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  1. +1 for Fall and jean-luc
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    Somebody that I used to know - Walk off the Earth
  3. You should probaly check out the german irc chat out. I bet we could help you there its the channel #tulpa.german You join here|?,#tulpa.lounge,#tulpa.german I'm german as well, so pm me if you have questions. I'm more of a starter/half way there.
  4. Just out of curiosity, what happend with ogigi/kooger? I only saw his guides got deleted.
  5. Yay a topic to which I can contribute :D I'm always watching videos about science on youtube so I got a few channels you might like: TEd-Ed: Some slow-paced lessons about almost everything, from logic puzzles to literature MinuteEarth: Good animated videos, mostly about climate change and biology In a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt: Don't worry it's english and shows simple explanaitons about various social and scientific problems (my favorite channel) And of course Scishow, similar to crashcourse but rather community questions explained than courses. Sorry I'm too dumb to include links but it's just a short youtube search away. Thanks for the interesting links all!
  6. Seems like I'm back with my tulpa Wyrm, hopefully it goes better this time. I may be struck with the eternal curse of procrastionation, but I will never stop trying :) I bet he's still somewhere around, that guy doesn't get beaten down easily.
  7. I also have problems with forcing while Im tired but thats definitly not as bad as your problem. Its just harder to concentrate for me. The only thing I think you could do is sleep more. Sorry.
  8. I saw this toppic discussed in a video and posted some sources for you all. People with aphantasia can not visualise something with "their mind´s eye" . Maybe somone on this forums has experienced it and I´m curious if someone could tell us more about it. But don´t get me wrong if you are bad with visualization you don´t have aphantasia (it´s really unlikely to have).
  9. Correct: Ich liebe das deutsche Bier! Freibier für alle! (sorry that just bothered me :) ) Also you havent posted a question, so I'll just post one so that this game keeps going (sorry for that too): Have you ever been posting stuff one this forum while being drunk/high?
  10. 23.08.15 // Day 14 Already two weeks are gone. It feels like it's only two days. I tried today that little game by Bambi in the forum games section. I made up a haunted house and nearly stayed in there half an hour trying to get out (that half hour was the goal). It was really funny, but I got a bad headache because of it (too much after too much lazzyness) I guess I'll try again tomorrow. See ya' tomorrow guys!
  11. Just excuse. Hey, maybe you'll even laugh about it one day :) I get all the time some stupid intrusive tought, if you just restart because this, you will get nowhere. You can't really get your tulpa to hate you, if you treat it like a normal person.
  12. Don't worry, I bet you'll get better with time. Also you can just bring Sam along when you do stuff with your friends (if they talk with you all the time, then not), but you need to seek out a time for sam also. I mean, if you are really busy, half an hour a week is still more than enough, but thats up to you to decide. As for things to do I'm too short on those :) But what I like to do, is a bit of roleplaying, like going on an adventure in an uncharted valley, or travel to a distant planet, or go in a creepy cave. Possebillitys are endless and it's fun too. Wish ya' good luck & much fun.
  13. No, nearly no tulpamancer would be diagnosed with DID. Long story story short, it's an unhealthy multiplicty (just like your case) which has nearly nobody on this forum. As you said, he is a danger to you, to himself and to others, so you need to go to a therapeut, mental institution or something similar. They WON'T, I repeat, won't help him take over controll. They want only the best for you, if you arn't extremly unlucky to get a bad therapeut. Also, if you are still concerned, just lie. Say he is the tulpa and you need help. Say you hear a voice that whispers bad things to you or whatever suits you best, but for your safety just seek help IMMEDIATELY. Like you said, you are still weak so please, just let somebody help you.
  14. 22.08.15 // Day 13 Sooo, why I have been vanished you ask? Welp. Short answer: I discovered reddit (call me slowpoke 9000) The firest day I just surfed on reddit for an eternity, the second I watched some films with my family (and a firework). And here comes today: I was all day on reddit reading creepy storys. Now I'm up at 3 am and writing this Peogress report because I can't sleep (I had the luck to stumble across the WORST horror story of course. So god it even became a book). But hey, at least I got something to report (yay). It's almost two weeks now, it feels like time rushing away from me while I do this all (probally summer holidays, who knows). I was passivly forcing today sometimes and made some progress (but I can't remember because it's still 3am). Well anyway, I need to come up with an idea remembering to force trough the day (ANY advice is welcome). I always could force each day for two weeks but I start getting worse again. I need to remember to write this even tough nothing happend, so I just unconsciously stop forcing. Thats the worst. I'll probaly update this post tomorrow to fix all the mistakes I made while doing this mor asleep than wake. But as usual see 'ya tomorrow folks!
  15. You imagine this place you want. Done. It's a wonderland, as simple as that. It's just a place you imagine yourself and your tulpa in. You should read more guides before making one. You don't seem prepared for this so please hesitate for a moment and ask yourself if you really want to do this. It's hard, you have much more responsebillitys but it's very rewarding.