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  1. Hey, I'm back! I haven't been on in a while because of school and I gave up tech for lent but I have given tulpas a lot of thought over that time and I've decided that I'm no longer in that phase were your second guessing yourself. I know what I need to do to reach my goal of a successful Tulpa, I'm gonna do it. I think I've more or less got visualisation out the way. I can describe Corra completely to you. There are two things I want to get fixed, imposition (I can see Corra but I'm always also looking through Corra) and vocality. I've done my research on vocality but there is one thing I want to try but isn't available here. It's based on the puppeting concept for finding a voice but with more structure. Basically my idea is a script which starts simple with "yes/no" responses from the Tulpa but eventually gets more complicated and with blank places for Tulpa input, just in case. If one truly doesn't exist, could someone with more experience please make one? I would do it my self but then the voice I hear when going through it will be my own, but hey, I'm not looking for Shakespeare. Thank you all in advance, and as always any advice is welcome!
  2. I've been Tulpa forcing for a while now and I haven't seen many results and I might have strayed too far from actual Tulpamancy. I have two "tulpas," Romulus and Corra, but they don't feel like actual Tulpas and its beginning to feel like I'm roleplaying and puppeting way too much. I'm also finding trouble on getting inspiration to start afresh. I've been trying to make a Tulpa for almost a year, but I still feel like a novice. I do want to make a Tulpa, I really do, and I know the process can take years, especially as I don't have a lot of free time because of school and things like that, which is why I'm asking for your help. To be honest, I don't even know what I'm asking for. A reason to keep going? Someone to guide me through the process? An idea for a new Tulpa? Interpret it as you like, I'll be grateful for any help. I know there is a mentorship system of sorts around here, but I don't feel like I can begin to use that yet because I can't even get a decent idea on a new Tulpa without getting the feeling I'll make the same mistake again! But I will, when I've got my confidence back up. Thank you
  3. SomethingDire: okay I: I can eat an entire pack of biscuits a day (a large pack. I used to eat 2 a day) ON TOP of what I usually eat. I read and write for fun I play video games for the story I like to role play (as in anime/ tv series type stuff) and sometimes create my own characters I have extremely high character empathy (Ive had multiple crushes on fictional characters) Im a mummas boy I'm a weapons nerd I watch CSI and challenge my mates to make the perfect crime (and say how they can be caught) I act tough when you couldn't find a softer softie I have 0 relationship experience. I go to a grammar school and I'm a straight A student yet I still love rap and hip-hop Any other guilty facts about me you want to know? Did I mention I'm uber skinny (I weigh 8 stone)? Just so you don't call me a fatty about about the biscuits thing
  4. Thanks. I've just started and I'm straight in first with the odd "glitch" when I'm in third. In first I think I have the HUD problems mentioned by Metatron where it's like first person on call of duty. And thank YOU vixx for the idea of a complete physical makeover (gotta try that for role play)
  5. A guy went to the local college and signed on for some lessons. The Dean said he was signed on for English language and logic. "Logic?" The guy asked. "Here's an example: do you have weed killer?" "Yes." "Then logically you have a garden." "That's correct." "And therefore a house." "Of cause." "And a family. Which means you are hererosexual." "You're right!" The guy later met his mate in a pub and told him about the college. His friend was also sceptical of logic lessons. "Here's an example. Do you own weed killer?" "No." "Then you're gay." Sorry it's long.
  6. Guilty pleasures... Depends how long you want to be reading this post.
  7. I admit, I found out abou Tulpas from the creepy pasta. I went on to do proper research on the subject and found this community.
  8. I don't have much time right now so I'll keep this short and sweet. In your wonderland, do you picture it in first person or third person? If it is third person, do you physically change at all? Thanks for your input in advance!
  9. Thanks for everyone's input. I will try this but I will be weary of the side effects, I'm not planning to do much of this, maybe one short story now and another if I lose my way a bit because of other commitments like school. Thank you everyone.
  10. I got this idea the other day of possibly a new way to force Tulpas. I realised I struggle with Tulpamancy, but I have no trouble creating characters. In fact if you gave them a situation I could tell you their exact reaction. I realised that the only difference between them and Tulpas is that I don't consider them Tulpas (that and a 50 year time difference.) I wonder if I could apply the same technique to begin sentiency. I know that a lot of you might not think it would work, but hear me out. My characters never end how they begin. If I wrote a story of sorts to get the behaviour of a Tulpa down, it could possibly evolve into sentiency. I'm not sure if I'm describing it write, but it's hard to describe the feeling to a people who might not be dedecated writers. For the character's behaviour evolving with time, you'd probably have to spend time writing a novel to understand and see that change but I imagine it would be like watching a child grow over time. For me being able to tell how my characters would react in a situation (and without actually forcing said reactions) the best example I can come up with applies to fanboys/ girls who, like me, have extreme character empathy. If that's you and you imagine what your favourite characters would be like in the future, and do so fairly accurately, you should understand. What this technique basically is is to write a story, from your point of view or your Tulpas, to establish behavioural traits you want you Tulpa to have. And as you look back, edit, change and repeat, you should see something resembling a consciousness forming, and you go from there. Now my question is, for those who took the time to read all that, is could this work? Has anyone tried something similar? I know Tulpamancy is very much trial and improvement and doing what you think feels right but I just wanted your input. Thank you.
  11. For latest Tulpa in progress I got inspiration from Pabu from the Legend of Korra (que the shouts of geek) so I tried drawing Pabu. I found I couldn't get the head right so I rolled with it and the ferret head somehow became a wolf head, which is how I got the form of my Red Ferret Wolf. Sometimes the best creations are accidental.
  12. Hey, I'm back again. If you've read my previous posts you'll know that I'm semi-starting again with Tulpas (I'm creating a new Tulpa, revising all my research, but if I find something new I'll apply it to Corra.) I'm not sure yet what my new Tulpa will be like (I'm considering an animal) but there is a question I have: how do you force a personality? A problem I had with Corra was that I had the mentality that Tulpas change, so why to force something on them? That can work for some but I realised that I wasn't creating a baseline for Corra to change from, which is why I'll try to this time. Thank you for your comments before hand.
  13. Blangcaster, that's how I'm thinking. I hope that somehow success with one Tulpa will translate to success with the other. Warbeak, I'll try and keep inspired, after all both Corra and probably my next Tulpa will be based off of characters I admire. Thank you all
  14. My progress with Corra, has reached a road block. With only two minor break throughs I have to say I've lost the motivation. So I've decided to start again, to create a new Tulpa from the beginning and revising all I have researched. I have not given up with Corra, I will talk to her now and then, but I will be channeling my focus to something new. I understand many of you will have some controversies with this, but it feels right. I didn't have the heart to kill Corra, so I'm not completely giving up on her, I'm just trying again to create a successful, sentient, Tulpa. I think the main problem I had with Corra was laziness. I didn't have a lot of time to force her but when I did I just talked to her. I didn't try and install qualities or anything like that. Why? I think the mindset I had was "Tulpas change to suit themselves so theirs no point to do it for them." I want to change that. With my next Tulpa I will show full commitment, and when the time comes when my next Tulpa is complete, I will refocus on Corra. That I promised her.
  15. I think this needs more thought on my behalf. Thanks everyone for your contributions
  16. I see your points now. Maybe a load of seven year olds on this forum isn't the best idea. But there are some things I want to add: 1) although that is the age range, I've planned all my books to be aimed at those on the maturer end of the spectrum. 2) it isn't going to be a carefree book, it will be a serious one with serious problems for the protagonist. It will involve death, seclusion, family division and possibly more (looking at this I might have to push the bar to 11+) 3) it's a place to start. Something to inspire. Something that they probably just put down and go "good book" when their finished but will make them think when they're older and mature enough for Tulpa I see what you all mean now. Inspiring young kids to join maybe isn't a bad thing but possibly not the best thing to do.
  17. My sole aim in life is to become a fiction writer, and when I started creating my Tulpa I thought "I could write a book on this!" It will be a kids book, aimed at 7-11 year olds, and it will serve as a place for young Tulpamancers to get interested and enjoy this phenomenon. For this reason, it isn't going to be like a creepy pasta with Tulpas effecting the physical world, but I will keep it as accurate as possible. What do you think about this? Any thoughts? Any details on Tulpa creation I must make sure I'm correct with? What experiences with Tulpas have you had that might be useful, specifically with your friends and family and how they reacted and received the news? I think this book will be a good thing and will add to this community and remove some stigma held against Tulpas but I know that my experiences alone won't be enough. Thanks all ~Spiritual Geek~
  18. I told two of my mates. One just gave a non-committal "Ok" and the other actually started making a Tulpa and he's a member! Not saying anyone is wrong, I agree you are actually right, but this is just what happened with me. Guess I got lucky
  19. I realised I haven't done a progress report in a while so I think I'd best start getting into the habit. Okay, nothing much has changed with Corra. She isn't vocal yet, unfortunately, but she has been changing her appearance to suit her situation, normally just her blue suit but if it's raining or cold she wears a coat and when we're in the shower... well, nothing. Don't judge, I've been snowed under with school work so I don't get many opportunities to see her. One problem we have is that she doesn't wear informal clothes on weekends and such. We've tried t-shirts, hoodies but they're either too tight or too baggy. However, I have found something she is comfortable in which I'm trying out next week (half term so no distractions). The outfit is a cream vest type shirt and blue tight jeans with flat trainers, not the sporty kind like Nike, more like Vans. Accessories with it include earrings and a handbag. I narrate to Corra a lot, vocally where possible. The conversation is usually unfocused but I sometimes rant to Corra about life/ school/ problems etc just to involve her in my life on a more personal level. I always try to ask open ended questions like "Hey Corra, how are you?" To invite her to talk. One thing someone advised in another thread is to give your Tulpa objects like a microphone to talk to you through or to listen to you. I figured I'd try this next week also, I'm giving Corra a phone, basically a mirror image of my 4S just with different colours so that she can "call me" in a way. Okay, so that's my progress report. If there's anything you think I'm doing wrong please say and why. If you have any tips they are greatly appeeciated. Thank you!
  20. I'm getting the gist here that you are referring to how much time we devote to our Tulpas. Lately? Not so much but that's because I've been snowed under with school and honestly, I feel bad about it. I'm actually finding it harder to connect with my Tulpa (hidden message: SOS HELP SOS) I think it's harming her development. She's a young Tulpa, not even vocal yet!
  21. Trust me, munibe. There's no where better!
  22. Thanks NoneFromHell, my mate will like that advice. Inazuma, you might be getting the wrong picture, but the message logs thing might be a good idea!