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  1. I've watched a documentary of people who can't feel pain. Let me just say, instead of blocking it all together you may just want to nullify it just a bit. I completely agree with blocking media though and that is something I will do once I get the chance.
  2. Just keep at it. Also don't pressure it in any way or else it'll get depressed that it can't talk. Just talk to it like a normal person, keep narrating, it'll catch on eventually. It just needs time, you just need to realize tulpae are very erratic and have their ups and downs.
  3. I have no clue. But I don't think it should go on much longer. Like I said, it could be that your tulpa just feels emberrised about talking so it refuses to. Just tell it that it's fine, I'm sure it'll talk in no time.
  4. Oh that, no that's completely normal. Tulpae just stop talking for a little while for some reason. No one knows why but it happens. Just wait it out, it's fine. And of course keep talking to it and comfort it. it also might be "shy", so tell it that it's alright to talk and it shouldn't feel bad about it.
  5. Pretty sure, yes. Tulpae are usually in complete control of where they "are". I think I've heard of one "going away" for a couple months even and coming back later. If you're wondering if you can torture your tulpa by making it hate it's existance I don't think anyone has tried it.
  7. Could just be feeling responcable for another life now, so you feel guilty for just about everything. Also not being able to masturbate is your problem. I just see it as a way to stay healthy, like digesting. Digesting is also gross. God I hate the human body.
  8. Whoa pleeb better not delete his account, jimmy sounds serious holding down his shift key like that.
  9. This thread is the silliest of silly threads I have ever seen. That said I have no idea who thinks it would be a good idea to do a live documentary from a convention. What about phone calls or video chats? Or what do you proprietary kids call it, Skype? Skrape is a better name because the last four letters discribe it perfectly.
  10. Add this or something like it because it was fun on Digibutter before Francis ruined it. Also may increase activity. Somehow. At least it's something to do besides think of new dumb tulpa experiments. Unless of course you hate fun
  11. I never thought of this but I'll have to mark down the date mine says her first words. I think that'll be a sufficent birth date.
  12. Just don't worry about it, as long as you know it's normal it'll be fine. It won't last long that's for sure. Maybe a couple days at max? During the process try to encourage your tulpa that it's alright to talk and whatnot. I heard they get shy about it or something.