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  1. Update #2 Just a quick update. I've been passively forcing a little each day. Should have Kiara's personality sheet finished by the end of this week. Once that's finished, I'll start my first forcing session with her.
  2. Update #1 Alrighty, so today wasn't nearly as productive as I initially wanted it to be. I was able to get some passive forcing in throughout the day though. Spending some time with family, so my plan when I get home is to work on Kiara's personalities. I've constructed a list of what I feel would be a good pool of selection for her. I know tulpas tend to deviate from some personalities given to them and pick up new ones, so I'm totally prepared for that. This is what I've got so far in terms of her personality traits. My goal is to define each trait, write how each trait works in term
  3. Good afternoon everyone, I'm Khron, and today I've decided to create a Progress Report. Here you will find all the information regarding to Kiara's creation and (hopefully) daily updates of our progression. I'm rather new to tulpamancing as a whole, but have known about tulpas for almost a year now. After reading so much about this phenomenon and doing hours of research, I've finally decided to buckle down and get serious about creating my own. In terms of creating Kiara, I've at least started with a basic personality creation a couple days ago, and I've sat down and tried forcing once, bu
  4. Hey! I saw you on another progress report stating that you were new and realized you have your own progress report. I'm really jealous of your progress so far, but also motivated to continue on with my tulpa as I'm pretty new to this as well. xD I'm looking forward to seeing your sketch of Deimos, and wish you luck on your progression.
  5. These progessions are really something. I just started yesterday afternoon after deciding to get serious and create my tulpa. I've been having doubt throughout the day over what I should do, how I should go about explaining some personality traits to her, how I can focus better. After reading your posts, I feel more motivated to keep at it. I'll try your method of imagining my tulpa in a chair and presenting the personalities in the forms of orbs. I do hope you continue on with these updates, they give me hope for progress. :) Also, a quick question, I saw that word document with the 70
  6. Hey! Thanks for replying. I guess I can see where you're going with this, and it sounds like pretty solid advice. My issue with this lies in feeling any 'company' when I'm talking to her. I just started yesterday, so I'm at a stage where I'm just closing my eyes and talking, hoping that she's picking up on what I'm saying. Perceiving her in a way where she's already fleshed out and has her own personality at this very moment doesn't seem like something I can mentally do at the time since I'm still trying to figure out what exactly her personality will consist of. I'm actually still having a bi
  7. Hey guys, so I've been talking to a friend who has a tulpa, and he's been giving me some great advice to help me create my own. I've already decided on a name for her, Kiara, and I'm at the personality stage right now. I have a few questions as a beginner, so I can get the best grasp over this as I possibly can, and any help will be extremely appreciated. Alright, so my questions: 1. I've basically written out in a word document the outlines of her personality, which, if anyone is interested, is linked her: http://pastie.org/10265101 / Having that written out, I was wondering what is th
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