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  1. try looking at something, then closing your eyes, and visualizing what you saw, if shit starts getting fucked, open your eyes for a split second to fix the room. when your eyes close keep remembering the room and visualizing it. once you can get a stable room, where nothing spins or distorts, put your tulpa there.
  2. I'd say keep it. But if I had to change it... "You were looking for a way to change your life. You got it."
  3. Does it do the same shit when you visualize in real space?
  4. Reading to Luna is proving to be very effective. She really likes the book so far. I was worried that my attention to the book would keep my attention from her, but it's proving quite the opposite. I turn the book towards her so she can read along, and make sure that I read aloud for her to hear me.
  5. not numbering my answers just going to talk. I have the same problem in a way. It's hard for me to tell if the mindvoice it Luna or my own thoughts. I usually just go with my gut at the time but if I'm not sure whether she said it or not, i just explain an answer without answering. i.e: When I'm narrating I might mention something i did in the past, and i would get a mindvoice of "Why do that?" If I'm unsure if it's her or not, then i just say, "The reason why I did that was because..." it's a way where i'm not really answering her as much as explaining myself. If she did ask, I answered her. If she didn't ask and it was my own thought, I probably got that thought because I figured she would wonder why i did what i did. Just like when talking to another human, you kind of have a small assumption of how they are going to reply to what you said. I think that is a lot of what we deal with. Not so much us making them do things as much as us thinking about how they would react. Our minds just can't really tell the difference yet. It'll get there though. You know when a thought is alien. Your thoughts will always be your own thoughts, they will never evolve into an alien message, only your tulpa can do that. Just feed those alien moments, when it happens, think about it, focus on it. That's feeding it.
  6. It goes up and down. Some days I feel her presence. Like all day my brain is telling me, "Somebody is standing next to you." Other days I have to keep reminding myself of her. I saw a visual... um... distortion? Physically. She was sitting in front of me before clocking in at work, like usual. I usually try to get a few minutes of visualization in at that time but for some reason I had a moment where I thought, "No, I don't need to make her. She's in front of me already, I just need to look at her." For a split second, BAM. Kinda around where her shoulder was... there was something in the air. Not in my mind, right THERE I fucking SAW IT! Since then, she feels much more REAL. Like I'm done making her now, I just need to see her. Still no mindvoice, or even hints at what she might be saying... No reactions really. Headaches are gone... yeah.
  7. You never considered yourself a big sister? When I learned how you were made, I almost immediately thought, "Oh, good! Emily has a big sister!"
  8. Ashley is such a big sister to Emily and Amber.
  9. I think that Luna wants to say something to you, Emily. But I'm not sure what. So I'm just going to tell you what is on my mind. IDK if it's her talking or not. A tulpa and their host who are in love with each other, will be closer together than any two real people could ever be.
  10. DERPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Amber just sounds like fun.
  11. I have four friends that are aware of Luna. If you have really close friends I strongly recommend telling them. Two of them have spoken to her and I got a powerful reaction each time. They're so used to only being spoken to by the host, or through the internet, that when somebody directly speaks to them, its really exciting.
  12. The bronies are the same people who were obsessed with Sonic and drew their own characters for that. They got bored with sonic and then mlp came around. Now this allows them to create their oh so unique and interesting character in a new way, rather than tracing a character and giving a different color scheme.
  13. Am I the only one noticing that Ashley is... how do I put it... Powerful. I mean for god's sake you have been forcing and putting all of your effort into Emily up until now. But you JUST meet Ashley and she can form just as complex, if not more complex sentences than Emily, and can possess better? The fact that a second sentience has come to be is not what amazes me. It's how complex she it.
  14. That was my first guess. Although I do believe that your subconscious had an effect on Emily as well. I almost want to think of her as Emily's shadow in some sort of way. Obviously, this tulpa did not come to be with you forcing her visuals, personality, or anything. This is not impossible, a good 90% of Luna's visuals I did not make. And I have tried to leave room open for personality as well. But the fact is this was created without your permission. Meaning sentience. Meaning that a Tulpa was formed in your mind without you actually consciously creating it... That defeats the whole meaning of a Tulpa.
  15. I knew that girl would come back. How do you think she was created?
  16. Cognitive dissonance is the key.
  17. Ganathon

    Minecraft experiment

    So freaky that I found this because I just had an Idea last night. Anybody try to recreate their wonderland on minecraft? I will work on mine once I find an appropriate place.
  18. Great way to put it. On the topic of parroting/puppeting that's going down I admit it's difficult at times. Some people may yell at me for this but whenever Luna moves, I always assume I' puppeting unless I KNOW it wasn't me. I trust Luna, but I'd rather be safe, and she knows it. It also makes those alien thoughts or movements that much more powerful because then I KNOW that there is a different mind at play.
  19. LOLOLOL F***ing My Fair Lady was the SHIT! This is exactly what I'm going to make Luna's first words be when we start practicing. It will be a while though.
  20. You do realize that now I'm going to be picturing solid snake and an angel holding hands skipping through a forest. Angel kisses snake on the cheek, *Sound effect and exclamation mark over head*
  21. So that's where she gets it from. Oh yeah, You have link as your avi so I have always imagined you as a link looking guy. I also got done playing the .hack imoq games about a month ago so I always kinda pictured Emily as Terajima Ryoko. So when you talk about your little adventures it's always funny picturing those two getting all cute together.
  22. I have actually planned on buying one of those. I might even get one today if I can. THANK YOU! Somebody has a BRAIN HERE!
  23. LOLOLOL I guess so! I would visualize like a giant bird breaking into the classroom and causing chaos or something all the time.
  24. LOL like others are saying, either say you are taking up meditation, or tell her you're creating a sentient thoughtform hallucination. Your pick. Yeah, it kinda got off track and more about getting caught talking to your tulpa.