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  1. Here's my attempt of Tealeap [/url] huehue *oh god yes
  2. I think it's obvious we still like the shoutbox.
  3. Tealeap's pretty humanoid in shape, though she often goes out of her way to not be. Initially she had grey skin on her arms and legs and was otherwise pretty human, but has since added horns because horns are cool, as well as a few minor deviations. She likes masks a lot too, and they change how she looks. Fundor's a bigass dragon, but often chooses to remain in a cloak-like form that Tea wears, which is shown in the top drawing, because big and complicated forms like his are cumbersome to impose or think about in much detail when forcing. At least they are for us.
  4. This question brings up a hilariously plausible issue. Btw, have the mods ever addressed the trending occurrence of creating tulpa accounts here on .info? Is it something that's frowned upon, or what?
  5. I come here for the shoutbox. It's my favorite part of the forums. I like that it's smaller than IRC, (cept when Vice starts stuff and everyone gets in on it) and I like the convenience of it. You get on the forums and bam, there it is. I also like the fact that it isn't moderated as much as the IRC is. Yes, there's a lot of shitshouting, but I don't think many people mind much. At least I don't. I have a much easier time communicating freely in the shoutbox than the IRC, since I don't feel quite so stifled in it. Neither me nor Tealeap can manage to hold a comfortable conversation in the .info IRC channel (or even OT) because of devoice-happy mods and traffic from people I either do not know or don't care about. Typically for us, conversation in the shoutbox is casual and easy, but can be informative when we need it to be, depending on who is lurking around it, and if someone asks a legit tulpa-related question, I've yet to see it ignored. Also, the very manner of communication in the shoutbox is different from the IRC. When someone drops into the shoutbox that's new, they almost always get at least one greeting from somebody, where as in the IRC you can drop in and be completely ignored. Maybe this would change if the shoutbox became as populated as the IRC, but even then, the more compact nature of the box makes it seem more...approachable, I guess. Perhaps it would not leave such a fantastic first-impression on people just getting into the site, but as soon as they look into the forums themselves, or go to the IRC, they won't find things much different. Maybe you could just scooch the shoutbox down to the bottom of the page, instead of the top, or hide it/make it less noticeable, so people won't see unsavory shouts as soon as they come here, if that's what the issue is. But don't get rid of it, please.
  6. Lol sands how do you even find these.
  7. "HHHNG" HHHNG But srsly, I think Ani could be a pretty decent artist. She just needs to own up to the tracing and move past it, not try to deny it/cover it up with sassy .gifs and caps lock name-calling. Not all of her work seems to be trace-ish it seems, and that's what I'd like to see moar of.
  8. I was almost mad when I was reading these final posts, wondering why this was even a problem, and that its your business, not your family's. But it's wrong of me to make assumptions. I don't know your life, or your family, and I've never even heard of you and your tulpa before I stumbled here. I really have nothing to say but to give my--no, our condolences, and hope circumstances will change one day and you can bring her back. God bless you, and may he guide your path in accordance to his will and bring your heart some peace.
  9. People who think kids are perfect little angels and need to be treated like such. Q: What's the question nobody wants to answer?
  10. Eh, I'd save the lives. Otherwise my conscious would get the better of me. Q: You and the love of your life have been captured by a freaky criminal syndicate that does this sort of thing as a hobby. From a one way mirror, you can see your love, but they can't see you. The syndicate will let you go once you make one of the two following choices. A: You watch your love get brutally ravaged by a hulking monster of a man with knives for fingers. They feel intense pain and horror and physical/emotional trauma, and only barely make it out with their lives, but it will only happen once and then you two can go free. B: You watch as your love is injected with a substance that instantly makes them forget about you/that you ever existed. They then fall in love with someone else, and enjoy a gentle and happy life together, all the while completely ignorant of your existence. Wat do?
  11. Tealeap and waffles. I liek waffles. Q: You can now pick one object not normally considered food and eat it for nourishment. What is that object? Headphones/laptops/rocks/drywall, etc.
  12. Sean Connery How do you want to die?