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  1. I lurk a LOT, and as the number of my posts show, I rarely write. Usually, I feel that what I have to say is not a meaningful contribution to the subject and there are others who can probably contribute more. Also, and I think that is the major thing for me, the subject of Tulpas, thought-forms, non-corporal companions, or whatever you want to call them, feels VERY personal to me and my companion (to the point that he demanded his own internet name for the forums...). So opening up on the forums about it is really difficult....
  2. Hey Everyone! :) So my name is Noruines, and I have been Lurking here for a while and decided to say hi. My Lovely Lumi (that is his internet name, he is kind of a privet being) is almost 9 months old and it has been quite a ride. We don't always agree and have our share of disagreements and arguments, however, we are very close nevertheless. I will probably share more about us as we go along, since I am not sure where to start... Have a great day/night in the meantime :)
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