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  1. 10-17-15 I've forced 3 times during all this time I didn't post here. I had a couple more lucid dreams and nothing more. Gonna try to get into the habit of posting daily to help me force daily.
  2. 8-24-15 I've been forcing and having dreams (couple lucid ones) thats about it
  3. 8-17-15 Two days have passed and I've done nothing >.< But stuff still happened XD I have dreams that I have some amount of control over, like time dilation, so I don't consider these to be lucid dreams. I consider a lucid dream to be one where I am aware that I am dreaming. I just had one. I dreamed that the Captain of a ship was crazy so I shot him in the head a seized control. We landed the ship on earth but then a man ran in telling us to close off the C sector. The ship is so big and confusing that no one knew where to even go, so I wandered aimlessly for a while. I got back to the front desk (Where the guy told us to close C sector) and saw that the lights were broken so it was pitch black. Then I noticed a thing moving in the corner. The lights flicked on for a split second and I saw a mass of rotting flesh. I panicked and ran out the front door, the mass in pursuit. I ran for a couple blocks before I said "I'm dreaming, this is a dream." I decided to see where it went and kept running. I got ambushed by another one :/ I screamed and turned into Wendy (From Fairy Tale) when I screamed. And that was it. Hopefully next time I have a lucid dream I can meet and talk to my Tulpa! TL;DR Had a lucid dream, next time I wanna meet my tulpa
  4. 8-15-15 fast forward 15 days and nothings happened. The only thing to say is that I've been trying to have lucid dreams. I remember about a dream a week now, as opposed to almost none. I have gained powers in the dreams (or have I always had them?) the most common seems to be time dilation. That's about it, just a quick update until I can get Sasha talking! Cheers!
  5. Nope :) I just enjoy the way you do things and felt like saying so! Cheers!
  6. I figured it could be something like that. I just do it to get that lil bit of extra forcing in :) Cheers!
  7. 8-7-15 Welp, I didn't have 3 dreams in a row but, that doesn't mean nothing happened! As I was falling asleep and just talking to Sasha I heard my name in my random babbling (I was very tired that day.) I know that I wouldn't say my name because that would interrupt my thought and had nothing to do with what I was talking about, Sssooo that leaves one person. This may not seem like much to you, but for me this is really exciting because this would be the first word she's spoken.
  8. 8-6-15 Had more dreams last night. This one wasn't a nightmare (Thank God.) I dreamed that there was a girl I was talking to and then she was kidnapped. I ran after the kidnapper, who was invisible, and found that he had disappeared once he rounded the block corner. I wasn't sure where he had run off too so I stopped pursuing him. I was looking for where he possibly could have gone to and then I was shot at. I ducked to make myself harder to hit and then I realized, people cannot be invisible and I wouldn't be shot at. I wasn't having much fun with the dream so I just stood up and walked out of the dream, which makes me wake up. Can I have 3 dreams in a row??? Find out tomorrow!!!
  9. I am quite curious about this as all info on Tulpa creation is quite appreciated and eagerly read by yours truly :P Good Luck Forcing!!!
  10. So you can heal people or yourself? and is this healing power unable to be proven? and just one more your psychokinesis, that can be proven. I'll come over with an object of your choice and you will push it, lift it in the air, I honestly don't care what you do. It would blow my mind. I will think this is bullshit until that happens and if this is true, I am very sorry for what happened. Anti-Religion Comment Inbound: Also couldn't you continue and then ask for repentance later? like honestly I could rape, murder and kill a family and if I ask for repentance in earnest I'm saved, but lets say the dad was on the fence about the whole religion thing (And had his life continued he would become a Christian) and never asked to be saved? guess what! hes going to hell!!! Oh yeah and this is all in God's master plan too. Sorry I just can't believe in that.
  11. Date: 8-5-15 So I've begun meditating before forcing, and during it. A unfortunate side effect of it my dreams are becoming much more vivid. They are so vivid, in fact, that I can't actually tell it from real life. Last night I had a nightmare :/ This nightmare entailed me waking up and running into a cobweb. This made me realize that my room was covered in spiders about 5ins big and on top of that there was a huge scorpion hanging from my ceiling, we're talking 5 feet long. I went into full panic mode and couldn't gather my thoughts enough to realize it was a dream. Then to add to already bad things one of the spiders fell off my ceiling and landed on my leg. I panicked and grabbed it but missed its head and instead tore off the abdomen. I watched it rear back and sink its fangs into my leg and then I was filled with a searing pain.This pain was by far the worst I've ever experience and I was bitten by a bullet ant... BUT WAIT MY DREAM GETS SHITTIER! After all that went down I died...Yep I died in my own dream and guess what I saw! NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Finally after this terrifying nightmare, I woke up.
  12. I have to say I really enjoy your blog. No big walls of text :)
  13. Thanks for the nice response and for moving my post instead of giving me a point! Cheers!
  14. I never really saw a post that would lead to banning and would like to be enlightened on the reason for it. Cheers!
  15. Something that might be helpful for forcing is Eye-Bo or another is meditating before each session. Here's a guide on meditating! Try both and see which one works best or maybe use them in combination O.o