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    I have a good imagination and day dream alot :) I am 41 now and in all those year of day dreaming i was alway alone in my wonderland until not long ago i found out about tulpas.

    My fisrt experience of tulpa was two guys on youtube that where stoned and where talking about tulpa in there head. One of the guy said he add a canibalistic pony tulpa that was eating the other pony tulpa. I was like OMG what in god name !!! But i searched a bit more and found tulpa.info and now im here.

    Now im trying to have 2 tulpas with me in my giant lonnely dreamworld. But it is realy hard because of my solitary nature. It is not the imagination that i lack it is my belief that all this tulpa thing is real. Some people seem to think that this is all some sort of role playing some imaginarys friend and i think they may be right but i continue to try to beleive that maybe there's a little chance that this is not just a giant troll fest.

    I also don't swear much and don't use drug EVER.Im married i have 2 childrens and joke a lot. If i can make somebody happy well im happy. Im also french canadian and i do drink drunk a bit ! You know we have strong beer here :) nia nia
  1. I find this fascinating talking to people that are not controlling another entitie in theres head . They move by themself without you knowing ! I know i read a lot of post here and on reddit but telling me this all of you right here and now for me change some thing. Im a very logical being ,this blow my mind. I got to this. I got to beleive. From wiki (Mnemonics aim to translate information into a form that the brain can retain better than its original form) Mantras (They are typically melodic, mathematically structured meters, thought to be resonant with numinous qualities) i will go learn more mnemonics and mantras from other site to. I will like to apologize for myself and maybe other that are new to tulpa forum if i asked a stupid question. For my part i try my best go go see 130 + post of questions here and in the history of reddit. Maybe i missed a post where tulpa would move by themself and the explication of it. It is my understanding that tulpa are a bit new and alway elvolving so maybe something that was true in 2012 maybe as changed today :) There is a guy named Mistgod i think he seamed real piss about stupid question, god i hope it not me. I would not wan that guy going all mortal combat on my ass. Probably like HE-MAN under that robe to , would kick the livind day light with if staff out of me. Maybe a wizard level 100 or something , fireball my ass to death. Light would fall and angry voice would say FINISH HIM. Is tulpa would like jump in the stage and like blow a kiss of death in a sphere of disintegration my way and BOOM there you go noob harassing my host with stupid question &^%#@ upp your ! Really he was real angry scared me shittless. Probably never post out of fear here again , not in the question aniway :) Thank you again :)
  2. Hi Melody Witch is the first movie you remember watching with Muffin. And did you like it ?
  3. Hi Bambi I treat them as sentient from the start like the guide said but if i don't move them they don't move by themself. Maybe i did not wait long enought for them to move. I will put them on the sofa and continue to force to them on the sofa ontil they move by themself. I did try once telling one of my tulpa to suprise me. She did actualy suprise me by running off like a headless chicken and running everywhere and saying she was happy to live. But i taught it was me parotting those toughts.Then again maybe not. That is the killing question is it not. Am i porroting or is it my tulpa, am i pupetting or is it my tulpa. Like you said Bambi i will try to make myself believe that they are the ones controlling their movements to eventualy bring me a god damm beer. Cheer ! Hey Orientor :) Well i have a big wonderland with lot of toys for them to have fun :) from some cyclone bike from robotech in the garage to an old galileo federation type shuttle craft in the yard and a bunch of stuff . I wan them to have fun in it one day :) I hope i did not screw them over to have pupetted them in my wonderland. Im so confuse . But hey you guy have like one million of the same old question all day so it must be getting old real fast :) Thank you both of you for responding to those question and sorry for my easy aproacht to all of this. I joke a lot in life :) And by the way i must be the only one in all french canada to have tulpas IN MY IGLOO ! :)
  4. Hi all. I have a question ! It is my understanding that tulpa move by themself eventualy . How can that be because i have been forcing a lot for 2 month now and they only go where i wan them to go or else them don't do anything. They just sit there. So i make them go place a bit but nothing by themself. No voice, No movement , no head pressure and no bringing me beer wen i come to my wonderland. At least my real wife bring me beer sometime wen a play on the computer so it not all bad :) If ever they did move without me knowing and i came back to my wonderland and i imagine her neer the beach but she was in another place because she moved there by herself. What would that do ? Would dat make a teer in the space time continuum or something horrible. Would it duplicated her and make clone of her everywhere ? And they would all run after me to hug me and kiss me to death ( well in that case at least they would andswear my question of them moving by themself xD ) So there are my questions. Im very curious about this. Im french canadian so my english suck a bit so have mercy again on my spelling. I said tulpa but if you have other tulpa like people in your head i would like your thought on that to if you can. Or even tulpa if ever they wan to talk about it, because i guest they are the best way of me finding out how they move by themself :) Thank you for your time responding to this.
  5. I'm happy to find that i'm not the only one with this situation. I have still not have first contact with none of the two but i will continue forcing ontil the earth stop spinning and than some. :) I'm very stuborb. Thank you again for all that reply :)
  6. Hi I'm new to tulpa and English is not my native language so have pity on me. I created one tulpa female 25 day ago and onother one female again 15 day ago. I don't know wy she just came to be and now I have 2 of them. My first question is that ok or did I make a mistake ? My second question is should I force both of them at the same time or must I force one at a time ? Another question. If i can force one at a time, can I parotte one and the other not parotte to see witch one become sentient the first ? Is that ok or am I going to hurt them. I don't wan to hurt them. Thank you for your time :) Oh I am 41 in age is that ok or am I to old for tulpa.