, are you ADHD or something- I am, and it's hard to find my tulpa's replies throughout my mess of thoughts. She may have responded, but you just didn't realize it was her. I'd say keep trying.
  5. Scent. I can think about a smell and actually smell it, faintly. I tested it with lavender and mint before I answered.
  6. I agree, that's why he will be able to change whatever he wants. I picked his form because I can imagine the voice and looks well. I mean, he's already decided on his own that he loves bears. I asked him if he wanted to go bear hunting in Wonderland and he just was so shocked, I started laughing.
  7. My friend, whom has several well-developed tulpae, decided that we should test if my cat could sense her tulpae. She imposed one, put it in a random location of the room, and when it was completely quiet, made her tulpa scream. It makes absolutely no sense considering the tulpa is only in her mind, but the cat looked over. I'd like it if other people could try this with various animals, see if you get the same results. It's probably just a coincidence, but an awesome one, at that.
  8. Before anyone who saw me join asks what happened to Sketch, I didn't abandon her. I put her on hold. I met up with a friend that has had tulpae for a decade or so, and she taught me "her ways". Her ways included me taking it from the beginning. It isn't exactly loved by the community, but I made a tulpa based off an anime-ish character. Vocaloid to be exact. I'm working on Kagamine Len, but he gets to change whatever he wants when he is able to. Doing her way of creation (which is extremely different from anything I've seen so far), Len has already spoken to me. He asked to talk about bears
  9. 3 days later, still no forcing. Me and my (ex) boyfriend have broken up for the last time, and I have been too distracted to force for a long time. However, Sketch is definitely still there because whenever I was about a start crying, a huge wave of happiness just floods over me and I start laughing like a maniac over whatever sad country song is playing. I'm so glad I made Sketch when I did (when we broke up for the first time, I had extra free time and decided to put it towards something productive, and a tulpa seemed like a perfect use of time.) She definitely is lovely to have around, even
  10. July 2nd I'm a bad Mouse. For the last 2 days I've done barely any forcing, even passive due to my approaching birthday and having extremely busy days. I need to get back on track. I heard a voice last night though, even though I hadn't been forcing. I couldn't tell what it said though, and it only said whatever it did twice. Hopefully something like that will happen again, maybe it's Sketch!
  11. JUNE 30, 2015 I was suggested a track by Akinkinit to listen to to improve my focus and make wonderland easier to stay in and focus on. I was genuinely not expecting Password for Entheogenic Experience by Alio Die to work, but I managed to stay in my wonderland for the entire 14 minute sample, and it wasn't very choppy except when I related what was happening to Adventure Time and realized maybe all of Adventure Time is really just Finn's wonderland, wow, have to watch that show again for the first time in ages. Anyway it started with me and Sketch deciding to check out the island next to o
  12. Wow... I was genuinely not expecting Password for Entheogenic Experience by Alio Die to work, but I managed to stay in my wonderland for the entire 14 minute sample, and it wasn't very choppy except when I related what was happening to Adventure Time and realized maybe all of Adventure Time is really just Finn's wonderland, wow, have to watch that show again for the first time in ages. Anyway it started with me and Sketch deciding to check out the island next to ours, and we found a fountain (an idea shamelessly stolen from someone else, I liked the idea and so did Sketch.) where Sketch's pers
  13. Thanks Akinkinit! I just tried meditation before forcing, and my wonderland was choppier than before, but I saw Sketch start coloring without me puppeting her! I like the hats idea. :D
  14. I try to force with Sketch as much as possible, but whenever I attempt to active force in our wonderland, it is choppy and I often find myself having to repeat actions (I had to enter 3 times before I could actually move.) in order to do things. Even when I managed to make myself move, my time in wonderland only lasted for around 10 minutes before I just couldn't get in again. I'm not sure if writing is considered active forcing, or if it is effective at all in developing a tulpa. My tulpa so far has been able to send me emotional waves and a head pressure that she could control (asking he
  15. I have an answer for 2. It helps if you have a form to look at, but remember they can always change. Sketch was a blue orb until in the middle of our first real forcing session she decided she wanted to be an egg. Personality is fun, don't do it too quick! Also know that a tulpa can deviate, so the personality you decide isn't set in stone. Good luck with Kiara! :D
  16. Eeeee someone whitelist me! ___mouse___ (3 _ on each side)
  17. JUNE 29, 2015 I changed Sketch's form to that of the Pokemon Espeon. She may deviate if she wants to, but this form seems simple enough to visualize while allowing her to speak to me. (it seems like talking through an egg may be tough). 31 minutes of active forcing. I've found active forcing is much easier through writing. During this time I played out 2 scenarios, and did a full interview puppeting Sketch, where I discovered her nickname, Etch. Got a wave of happiness when I wrote, "Me: What is your perfect pizza? Sketch: A deep dish with lots of fish and sauce. The fish being under t
  18. Right? I am so happy, I recently told my friend that I had a tulpa. (I know, I went out on a huge limb.) Turns out she had them too, unknowing exactly what they were. Hers are vocal and everything, it's awesome! She's joining sometime this week. i'm so excited, I thought she'd think I was crazy. Luckily my mother is also very open minded.
  19. Yes, definitely my tulpa. I was outside, talking to Sketch, when I just felt awesome. I burst out laughing, and I had no idea why.
  20. My wonderland is an island, surrounded by a huge ocean. Whatever we need is dropped off by supply planes, you know, how the crates with the little parachutes are dropped. We should use the leftover crates to build a bridge to the next island over, I'm not sure what is over there.
  21. JUNE 28, 2015 10-15 minutes of active forcing, I made it to my wonderland for the first time. I mentally 'felt' the sand, which was warm, and was walking around when I found Sketch buried in the sand (egg form). I picked her up, introduced myself, and carried her with me until I found this small house- which I never created. It had a large whistle-like chimney on top and the only furniture I noticed was two chairs and a table near the door. I set Sketch onto the chair, and I talked to her for a while, and I walked off to get her a blanket when someone talking ripped me from my wonderlan
  22. Whenever I ask Sketch what she thinks about something, I get a large wave of "butterflies in my stomach" or nervousness, I'm not sure how to describe it. I'm not sure if it's her, or just me waiting for a response. Does this happen to anyone else?
  23. Okay, so hopefully having a thread will motivate me to document my progress. JUNE 27, 2015 Right now, my Tulpa's 'name' (I use name loosely as she will be choosing her own.) is Sketch. During yesterday's forcing, I had a faint idea that she wanted to be an egg. I'm not exactly sure why, her last form as a ball of energy was close enough, but who am I to argue? She is now a purple egg with white specks and a white band wrapping around the center. I'm thinking about changing her form into something more complicated, but following the general design of the egg. If anyone has an idea of how
  24. Alright, thanks guys! I think I'm going to start by introducing myself, and then read her a story and sort of transition into asking her what she thought, see if I can get some early head pressures. (This particular tulpa I think I created on accident, its quite possibly just my imagination, but without forcing at all with her I heard her say "good luck" before a performance of mine.) Oh, one more question: How will I know when Sketch actually used her mindvoice, and I am confused on how people "see" their tulpa move. Also, how do I get to my wonderland? Does it involve some sort of d
  25. Alright, so I want to force for the first time today, but I feel like I'm going to do it wrong. Do you just talk to your tulpa (I've read out loud and in your head both work, is there a more effective way between the two?) whenever? My questions: - Should you be fully awake and alert or can you force while falling asleep? - Does whether it is dark or bright out matter? - Should I talk to her out loud or in my head (most effective way?) and what should I start out with... personality, just conversation, read to her...? - Could I force while in a car, walking through woods, or in an othe
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