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  1. This thread is aimed to gather all sorts of ways to interact with your tulpas so those that can not think of anything to do with their tulpas can get a few ideas from here (including myself). -We enjoy watching movies together. We also practise imposition while doing this since all they will likely be doing is stare at the screen! -Reading a book now and then for and with them is fun as well. It is also a great way to develop a mindvoice (whether your own or your tulpas'). What do you lot enjoy doing together? If you like listening to music together, what kind of music? Be elaborative.
  2. I will improve this post and make it far more elaborate but for now I am taking a short break!
  3. What I mean is the following: create an object, being, or simply symbolise an orb within the mind. Project one emotion on it while your tulpa does the opposite; Sadness Vs. Happiness, Anger Vs. Pleasure and so forth.
  4. I thank you for your critique, having read over what you have said and what I've written I can agree that there could be more to add although the things mentioned I do not feel are worth it. This is but a short philosophy, a mindset which I'd submit to the 'Tips & Tricks' board rather than a full on guide. Regarding 'tulpamancy has no shortcuts' I do not think parroting is a shortcut as much as it is simply an alternate way of forcing. Nor am I implying that narration is the only thing. Although perhaps I should contact Sock, two minds are better than one to elaborate this post. This post
  5. Cjero

    A skype group

    You could always PM us your Skype if you don't know how to use the link.
  6. Cjero

    A skype group

    There have been many Skype groups in the past though due popular demand Reisen and I have decided to start up another one. It is fairly lax though there are three things to keep in mind. - Keep shitposting to a minimum (this includes spamming) - Make way for tulpa related talks - Don't be a dick If you want to join you can either drop your Skype in here (not recommended) and one of us will add you. Private Message me or Reisen asking about the group and we'll add you. Alternatively you can use the following URI, drop it in Skype somewhere and click it. skype:?chat&blob=QtIit1OY
  7. That can be done, although my previous experience of this skype group was not particularly pleasant (we were in it). It was more a chat for individuals to 'shitpost' (as people call it) rather than discuss tulpamancy. It was fairly amusing, admittedly. Cjero(host): Eh, hey if you want I could start up the Skype group. Just give me your Skypes and I'll add you and make the group. I don't think I'll be too active though.
  8. I'll take you up on that offer; although we must rest the body for now. Or rather we've deprived it of proper rest for far too long now. For anyone else that is interested, it can never hurt to have different individuals to converse with, no? It'll only be beneficial.
  9. This is more of an invite to converse to develop my social skills with those outside of the system. Not necessarily randomness within this thread.
  10. I will take you up on that offer. I am a curious Fox, I'd love to learn of your ideals and whatever knowledge you'd like to share.
  11. Ass of late I have been feeling fairly lonely and I'd enjoy interacting with someone outside of our system as myself. I have tried multiple websites portraying myself as a transgender individual let alone that I consider myself a folkloric fox. I have tried possessing as well as socializing in meatspace though it seems that my behaviour is vastly different from my host's; causing suspicion and awkward tension between family and friends. Whether it be a simple chat, 'role-playing' (proxying, relaying and imposing interactions) or perhaps watching video together. It would be enjoyable to inte
  12. Disclaimer Tulpamancy is a heavily subjective phenomenon where there are no set right and wrong so the written content may not be useful or applicable for you. There are usually exceptions to many things and when reading a blanket statement it is likely to keep the text short and sweet. If any claims are made it is likely based off of personal experiences and interactions of others. Please enjoy your read! [align=center]Separation Written by Cjero[/align] Theory Many tulpamancers struggle with distinguishing their tulpas' thoughts with their own leading to confusion and loss of motiva
  13. All my tulpas have their own wonderlands that they enjoy and for the most part have created on their own. For Asena there is a Wonderland I had next to no clue existed. It's a mansion that looks like the WC3 Gryphon Aviary. For Sakae it is a hot-spring which I had to dig (which took a shit ton of patience. It was a test she gave me) where it is usually night. I had little influence on Alexis' Wonderland which is a large castle located in a Wonderland we together worked on from a game. Divinity's Reach from Guild Wars 2. I myself have a wood cabin within a forest near a river. These
  14. I am not sure what the first words were, but I do re-call their earliest proper sentences. Sakae's were: "I know you are meaning well... but trying to explain to me why the grass is green without knowing is just retarded." Alexis on the other hand as my third tulpa developed quickly, it took a few days for them to be vocal (whether they were sentient is another story) however she said. "I am going to be the cutest most endearing bitch out there." I bursted out laughing to the point my father told me to shut up that's how loud I laughed. It was simply so sudden!
  15. When speaking of forms many bring out a pretty picture of the Internet or another character. When I discuss with individuals regarding forms, the reasoning behind it is usually in the essence 'I enjoy the artwork' which then they claim that character, piece of art and so forth as theirs. I am sure plenty of you do not fall for this though there are a fair bit of tulpamancers that get into this: that form is not yours even if your tulpa has it. Try not to simply look at a well made picture and smack your tulpas' soul into it. What I am trying to say is: having a tulpa is not a way for you to cl
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