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    The only ones you need to know about are the ten of us we call the Spectrum. Fade, Medea, Stethen, Euryale, Jamie, Olive, Drewbie, Demetrius, Najere, and Troy.

    We aren't a tulpamancy system. In reality, we are soulbonding system, with later influences from tulpamancy. And, the Twins are a Median sub-system. They wanted that known.

    Fade is the one you might call the "Host", being the first one in the system who drew the rest of the System out of stories she told. If you want more details, just talk to us about it.
    Troy is the leader-guy who is a pinch less crazy than most of us like being on here.

    You won't see much of Drewbie because he's not vocal. Or Jamie, because she's rarely around. Or Demetrius, because he's not as big a fan of this particular forum right now.

    What we might have said earlier about being a six-tulpa-plus-one-host system was a front, because we were afraid we'd get torn apart like pieces of meat in this community of skeptics.
  1. Fade: Ohhh. We've taken this test before, some of us. Because the guys end up in my writing a lot, and we've been curious before. <3 Steth: Most of the systems tends to end up Chaotic! Last time we checked, Drewbs was a Chaotic Good alignment, even though he's kind of a pickpocket with questionable morals! Suddenly, we do a redo for him, and he's... Neutral Evil? F[ade felt a need to censor]! I guess Fey Magic's starting to affect him or something! Or maybe he just took the test wrong last time. Me and Eury are still Chaotic Neutraaal~! Demi: I'm Neutral Good, it says. Fade: I'm done with tests for the night because SLEEP PLEASE. Anyway, I kind of agree with Joss a little. Looking at the questions on that quiz, I can see them being answered differently - by the same person - thanks to the fact that we tend to roleplay together and act things out as different people. For instance, the Drewbie from one of the stories we are working on, Fey Magic Drubi, is a pickpocket from a seedy community where he has to deal regularly with a mafia leader to survive. Drewbie's version of himself from the Spectrus universe we work on for a webcomic is a fallen god with the mind of a child. So yeah, differences. Fey Magic Drubi is the reference of himself that Drewbie was using to help answer the questions, so that's why it turned out that way. Now, if he had been showing me Spectrus Dru, that would be different. I bet we would get that same Chaotic Good we got at that earlier date. Likewise, if the Twins had been thinking more in terms of Synced rather than Spectrus, then they might have gotten a different alignment too. I'm mildly aware that this probably doesn't make sense to anyone that doesn't know us very well. Short version - the guys kind of act as actors in the stories I write. Personally, I'm a fan of blue and orange morality. Lookit up on TV Tropes, too tired to bother right now. Screw the black & white D&D system. Okay, rant over, bed time.
  2. Olive: Awww. Come back when you is able.
  3. Najere: I spent my day cuddling with bae and bothering Troy. He isn't a holiday person, and Valentines and Christmas especially annoy him, for various reasons. Troy: They are based on marterialism, and the former had the added annoyance of the physical world's culture of dating expectation. Some, like me, take little interest in dating and romancing, so fuck this holiday that tells me I must. Fade: You're reading too much into it, maybe! I spent part of my day writing Fey Magic, so he's actually not as grumpy as usual.
  4. Olive: Ban for ban of friendly person already much very ban.
  5. Olive: Ban for not share powers! Share is care!
  6. Olive: Bam for not enough pun-ishment for intended puns!
  7. Olive: Ban for EVERYONE DID A POST WHILE FADE MADE US TAKE BRIEF HIATUS. No am not salty who you talking about no salt be here
  8. Olive: Grant you this, but is guarantee double failure of next wishes and much gnashing of teeth! Wishes people looked at signatures.
  9. Olive: All threads are conquer by OLIVE!
  10. Olive: Granted! But school is now die by earthquake, so motivation is for nothing. Wish Najere STFU with Megalovania.
  11. Olive: Ban for too much Undertale, keeps making Najere play Megalovania!
  12. Olive: Hoi, am a not-temmie! 27.