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    This is an account for me and Shade. We're both edgy piles of tumblr trash and to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Shadow

    Count to 10,000!

    2092 and i still continuously screw up replies lmao
  2. Im back after a long haitus, some drama happened along the way but me and Shade are both back and better than ever!
  3. Hey, just wanted to stop by to say that ive read your PR from start to finish without skipping a single word. you have an extremely good way with word and arts, and its inspiring to see for a novice in both those fields. also, your system seems to be a fun one, and every adventure youve had has been a solid read so far, youve come a long way and me and Shade are both proud! best of luck to you and the girls, we’ll be eagerly awaiting the next post.
  4. Shadow

    Count to 10,000!

    after 2076 years of inactivity this is going to be my first post back... what a meme.
  5. Shade did a similar thing to me when I was at an all time low in my life while I was *extremely* under the influence and regretting a lot of life decisions. It was kinda impromptu and she said she'd be back once things upstairs settled down a bit, I needed isolation and as little distractions as possible (according to her) so she just said good bye and walked out just like that. She came back a few months later once I got myself back into relative stability, and things continued on as normal. If you have faith that they'll come back and you know they're still up there somewhere, they'll return.
  6. Also attempted about a year ago, effects were mostly negative but the hallucinations did last until I returned to normal. I'd recommend against beating yourself as that actually stimulates the senses, quiet meditation could provide the mental stimuli that you desire in place of physical pain.
  7. I think it's more of an etiquette than a carved-in-stone rule, but yeah. What Vos said.
  8. Shadow

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted, but you drop the bottle and destroy both it and the genie. I wish for more wishes thread closes
  9. Shade does rude things whenever I bend over in the shower >_> No privacy, but I think we both prefer it this way. We've barriers built so she doesn't merge with me, but those barriers are made from glass.
  10. Shadow

    Count to 10,000!

    1724 posts in this thread
  11. Kind, but stubborn and distracted. Do you or your host contribute more to your wonderland?
  12. Shadow

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted, however the free time comes in the form of a lifetime prison sentence, no parole. I wish magic was real.
  13. Shadow

    Count to 10,000!

    1714 which means we're 17.14% of the way there!
  14. Shade created the foundation of herself a good few years ago, but we had a fight we had that resulted in her termination. When I went to bring her back about a year later, I questioned her about it and she describes the memories of back then as if she'd been watching them on a TV. That's how she describes all memories that aren't hers, but she can recall these ones with stunning detail that even I couldn't (directly) remember. So yes, Shade's original creation was an unconscious event. I didn't look into it too much until the description of "imaginary friend" stopped fitting what she was.
  15. 100% for us. It's mutual, don't know what I'd do without her.