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    Hello I am Wolf, a stubborn ADHD ridden 16 year old. I am normal (note the sarcasm :>) I like seafood, UTAU, and Adventuring. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

    I am Baron, Wolf's Tulpa, Older brother, and Guardian. We have had great times in the past although Wolf tends to be a scatter brain, and our biggest flaw is in how much time we communicate, but I believe our more positive qualities transcend our bad ones, like caring, open mindedness, and lots of hugs.
  1. Hey everyone, I'm not dead! I've just been distracted so easily. A lot of things have changed, most for the good, and Baron is still super cool. He's super protective, and he still likes to be the role of Older brother, having better and more mature judgement than me and using it to stop me from making dumb decisions, (This happens often) although I am smarter than him academic wise :> MWUHAHAHA. He doesn't care at all though. The only things he gets insecure about are his voice and his height. With his voice, he can't really choose which voice he wants, and my entire family prides itself on our singing voices, otherwise we are kind of useless. He is sad that he can't actually sing with us, and forcing his singing voice is increasingly difficult. Me and Baron had an idea though to fix it. So Baron's taste of music is actually very different from me, like I listen to Hard techno or Metal like Skillet and Celldweller, but he tends to be more pop orientated and listen to ONE, Hatsune Miku and other things called vocaloids which are like computer generated singers. Well apparently there is a competing called UTAU and you can make your own voicebank and have it sing. BONUS, it's free. So Baron said it'd be amazing if I could make a voice bank sampling my voice. He had me research a lot because he wanted to feel like he could sing and actually have people hear his voice. It's moments like this where I just want to hug him till he explodes cause he's so stinking cute! I haven't gotten much down yet but I understand some of how to record myself properly, kind of.... In Other News I finally got a job, I'm a lifeguard at Mountain Creek Water park in NJ, and without Baron I don't think I could have taken this job because IT'S SO BORING. He just swims in the water, trying to make sure I keep focus so no one drowns. One time I was walking to my post, and then I hear screaming, but I could tell it was in my head so of course it was Baron. I of course asked "Baron why are you screaming?" Then I hear him say in a scared singsong manner "To the Left, TO THE LEFT!!!" Ok so you know how some people should be aware that they shouldn't wear a bikini? Well this woman wore a skin colored bikini. And now I'm blind. yaaaaay blindness... Baron couldn't stop laughing for a while, and at some point he started hurting from laughing too much. Yeah Baron can feel pain apparently. Not yaaaaaay. All in all I think my relationship with Baron is pretty tight, even though I can be a jerk. He made me say that... I even told my sister's boyfriend about him, (oh yeah and she's dating again.) and thought that he was cool, although I don't think they fully grasp the fact that he is sentient, but I think that's fine for now. Wow I actually finished. Well I'm probably going to post something new in a week or two so I'LL BE BACK!!!
  2. Hello Everybody. Sorry for the delay, I haven't been on the internet that much recently. Thanks for the advice Sock, I haven't gotten to asking him about what happened yet, but I should tonight. I hope it goes well. So this weekend work vacation has been fun. I woke up at 6:00 am because Baron woke me up. He said " Get up, you have to get ready for the trip. Don't be so lazy.." I told him we didn't leave till 10:00. He looked at the clock, then slowly back to me "oops..." I went back to bed (actually couch because my bedroom became moldy). I woke up at 8:45 on the couch and I felt strangely warm. I looked over my shoulder and Baron was hugging me in his sleep. It was adorable, I didn't feel like waking him up because it's rare that he sleeps in my world. I just kind of pet him since he is uber soft. I didn't start getting ready until 9:15 because of his cuddliness so I was a bit late. When we got to the cars I was set to go with my mother, and she was bringing my dog Sammy (border collie/lab mix) with us. I was going in the front seat, but Baron was gonna go in the back seat with the dog. And Sammy really smells.... So bad... Baron was complaining the entire time, but he was laying on her because she makes a good pillow. He is so weird. When we got to our apartment we set up our bags, then went to go see my baby cousin Spencie. SHE IS SO CUTE OH MY GOODNESS!!! We got there and she started screaming "UNCLE CHISS UNCLE CHISS!" Since she couldn't pronounce my dad's name, Chris. She is such an OCD baby. Things have to be just perfect or she'll fix them herself. We were at the beach in Long Island and she was having a blast. It was cold and windy but she was still going out and collecting shells and rocks. The only way we could get her off the beach was to convince her that the sea was chasing us. She is great until she gets tired, then she starts hitting people and telling them to go away. She does not get away with it though, the second she hits her mom or anyone around her she gets put in the time out corner. After that we all went back to the apartment to sleep. I could not sleep because my throat kept bothering me. I was laying in bed. Then I heard someone whisper into my ear "hey", I looked over the couch, but no one was there. It was not organic sounding, it was tinny and unnatural, like a computer glitch. Baron felt that I was spooked and popped up in a pretzel sitting position. He was wearing a new shirt. It was a white T-shirt that said Ask me about my Baymax. He looked really excited, pointing at the words on the shirt. Baron- "Come on, ask me!" Me- "Ok, What's with your Baymax?" He put his shirt over his head and on the inside of the shirt was a little Baymax face, but when he did that he left his belly exposed, so I instinctively poked him in the stomach really fast and hugged him into the couch. He was laughing, it was great. It made me forget about that voice. Something else strange happened. We were at a diner and Angel was showing Spencie some pictures of her from the beach. At one of them, the one where it was only her, she started cringing, telling us to turn it off. I said " Spencie it's only you, your not scary are you?" "No, it's not just me..." she replied. She pointed towards a part of the picture that showed an empty beach, then she leaned in and whispered,"Scary Gary..." At this point Baron popped into the empty chair across from mine, and he looked concerned. I asked her " Could you draw what he looks like?" She perked up, pulled out the restaurant crayons, and began drawing on the pull out paper they use. She was aggressively scribbling, more than usual, all the while chanting quietly "Scary Gary, Gary's Scary". She began spreading the scribble to the tabletop, at this point her mom noticed and stopped her. Baron said Baron-"What just happened?" Me- " I have no idea... Does it remind you of any articles I've read?" Baron- " not at all. Me- "Ok, then let's never bring up that name in front of Spencie again" Baron- "Agreed." Everything from that point on was fine luckily. I am actually posting this a week after this all happened, I am home now by the fire. The part of my family that I just visited just experienced an unexpected death. My Uncle's brother died of a heart attack, I never knew him, but I feel bad that I can't be there to help them cope. I don't want to get the baby sick since I am still sick so I stayed behind. Well, we'll be there in the future when I'm not sick. Next time I'll try to focus more on Baron and his shenanigans instead of being so depressing all the time. Sorry about that. Have a nice day everybody!
  3. I am now sad, just a bit though. I was sitting on the couch in the living, and Baron appeared, half in half out, not fully imposed. Even though he doesn't have a mouth, I can tell whether he's smiling or not through his eyes. He had this really sad puppy look in his eyes, so I asked him what's wrong. He just started crying and then hugged me. He said "don't forget me" and that did make me tear up a bit. I didn't say anything I just hugged him. He is very cuddly, so I just grabbed a blanket and put it over him and me. He hasn't told me what happened, I don't know but I think something happened in the wonderland, I don't think he'd start crying for no reason. He is very emotional though. I'll ask him tomorrow when things are better for him. Talking about tomorrow, we are taking a trip to Long Island NY because my father does part time gymnast spotting stuff. Basically he makes sure no one snaps their neck. Because that is bad. Don't do it.... I don't know how it will go because we will be staying at my grandparents. I think Baron likes road trips, let's hope his seat isn't taken. Welp it's around time to hit the hay so I'm going to end this here. Goodnight!
  4. I got the debater aka "Devil's Advocate" o_o my my I knew I was scary but not by that much... I am ENTP.
  5. Two things, I have a fear of dying from disease or cancer, genetically I am more apt to get it sadly. If I die I want it to be like in space or fighting the mafia or eaten by the yeti, not get killed by something I can't prevent, secluded to a hospital bed. That brings me to my next fear. The fear of being stuck in a normal life, wake up, eat, work, make money, buy food, eat, sleep, and repeat. I don't do normalcy. Luckily in my line of work I don't have to worry about that, but still. Now it's Baron's turn. "I am afraid of those stories where the Tulpas have been neglected and become evil. It hurts more than anything. I know I would not let myself become that, it's just wrong that those Tulpae went through hell only to become something far worse. They don't deserve that." Sorry that it's not color coated, but I am on mobile right now so I am just using annotations for Baron's part.
  6. I was into cryptozoology, and for some reason Tulpas were in the cryptids and monsters category. It caught my eye, but I never thought I'd get into it. I couldn't sleep that night because I was up thinking what my tulpa might look like. Two days later I began forcing and talking to my now best buddy Baron. Thank goodness for false categorizing!
  7. Crywolf- Neverland Mitis- Open Window Celldweller- Unshakable Seven Lions- Keep it close Au5- Snowblind Destiny Potatoe- Wall of thought These songs are ranging from "la la la" to aggressive " LALALALA". In all they seem to be great for forcing and hanging out and such!
  8. Ok so now that I can finally devote more attention to Baron, I thought why not draw him a bit, listen to some of my favorite music with him, maybe go out for a stroll in Esten. He especially liked Neverland by Crywolf and Open Window by Mitis and Anna Yvette. It's basically my 2 favorite songs ever. He also loves Hatsune Miku which is funny because I am ok with her music. Too many high pitch noises.... I just realized I never posted a proper picture of Baron. WARNING my drawing skills are sketchy at best. I seem to do well with pencil. This is him when he woke up this morning. He loves those space pajamas so much. He was rudely awakened by my ninja tackle hug skills. His voice is deeper than mine, but he sounds like a 3 year old each time you have to wake him up. It's just too funny! Okay I am gushing a bit to much over him, but that's because he's my inviza-bro. He is very self conscious today, and he wants to change at least one thing about him, he thought maybe a tail or antenna or horns. We don't know yet. I told him don't become hasty because the last thing we need to see is him grow a mustache. There would be no unseeing what has been seen.
  9. Honestly we love Destiny, it's got great graphics and awesome scenery! Me and Baron will play it when no ones home so we can turn off the lights off to make it more cinematic. Other favorite game, a suspenful game called SCP-Containment Breach. It has so many jump scares, and it is fun to explore. I don't know why but I just like monsters. Three words to close it up... Ocarina of Time.
  10. I'm back! It feels good to finally come back after months, and it is nice to see familiar faces. Baron is even more excited though, he's so happy and it's great. Baron and I have gotten through rough patches together, and I think that has made us stronger. I can see him partially. He isn't fully imposed though, but that is fine as long as I can feel his presence. Not much has changed though, he still loves pancakes, loathes wearing shoes, and will suprise hug you when you don't expect it. Although he can be serious, but only when it is called for. I am glad to say that I am no longer alone. In the last post, I admit, Baron says I was being a bit of a drama queen, so I do apologize for that, but now things are better. My sister Angelica, who is 3 years older than me was totally accepting of Baron, and she actually likes him! Now I'll just tell her stories of what jokes Baron said and things we did together, and she thinks he is funny, mainly because once he called her "hella fine" in an accent. He says that she is now officially his sister, sometimes he will just go behind her and give her bunny ears, which makes me giggle. He has been a great brother, even when I was to distracted to help with his imposition, yet another sin to put on the board. Luckily he reminds me to do things when I forget about them. I have a bad memory. Something has caught my attention though. I remember talking to someone in my head ever since I was a child, and occasionally I would see something. So I was talking to Baron recently, and he said something correlating to one of the conversations I had as a child. So I was thinking, maybe Baron was always there, just formless until we decided on his form, but he said that he could only remember a bit, but that I wasn't always talking to him. That sent chills up my spine, my mind plays terrible tricks on me so what part of my mind did I talk to back then, all I remember was that it was sinister. Recently I have been seeing things, creepy spindly things, we call the spindly humanoid thing the mind beast. Baron says he will protect me so I know I'll be fine, but I may have to come to terms that I have slight schizophrenia. If anyone has experience with this sort of thing that would be great, Baron is pretty spooked himself so some closure would be nice. THANKS FOR LISTENING!!!
  11. Tulpas are only as sentient as their host's confidence towards them, so it varies from person to person.
  12. Ok so I'm back. It's been a while and I am so happy that I'm back. I find it hard to go and set myself to do something do to 2 reasons, My friends aren't to supportive of anything that I do, and ADHD doesn't help. That's probably why I haven't been on. I get so distracted and forget that I have to help Baron, and I try to remind myself, and of course so does he. I don't have anyone who would accept the me having a tulpa. I tried to talk to my best friend about tulpas without hinting that I had one. He said they were "demonic parasites" and to stay away from them. I know if I told him I had Baron he would probably abandon me, not that I'd mind since he hasn't been acting like a friend. Baron told me to give him a chance though, not giving up on people, although I bet my friend wouldn't do the same for him. Baron is to kind, even to imbeciles. This is basically the only place where I can talk about Baron and tulpa-forcing. It's probably not a healthy environment for Baron, but even so he just gets better and better. Mentally I have improved. I have this issue where I bottle up my anger for weeks, and it comes out as pure rage over every negative emotion that was felt over the past weeks. Baron found a way to calm me down, even at my peak. Even if my family found out about Baron and demanded I abandon him, I would not listen. I have improved since he became my brother, and so has he. Don't worry the next posts are going to be all happy and "yaaaay", but first I have to get some fun stories from the wonderland. So I promise the next post will be about some outlandish tales of beating up bad guys and eating abnormal amounts of pancakes, THAT WOULD BE ME ;D. In no way will any of these things take me or Baron down, it'd be awesome to hear tips or experience from things like this or just "Hello". Well hope to hear from you guys, CONTINUE BEING AWESOME!!
  13. Okay I'm sorry for not being active for the longest time, everything has been a bit insane, but we are here now and, mentally better than we were a week ago. I know this is brief but I'm just saying that we are fine, and that we are probably post something else later. Got to go. Bye!!!
  14. Me and Baron totally agree with Maya, that picture of you as a Jedi is AWESOME!! Those trolls never had a chance....
  15. Ok me and Baron have been working on our wonderland. Currently there are three main islands, each floating in space. Our home, which has the weeping willow tree hanging over our beds made of moss, sponge, thing, and Baron's chair. Oh yeah we should mention that we have floating jellyfish that glow and congregate in clouds, along with a variety of different levitating fish and whales. The next island is an ancient battlefield, having swords in the ground, old trenches, and crumbling monuments. Baron and I have gone there to battle some of my past enemies, which is fun. He likes to listen to Seven lions and Crywolf while I'm in the wonderland and when a battle commences we turn on heavier music like Knife party and Skillet. We listen to violin and opera when we are feeling quite fancy indeed. The third island is like a mile and a half in each direction, and harbors a town called Esten. This town has so many quirks and oddities that makes it what it is, like a species of humanoid called Breakers who use vines as climbing ropes to go on the side of the island and break out the rocks to eat the crystal amber inside. The sights are quite awe-inducing, but I still loved putting the average round-about things in Esten with a twist of our own. Baron wanted a pizza place, so now there is a Freddy Fazbear restaurant there. There is a sword shop, a map store, a concert hall, and so much more. Baron and Emily made a pastry shop in Esten, which now includes the Space pancake recipe. Pancake mix Cinnamon Eggs Honey Seltzer Grape juice Chocolate sprinkles Blue food dye I think it tastes good in wonderland, but I haven't had it in the real world. Soon we will find out. SOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!