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  1. Hi peoples, I was wondering if you'd care to share the happiest memory you've had with your tulpa?
  2. I'm sure you don't, that's why you didn't ask it. I'm still very curious about the whole thing and want to see if its right for me, have done for years. Some people are happy in their own company, I most certainly am not. Clearly some people are happy with just their tulpas, and I know some who are happy without anybody.
  3. Hihihi, I was just wondering if anyone without any friends made a tulpa and how that made them feel? Did it feel that big ol' cold, gaping void in the core of your being or do you still need to interact with a people now and again? Or maybe you were one of those lucky few that don't need no peoples to feel fine :)
  4. Well social services taking the child away is my main worry, and the child itself thinking that you're dangerously deluded is another. But then again I think my parents are crazy :P
  5. So, I was wondering if anyone had tried parenting with a tulpa? I've always liked the idea of adoption and was curious about how others have handled it. I suspect it would be just not telling the child and using the tulpa soley to support yourself. Or would you be honest and let the child know why you sometimes talk to yourself when you're alone? Would even having a child whilst having a tulpa be a terrible idea? I'd like to think they'd love the child as their own, but I suppose it varies from tulpa to tulpa, they may even get jealous! Thanks!
  6. Hi, bit of a bizarre question here, but how would your Tulpa feel if you committed suicide? Would they see it you murdering them? Would the understand that their host just couldn't take it anymore? Would they themselves not be able to take it anymore? And yeah, I suspect the answer will vary from Tulpa to Tupla. Just a thought, but the main thought that keeps me from trying out Tulpamancy. Thanks!
  7. Title says it all folks. When did it click that there was another thinking being there, rather than a mere projection?
  8. Hi, more questioning I'm afraid! How does being in a relationship with your tulpa compare to being in a relationship with a people? Is it better because of the lack of barriers, is it harder because of the lack of physical contact? Above all, if you were romantically involved with your tulpa did that relationship make you happier than one with another person? Any experiences shared are much appreciated, thanks!
  9. These answers have been most insightful, thank you all. For those of you that are happier that's fantastic, those who aren't you have my sympathies. Its good to have a network of people here willing to aid you in your tulpa problems. It makes me feel more secure about practising my eventual tulpamany.
  10. Hey guys, I understand this might sound like a stupid question, but do you feel happier having a tulpa? Are your lives fuller? Or is it sometimes more akin to a burden, like a dog you suddenly don't have the time to care for because you got a promotion? If you're not happy listen to Happy by Pharrell Williams, it always puts me in a good mood. Well, that and the imperial march, but I don't think that's a good thing.
  11. Hey guys, I'm still trying to figure out if creating a Tulpa is right for me and I was wondering about engaging in intercourse with your Tulpa? How does it feel? Does it feel any different to standard masturbation? How does the Tulpa feel about it? Do they ever initiate? Might they try it at an inappropriate time? I know every Tulpa is different, so results will vary but I'm curious about other peoples experiences. My appologies if this is an inappropriate thread, from what I understood threads like this are finde so long as it wasn't overly graphic or immature. Thanks!
  12. I won't lie, this is my ultimate goal for tulpamancy, to create someone that knows me more intimately than anyone else and loves me for it. Lord knows my relationships with peoples aren't going anywhere (I'm great with snakes though) and, sad as it is, I feel this is the only way to go to achieve the intimacy that I'm looking for. I know it's not a given that they'll love me back or even that I'll love them, but I'm curious about how it worked for you, how did it go and what happened? Did you two accidentally fall in love? Were they made just for love? Did they resent you for making them t
  13. Hi, I'm in an odd situation. I would really like a Tulpa for companionship, scientific curiosity and romantic reasons. But I do like my private time, I need to be on my own once in a while or I tend to snap- this is the biggest reason for me not trying to create. Will a Tulpa impinge upon that privacy or will they respect that and hang out in the wonderland or can I press a pause button on them or what? Or is it all down to the individual thought form? Thanks!
  14. Hi, I'm here to learn if making a Tulpa is the right decision for me.
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