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  1. Well you guys seem to be doing well, based on the last couple pages. I'm going to switch back now, so goodbye!
  2. I feel bad that Lumi decided not to draw anymore after that, but while there were some clear problems he could easily have fixed with the picture in retrospect, I think he wouldn't have been happy with anything short of this. And he knew that, so I'm proud of him for at least drawing something even knowing he wouldn't like it - we link that image sparingly to not embarrass him lol, but it seemed like a good comparison here. But yeah, I guess our system's kind of agreed none of us could stand the necessary time being bad it would take to get better. We're fine just being appreciators of others' art I suppose
  3. Hey, I recognize a couple of those! Namely the Muffet and Torracat designs. Also makes me think of the picture of Lucilyn Lumi drew in the game The Painter's Playground (after which he decided never to draw again, lol) -
  4. Yeah that means they deleted the image
  5. You guys probably saw it, but Humble Bundle has a pretty good deal right now raising money to help with the coronavirus
  6. Humble Bundle just released a new $30 bundle with a whoooole bunch of games that probably a lot of people would be interested in, so I thought I'd share it here! We really recommend Undertale as one of the best games of the last decade, but there's a good number of things worth playing in this (Oh, also all proceeds go to charity for dealing with the coronavirus!)
  7. Alright, time for bed, good night
  8. Aside from the 3 hours of attempting a (confirmed by friends very difficult) picross puzzle, I actually spent most of the day just talking to our friends, so that was pretty nice! I was afraid I'd find nothing at all to do, but it turns out doing nothing with friends is doing something.
  9. True, but I've played it with ~6 people at once successfully before, more people play carefully than not
  10. Minesweeper is still fun, though, especially playing with others (or with the possibility of others joining), liiiiike Twitch Plays Minesweeper! (but I can't play that right now, am with friends as I said)
  11. So I tried Picross/nonograms for the first time, my very first puzzle I spent... an amount of time... and it wasn't going great until, around this picture I realized I had messed something up in the top right And after doing some damage control ie reverting lots of progress.. ... I lost the motivation to continue. It was a good run, but I give up! Our friends are in voice chat and I'm going to go join them, now If anyone decides to play Picross, I don't recommend 25x25, or Picross
  12. Good, though I'm not sure what I'll do now that I'm fronting, but I'll figure something out
  13. It's been a little while, hi!
  14. Okay, I'm going to switch out now! I think that time was good for me, my mindvoice is clear and I feel like myself. Switching is really good forcing after all!
  15. Spent some time watching over our outdoor cat while I let her walk around inside (as opposed to being in her cage) since it's too cold outside to keep her out there, but we can't let her roam because our indoor cat is a little territorial. I think she appreciated walking around for 45 minutes or so. Actually I had let her outside (cage is right by the door) first and she actually went out in the absolutely freezing cold and seemed content to be out there, following something like a whole day of being in her pen-cage. So it seems like she'd actually prefer freezing cold to boredom, as we'd expect, and that's why I made sure to let her wander around and check out our house for a while. Your pet's mental health is important, too! Luckily she's an old cat who isn't very active these days and would already spend most her time just sitting in one or two places anyways, unlike our indoor cat who frequently runs up and down the stairs for no reason.
  16. The state of hazy thoughts and all that is called "Hypnagogia" upon falling asleep or "Hypnopompia" upon waking up, and is part of a normal's human sleep cycle yes, although some people wake up/fall asleep more quickly than others or are less conscious for it. Those times can be really good for visualization practice! As for switching.. for the reverse maybe, we found in the past that the pre-waking-up period could be used to switch if we somehow decided to, but I don't know what to say about it happening when trying to switch. Seems like a not so related phenomenon, but I guess in the end it's mostly brainwave stuff, so if you wanted to do a lot of in-depth research to not get much of an answer, you could look into alpha/beta/delta/gamma/theta waves maybe? We don't experience that ourselves, we only use a very quick-and-simple meditative state (really just focusing on our breath for 20 seconds or so, maybe more if we're really unfocused) to switch. But y'know, I bet some 2012 tulpamancers who could switch might've tried like, super deep hour long meditations to do it, so I wouldn't count that concept out because of our experience.
  17. Well he said "are always cat", not "are always a cat", which just means Bear's posts are always bear. I think I can agree with that
  18. Candy-wise, we've always preferred "red" flavors to anything else (I think that accounts for both strawberry and cherry). Well, I don't know how many of us have had candy aside from chocolate, I guess it was more a childhood thing for Lumi. I'd say red flavors for juices and stuff too, but we actually like some other fruit... well, pretend-fruit-flavors too. I guess Lumi branched out more as he got older, before he kind of stopped eating/drinking all that sugary stuff some years ago anyway But yeah, pink Starburst are the best, no question (but they're all great of course)
  19. They were probably somewhere between 1 and 3 years old at worst.. hopefully. Not hard or anything, just tasted really bad. Hey, you actually said that right when I was drinking orange juice earlier lol
  20. Good night, it's weird to be awake when you guys go to sleep. It's temporary..
  21. It was a little vague to say for sure. "I can still feel everything that's happening" could be confused for simply being aware of it, though more likely implies not being fully dissociated. Aside from a successful switch entailing the host basically being a tulpa for the duration, on the tulpa's side, they should be the one thinking in the "place" the host normally does. That's not so easy to describe in words, but basically the host is pushed to the side (presumably - they're just "wherever" the tulpa usually is) and the tulpa is front and center. While getting tired quickly will be normal, even from the first successful switch it should be pretty clear to the tulpa that they're experiencing being in the host's position for the first time. There is still room for blending issues of course, though, which would likely be an unsureness of who is actually the one fronting/thinking. While it's awesome if you can avoid that entirely, I think experiencing it does mean you're on the right track to learning switching. Possession can still lead to blending, but is far less related and natural to occur. (For people who do possession and have blending issues - you're probably doing the kind of possession we consider very similar to switching to begin with)
  22. Expired candy is usually pretty gross though, don't eat that. Lumi once (like 14 years ago) had a couple Reeses? or something from one of those glass bowls sitting on the counter at a friends' house, and they must've been years old because he had to spit them out lol.
  23. "Oops, better make sure no one was last poster for like three straight hours-" Last post 1 minute ago Well, hi Rouge.
  24. Possibly, the end result of switching is that the host is basically equivalent to a tulpa, for the duration. Though until you're very experienced with switching, the host will have a much easier time associating with the front and the tulpa may get tired after some time (and, most likely, won't be able to stay switched after sleeping). But with enough practice (how much? At least a few weeks, maybe even months of consistent practice) anyone in our system for example can stay switched 24/7 for as long as we want, and we've done so for as many as 2 months straight! But, that's just our preference, we distribute our time based on who wants it or sometimes who's best suited to deal with something. You guys don't have to switch so often by any means, but it does get easier the more you do it