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  1. Hm, i'm not sure if i want to know, but at the same time i'm curious.
  2. Try some passive forcing as best as you can whenever you're with someone else, they'll never be able to tell the difference and you can always just play it off as being lost in thought or spacing if they do.
  3. Banned for giving me deja vu after talking about your deja vu
  4. Banned for not helping me give Dire the CyanidePill on education
  5. As someone who's had their mentality and emotions get on top of them twice, both times messing up the process and causing me to start over, i'm begging you to stay at it. I regret it, i regret not having the determination to make my tulpa, but this time around I am going to make it work. As for you, don't make the same mistake I did, okay? Force even when you are upset, because after all, doesn't that show Rhys you love him? Heck, it might even cheer you up in the process. However, i wouldn't vent to him or anything, i think you're right, it may have a poor effect on him. Best of luck, Phase.
  6. Banned for not specifying the select few and not placing education among them Come on, Education. It's like a fluffy little kitten.
  7. Banned for not embracing the education
  8. *stealthily passes Lady Dire a tissue box and then sneaks ahead again*
  9. I see this as pre-forcing meditation and it works extremely well to keep focus when forcing after it, thanks for the guide.
  10. Banned for slight Star Trek references
  11. Banned for being a likeable guy, dag nabbit! *whispered apologies for the other ban*
  12. Banned for being seemingly addicted to forum games
  13. Vrael

    Count to 10,000!

    1040, Have a happy Saturday everyone!