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    Hi! I'm Reisen. Just Reisen now, the others have their own accounts (they used to use this one)

    My host is Luminesce, and we've been around for a while. Flandre, Tewi and I since ~2009-2010, and Lucilyn since April 17th 2015. But she's grown a whole lot in that time a lot faster than us, so we're all on the same level of.. being tulpas?

    Any time you see us post on our own accounts, we're switched in (we don't proxy or possess). Tewi and Lucilyn switch most often for their own reasons, while Flandre and I usually do so at Lumi's request (generally just to be active).

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  1. Aah, my eyes, this is why I didn't start looking into 3D modeling when I mentioned it last night... need to start earlier tomorrow. Hours really just disappear, I feel like I've done 1/10 the research necessary to be ready to get started.. Happy birthday! Enjoy your last few years being not-30, but also know that everyone we know who's in their 30s says it really doesn't mean anything. Your body's a bit older, you can't necessarily eat as poorly as when you were younger, stuff like that - but I've also heard that your mid 30s are much more chill than your mid 20s, much of the time. So maybe, possibly you've got that to look forward to? (or your life could go entirely differently, who knows)
  2. Personally I think threads should only be merged if they're obvious repeat questions that were asked within the last couple years (can't blame someone for asking an "obvious" question asked 3 years ago IMO), or if there's a healthy megathread for their general discussion topic (and not a big 12 page thread from 2012 last posted in in 2015, because it just feels stale to tell someone that's all relevant still) Basically, the core of this and why we care about it is that no forum can stay alive without retreading old ground every long once in a while with new members. Like, sorry guys, none of you will ever get to weigh in on the average ages of tulpas! 75 people already decided in 2014 that it was 18-20! No, a new thread polling the same thing would be perfectly fine to make today, with an entirely new set of responses. And that's the least interesting case - General Discussion threads can go totally differently in different eras of Tulpamancy. Or they might not! Kinda why it's the User creating the thread's discretion to make a new one or not, and then a Moderator's discretion of if it's actually a stale/unproductive topic to recreate and should be merged. But I'll be honest, you're not going to find anyone who's upset they got to participate in a new poll, just because one existed five years ago. It just won't happen
  3. Good thing has only existed for 8 years and there can't be 10 threads then! But okay, two years, final offer! 2020-2018, 2018-2016, 2016-2014, 2014-2012 (but honestly we won't be retroactively going back to merge threads more than they already were, so it would start ~now) There's no way 2023 threads should be merged with 2020 --(LOTPW post)
  4. I made a new post (fittingly, in a thread about necroposting) asking to have this clarified here: But I found the thread I was talking about, and weirdly, it's been deleted: Luckily I have Vos's post in the thread, though: So I had this (where Vos said some duplicate threads are okay, while others will be merged, at Staffs' discretion) and the 5-years-ago thread mixed up, but I still think that was pretty great memory on my part!
  5. Why is a megathread last posted in say 3 years ago any easier to find than 3 threads created over 3 years? I get the concept - it can be annoying to have to look through three different threads on "tulpa romance" to find all the discussion - but it's also useful and interesting to see the different dates on those threads. 2012, 2014, 2017 and 2020 posts about "tulpa romance" are likely to differ greatly, and of course, merging all four of those creates 17 pages of "ancient" posting that draws away from current discussion before getting to the most recent posts, or tempts people into replying to posts of users who are gone. I feel like the best solution is only merging into similar threads that were made within a certain timespan - either 3 months, or 1 year sound good to me. Maybe the forum moves slow enough these days 3 months is too infrequent, you could almost see both threads on the same page maybe. One a year sounds good, though? Meaning if someone makes a "What are your thoughts on Tulpa romance?" thread in december of 2020, it shouldn't be merged with a "Tulpa Romance" thread from late 2018, but should be merged with any similar threads made more recently. But.. I don't think getting super specific on this is necessary, it should just be a general feel thing really.
  6. Well, it usually takes a lot of time and effort to start hearing that voice, so by default you're anticipating it. And then, often people have positive feelings towards their tulpa-to-be, so they're more excited or happy than anything else to hear from them, though it's of course likely to be a weird or surreal experience the first time too. And then... You generally get to know your tulpas as well as or better than your family, so it would be weird for it to be weird to hear from them. If anything, this question is more befitting to people who didn't create their tulpas on purpose (before finding out about Tulpamancy). I don't think people are usually "scared", because it's rarely a surprise foreign voice and more something that just naturally happened/came to be by thinking about them, but I guess the moment someone realizes the voice/character talks on their own, that could be a shocking realization? But even then, many writers who practically have soulbonds (basically another term for tulpa-like entities, often from fiction) just naturally work with their characters to write the story or such, without thinking about whether it's weird or not. So I guess the answer is basically no, accidental tulpas often come into existence by the host being very familiar with who the would be, while intentional tulpas, well, were intentional, so you'd be anticipating having a tulpa. I suppose any given day a tulpamancer may randomly think, "Man, it's crazy that I have another person in my head!", but I don't think that's much different from "Man, it's crazy that I'm talking to people all over the world through the internet!" It might be truly shocking to experience the internet for the first time, but if you were already aware of it going into it..? Anyways, experiences may differ. Tulpas speaking feels more "alien" to some people than others, but generally everyone gets used to it pretty quick.
  7. Yes! We actually thought a discussion years ago resulted in an agreed-upon ruling about "recreating ancient threads instead of necroing them, at your discretion", but no such thing exists in the rules. Necroing is currently up to the individual's preference, which is fine, most of this forum's discussion is long in the past and it wouldn't make sense to rule against replying to old threads. However, Ranger thinks that "duplicate" threads are against the rules, and/or at least that they should always be merged into older existing threads. We had a discussion somewhere at some point working out the kinks in this idea, but I don't know where it is now {Wait, I found it, but for some reason the thread was deleted so we can no longer view it -}. So we can just re-clear it up now! First, there is no rule against creating duplicate threads (nor necroposting): Second, there is a board-specific thread for Q&A that recommends checking for existing threads before creating a duplicate, but allows it if you don't feel your question was answered: Vos said this in the deleted thread: The point of this post then is that we should clarify "we'll sometimes allow duplicate topics" officially. What we propose is that, at a user's discretion, if they feel an old topic is too unwelcoming (like say, the fact that every single post in it is from someone who hasn't visited the forum in years), won't promote new discussion, or say has out-of-date information they don't want to bump - that they are free to create a new thread covering the same topic. (Linking to the old thread is optional, as the last reason I listed would be invalidated if that was forced) And, that moderators may at their discretion decide whether a duplicate topic is potentially-productive enough to warrant being remade, or if it's a repeat topic that only serves to burn out or annoy users, and may merge if they feel it shouldn't be its own new thread. However, as we already see with the Q&A-specific thread, this is almost exclusively a necessity for merging duplicate questions that have been answered countless times before - General Discussion threads and the like should only really be merged if there's an existing and fitting Megathread for them. Though even then, some Megathreads simply fall under the "too old" category for us. I think this would be a case by case "talk it out with Staff" thing, if a user felt their thread shouldn't be merged. But anyways - the main point here is that General Discussion threads (and perhaps other threads in other boards) sometimes legitimately benefit from recreating an old thread to be discussed or weighed in on again, by a newer userbase. Can we get confirmation from an admin that this is or can be the case?
  8. I believe it was us, in a forum suggestions post that was confirmed by an admin, like five years ago. I guess I'll go look for it -- -- Oh, would you look at that, we suggested it and one or two users agreed with it, but a Staff member (was Nobillis a staff member? Might as well be..) said they preferred necroposting. Sort of the opposite of what I thought! Though as we see in this thread, people have been saying what we were saying since 2013. The discussions focused on the Q&A board however, because repeat threads were (and are) a pressing issue. However, there is a difference in "repeat questions" and "repeat threads" that is necessarily made by moderation on any forums we've seen, but maybe not always covered in the rules themselves? To the Forum Q&A board! (though for the record, I recall a later discussion with I think Vos about how to handle repeat threads, and I have the same memory of the conclusion being that it was mods' discretion as to whether a thread should be merged or not, but I don't know how to find it)
  9. I didn't say mods have to do anything. And also, unless the rules changed when we weren't looking, recreating ancient threads if you're not comfortable responding to them has been standard procedure on .info for... at least 5 years, but possibly all of them? Anyways, I'd like to know what of anything I said you disagree with specifically
  10. Hmm, frustrations? That there's a necro-post once every few months? No rule will stop that, it's just a part of forum life. I laid out the facts and you can do with them as you please, but all I really said is that some ""duplicate"" threads warrant being made and discussed again. It's up to your diligence as a moderator to tell whether a thread is productive (will produce positive discussion) or destructive (will burn people out or annoy them). But for sure, when in doubt, simply don't touch the thread. All acts of moderation tend to come with a small (or sometimes large) annoyance tax of their own, people often prefer lack of moderation in truly inconsequential cases.
  11. Reisen

    Ask Lumi's Tulpas

    Unfortunately, while a dog can become ~"friendly" with a cat (they might impose on their personal space from time to time much to the cats' dismay, like ours), even a truly passive dog is likely too stressful for a rabbit to live around. It's very difficult to get a dog to be so utterly disinterested in a small, fast friend like a rabbit, and that's what it takes to have them live in harmony. The "imposing on personal space" our dog does to our cat would be too much stress for rabbits to deal with and would result in lowering their lifespan or making them sick. As for cats, you have a far higher chance of a cat becoming disinterested and passive around rabbits. It's still a little risky though, but not undoable at all. Unfortunately rabbits aren't fond of the friendly-batting even the calmest cats tend to do, so I can't say it's 100% safe, but I certainly don't think you'd have to worry about a cat accidentally eating a rabbit lol. (Though keep in mind, existing pets - cat or rabbit - are more than likely going to be very territorial for a while, and a cat may injure a new rabbit OR VICE VERSA) The best companion for a rabbit... is another rabbit! Especially if you won't be home 24/7, having a second rabbit can do wonders for them, though you still need to give them both attention and care. Then there's the unavoidable tragedy of any pet having a companion - they will become depressed when the other dies. For a rabbit, this can easily mean death.* There are two equally silly ways of dealing with that - you can get a third rabbit, which can help lessen the blow to some extent, but then eventually one will be left alone regardless - or, you can quickly adopt a new pet rabbit (I'm not sure that age matters, just one they can get along with). Obviously, death is inevitable and there's no clear solution to this. So basically: One rabbit if you will be home very very often, or two if you must spend a significant amount of time away from home each day. Either way, they will eventually die, and if you had two, the other may or may not survive. Though to be fair, rabbits should live for eight to fourteen years..
  12. No, but it's somewhat unpleasant when I see an interesting thread pop up, but it's a single reply to a 5 page thread last posted in in 2013. There's good reason necroposting is often disallowed - most discussion topics are particularly lame to attempt to discuss with people who have been gone for 5 years. There's other reasons too, but that's the most important one to People are far more likely to participate in a fresh version of a thread, unless they don't realize it's old, in which case they ask for Cinemaphobe's opinion on something.. The deciding factor on whether a thread should be merged or not is its potential to be a productive topic, I'd say. Do people want to answer "Is my tulpa gone" again? Not really, no, but do they want to answer a poll asking about {people's experience or fact about their tulpas here]? Probably! Getting input from the userbase years separated from the last time is interesting even to us who have been here the whole time, let alone the newer generation. But yeah, if all the posts in a thread are from users who no longer exist it's not very fun to try and discuss what they were discussing. Best to start new, link to old thread optional
  13. Reisen

    Ask Lumi's Tulpas

    Uhm, your own research will supersede ours on angora rabbits. But, having a pet rabbit specifically to shear them seems... like a bad idea? Maybe if you're treating them like a farm animal, like how you do chickens (before selling or killing them for meat), that sort of thing could work out. But otherwise, I hope you know how much work and how expensive having pet rabbits is, and that they'll still require your attention the rest of the year too. Angora rabbits having so much fur seems like it would make them slightly more complicated than normal rabbits to take care of too. At the very least - make sure you live somewhere where you'll be able to buy supplies easily, and near a vet that works with rabbits - that would be a terrible mistake to make. Shearing them probably shouldn't be terribly distressing, at least not as much as living near barking dogs or in a small cage. PETA thinks every possible action is bad for animals, so I would listen to just about everyone but them. I recommend looking up tons of rabbit videos on various topics on Youtube, there are many creators these days with tons of experience who will go over more than any one source of information could. And.. did I mention rabbits will take up tons of your time and money? Make sure you're prepared for this (Youtubers will cover the topic of costs and time, too) If you decide to get a pet rabbit(s), you and they have my blessing! Rabbits are wonderful pets with a large capacity for love. They might not be as smart as cats or dogs, but in many other ways they're very similar. Far more similar than to other smaller pets. They also need a fair amount of space to live healthily. All around, they're quite a handful and we've opted personally not to own any - perhaps later in life once we've settled down somewhere and have nothing better to do than spend our time and money on them, lol. Not that they're that expensive, but.. a little..
  14. Hmm, VRoid must be what a lot of content we see is being made in.. Before we've even started however we're sure we don't want to fall into the generic-anime-models trap. It would be easy, I'm sure - way too easy in fact. I bet we could be making dances out of presets by the end of day one that looked appealing enough, but there wouldn't be any soul and it feels like a dead end. It is tempting because it's the most realistic and timely way we would be able to achieve both of our general goals - creating models of ourselves, and making dance videos (with or without our models of us) - but I don't think we'd be satisfied at all. Thank you for mentioning the name so I could look into it though, I want to gather as much information about different styles, programs and so on of 3D animation as I can as quickly as I can, so that we can choose a starting point(s) we'll be happy with. ... Oh, and while I've tried to avoid saying it, there are enough people that don't know us well enough that it may be warranted now: We don't have a history of sticking to anything long-term at all. Touhou and are the two greatest constants by a large margin in our life, aside from video games. So please don't expect us not to give up as little as a week from now, I don't want anyone to be terribly disappointed! To put it clearly: If we do end up taking this interest far enough to actually create something, it will be the first time we (or Lumi really) have ever done/created anything noteworthy since he was a child. Which would be great! It's by no means impossible, but historically it has been a good idea to become invested in our long-term success with something 0% of the time. Please don't be disappointed, just pleasantly surprised if you're not!
  15. I see a lot too, I'm trying not to let it dry my eyes out. Reading a book on a computer screen is rough, so I've got Flux at 3400k and the brightness (Alt+Page Down key) down a bit. Honestly, all the reading and staring we'll have to do might be the hardest part...