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  1. Hello Am new here and a friend told me 2 days ago about Tulpas... And I never ever even heard of them , yeah heard about imaginary friends but I am pretty sure I haven't had one even when I was kid. So 2 days and am reading alot about Tulpas like lifetime friend... Yesterday I may thought of having a Tulpa in some man form and today I thought that I want her to be a female cudle black hair almost tall as me What will she be? whatever she wants to? And if you could get back and not make a Tulpa would you still make one? Am really interested on this though,am 17 years old and am kinda freaked out xD , will it be created by itself if I don't want to or am not sure if I want to? I got alot more to ask & say... Waiting for someone to help ,perhaps someday I might be able to help someone new too. Thanks :)