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  1. I gotta come clean and say that I am a mean fan of Paper Mario, particularly of the one and three zeros kind. I could have filled my entire childhood with memories of just that game and I would be happy. The next person is a skeptic that subscribes to a bunch of superstitions.
  2. I am still here patiently watching this thread. My word, I hope I didn't jinx it's outcome.
  3. I wasn't trying to be mean about it; I guess I made that post as a way of making her motivation spark and resume working on it. My hopes are low however, because over the course of my time on this forum I have seen two other threads exactly like this one rise and fall without the slightest bit of progress shown to the public. Anyone know the saying where once you get the ball rolling, it's hard to make it stop? Well, it doesn't apply here at all. Edit: I am going to make a claim and promise that if there is no update within a few weeks, then I myself will continue the project. I am not even joking about this. Here is a link to my deviant art account. I tend to not upload much, and also leave many of my sketches unfinished, but I have improved considerably lately and now make better use of my time, so I think I could pull it off.
  4. This thread is officially dead, like I expected from the outset. I also suspect that Alison will promptly state in the comments that "the picture's not dead: it's stalled", but I think lazyness got the best of that person and through lack of motivation the picture will never be finished.
  5. I'd take the risk as well, but I don't think we should turn this into another circlejerking Tulpamancer Meetup thread, since there is already one.
  6. You could just have him possess, seeing how good he is at it. (Yes, I couldn't help but ruin the joke.)
  7. Pretty accurate: I probably eat healthier and more consistently than anyone else in this community. The next person to post has been contemplating suicide. Look into my ninja eyes and tell me I am wrong.
  8. Isn't it redundant though, that your characters "requested" not to be sentient? It makes absolutely no sense; in this case I am 100% positive that is you feeding yourself words. The human brain is an incredibly powerful machine, but it would be a fool-hardy attempt to develop eight-odd characters into true personalities. My advise for you would be to focus on two of them and completely drop the rest; I think you would find that practical. Hell, a single tupper is a huge stretch on the brain's resources, as it is.
  9. Whatever happened to the old "group picture" thread? If I could offer some advice, Allison's anon: you should have a veeeerrry (and I have to stress the "very" part) long stretch of free time if you plan on doing this, otherwise it won't be worth the time of the honest folks who have spent the time to give you the information you require. Speaking of which, I would like to offer Ryouga's form using a post from the aformentioned deceased group picture thread. (now that I think about it, the sketches I drew look really fugly compared to what I can pump out now) I need to mention that he/she is both genders asynchronously, so you'd have to pick between the two forms; maybe you could put a spin on the drawing by drawing both of 'em (by having them side-by-side or making one appear like a ghost underneath the other's shadow.
  10. It seems most of these tulpas are characters rather than actual thought-forms. At the least, the majority isn't very developed or sentient. But hey, you at least had the courage to post a prog-log.
  11. Glad to see you're back and making contributions to the community.
  12. Great post, thanks. I can tell that it is bleeding with feels and emotion. EDIT: Also: Yeah, both of you have the right idea, as far as I am able to discern. I can respect that position, considering the amount of experience that you have. The love that you share with your tulpa is almost otherworldly; it doesn't fit into the stereotypes that romantic love has.
  13. I agree. You (Viceroy) are coming from the position that tulpae are not as "real" as humans, which I reject. Therefore, you naturally assume that tulpae cannot be a suitable replacement for other types of relationships. As for me, I consider myself to be bisexual, but after creating Ryouga some odd months back, I've started leaning towards asexuality. He's a horny devil sometimes, so maybe all of my lust has somehow manifested inside of him. I don't know really; it is unlikely though, to be honest.
  14. This. +1 This is what I was getting across.