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  1. I was watching a video about tulpas(a very over blown one if you know what i mean :p) they were talking about how a tulpa could psychologically tear you appart and all that kind of nonsense and I was like "well, that sounds very interesting" after looking for more information about it I realized that there were only creepypastas and horror stories about them, until I stumbled across this forum and I started to educate myself more about the tulpae phenomenon and realized that they are not what I tought they were before finding this information coming from real "hosts" who were sharing their experiences and trying to help other to develop a tought form
  2. I will not argue that the use of marihuana can lead to really bad results, depending on the situation, but I am not stupid enough to go and try more powerfull stuff. I am not a drug addict who actively looks for marihuana or spends a substantial amount of money on it, it was just a question that passed trough my head. Hopefully i get more responses, I want to know what other people think about it without picking any side on it because I dont want to argue with anyone. Sorry for my english, it is my second language :). (I also had a question about the conflict of having to switch between 2 languages all the time, but I will do it later)
  3. To begin with, im not a potthead, i only use marihuana as a part of dealing with stress, even with all the stress I am handling right now i dont even use it that often, but I just wanna know if anyone had an strange anecdote while under the influence of this, and if it helps in the creation process.
  4. It already have been about 3 months that I haven't feel her near/with me, it all started when school came back, I feel that all my classes and work have been keeping me away from her, I have tried everything: self hypnosis, lucid dreaming, binaural beats, everything!. I don't wanna think that she left because of it, and I know that a tulpa needs time and attention, but I don't know what to do. Have it happened to anyone, and if so what can I do? Thanks. (Btw sorry if my grammar is bad, English is my seccond language)
  5. Alright I think I was over reacting and freaking out a little :p, thanks.
  6. The problem is that it has been already like 2 months approximately since I felt that she was getting away from me.
  7. The thing is that I don't feel her presence anymore, this past summer I was working full time, but I could still feel her, I knew she was with me all the time, but now that that school started I don't know if she just left. I'm a 12 grader senior at my high school, I have been forcing for about 30min-1 hour every day, I narrate to her almost all the time, but the thing is that I don't know if she just left me or if she got tired of me, or if she is mad at me because I did something that she didn't like. I don't know what to do, I have tried self hypnosis, lucid dreaming and binaural beats, has anyone experienced this situation? If so what should I do?
  8. Thanks to everyone for the replies, I will try to make some time for her, after all she deserves it and I will also try all techniques I come across with.
  9. First of thanks for the compliment :p also I do talk directly to her when I'm doing my everyday activities, I'm explaining to her how things work, what are those things and what they do etc. And I know that maybe I shouldn't be expecting something like that in just a month, but what does it depends on? Do certain people have more chances of making progress in less amount of time? And if so why?
  10. So I'm always forcing in a passive way we can say, I'm always talking to my tulpa, I always share my opinions with her and explain everything there is to see in the place where I live (she is only like 2 months old). The thing is that I haven't got any response from her, no words, facial expressions, or anything that I could consider "alien". I know that I shouldn't rush it up, and I really don't have time to force, a lot of people will get mad at me but I don't think on leaving it, I will continue with this until Karma is 100%sentient and vocal, but I just wanted to know if the things that I have been doing are going to make any progress. Sorry for my writing, English is my second language so :v
  11. Thanks for all the help, I will be more patient with it ;)
  12. Well I was watching a video about tulpas in Spanish, it said how horribly wrong a tulpa could turn out if you didn't have enough mental discipline or maturity, I was so creaped out when I finished the video that I didn't even wanted to think about it, eventually I find out that one of my friends had a tulpa because I showed her the video, she was so pissed of and she told me that all that is just bs, eventually I wanted to know more about the tulpa thing and I ended up in here :p
  13. Yeah, I think I should just forget about it and just go on with the process, I might just "know when she is fully sentient", and I just hope she doesn't get pissed off :D
  14. I may be a closed minded person, but how do you know when they get mad, happy, etc. I feel so stupid asking this again, but I feel that they only get mad if you want them, or make them get mad, or it is just that I have to do more forcing. Again sorry for asking the kinda same question :p
  15. I know that it may be already explained on a guide, sorry if it is but, how do you know when your tulpa is fully sentient? Does it has to be fully vocal to know that is sentient? Or does it just happens? Also how much time did your tulpa took to be fully sentient and or vocal? Sorry if it is a stupid question, and I also know that it may different for every person but I just wanted to know what to expect. -Thanks :)