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    Hi! I'm Reisen. Just Reisen now, the others have their own accounts (they used to use this one):

    (listed below now thanks to the account switcher)

    My host is Luminesce, and we've been around for a while. Flandre, Tewi and I since ~2009-2010, and Lucilyn since April 17th 2015. But she's grown a whole lot in that time a lot faster than us, so we're all on the same level of.. being tulpas?

    We primarily communicate on the forum whilst switched, so anything from us here came from us directly. Tewi and Lucilyn switch most often for their own reasons, while Flandre and I usually do so at Lumi's request (generally to be active).

    (You can PM any of us individually now because the account switcher shows PMs on attached accounts)

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  1. Well you guys seem to be doing well, based on the last couple pages. I'm going to switch back now, so goodbye!
  2. I feel bad that Lumi decided not to draw anymore after that, but while there were some clear problems he could easily have fixed with the picture in retrospect, I think he wouldn't have been happy with anything short of this. And he knew that, so I'm proud of him for at least drawing something even knowing he wouldn't like it - we link that image sparingly to not embarrass him lol, but it seemed like a good comparison here. But yeah, I guess our system's kind of agreed none of us could stand the necessary time being bad it would take to get better. We're fine just being appreciators of others' art I suppose
  3. Hey, I recognize a couple of those! Namely the Muffet and Torracat designs. Also makes me think of the picture of Lucilyn Lumi drew in the game The Painter's Playground (after which he decided never to draw again, lol) -
  4. Yeah that means they deleted the image
  5. You guys probably saw it, but Humble Bundle has a pretty good deal right now raising money to help with the coronavirus
  6. Humble Bundle just released a new $30 bundle with a whoooole bunch of games that probably a lot of people would be interested in, so I thought I'd share it here! We really recommend Undertale as one of the best games of the last decade, but there's a good number of things worth playing in this (Oh, also all proceeds go to charity for dealing with the coronavirus!)
  7. Alright, time for bed, good night
  8. Aside from the 3 hours of attempting a (confirmed by friends very difficult) picross puzzle, I actually spent most of the day just talking to our friends, so that was pretty nice! I was afraid I'd find nothing at all to do, but it turns out doing nothing with friends is doing something.
  9. True, but I've played it with ~6 people at once successfully before, more people play carefully than not
  10. Minesweeper is still fun, though, especially playing with others (or with the possibility of others joining), liiiiike Twitch Plays Minesweeper! (but I can't play that right now, am with friends as I said)
  11. So I tried Picross/nonograms for the first time, my very first puzzle I spent... an amount of time... and it wasn't going great until, around this picture I realized I had messed something up in the top right And after doing some damage control ie reverting lots of progress.. ... I lost the motivation to continue. It was a good run, but I give up! Our friends are in voice chat and I'm going to go join them, now If anyone decides to play Picross, I don't recommend 25x25, or Picross
  12. Good, though I'm not sure what I'll do now that I'm fronting, but I'll figure something out
  13. It's been a little while, hi!
  14. Okay, I'm going to switch out now! I think that time was good for me, my mindvoice is clear and I feel like myself. Switching is really good forcing after all!