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    * I'm 14
    * I'm a girl
    * I'm Anti social but friendly(mostly O.o)
    *I'm a Realist
    *I'm a Instigator
    *I'm VERY sarcastic
    *I'm Unique... just another word for weird and or creepy. (sometimes... ok most of the time)

    You don't like it you can leave. won't bother me in the slightest. :)
  1. I swear to god any time i EVER try to force at all my mom is right there saying, why aren't you talking? why are you so quiet??? (i have to do it all in my head because my moms there) Come up with a bunch of different excuses, (it would be VERY odd if i just randomly stated i was trying to get a response from the separate being in my head...) go to room, 5 minutes later, (mom) What are you doing in there?!! (me) Nothing! -.- (getting annoyed) try to be by myself to get some stuff done. Mom comes in AGAIN, and starts asking me all these questions and wondering if im depressed and stuff. O.o (me) nooooo.. She (reluctantly) leaves. Mutters to tulpa, WHAT!?! was I supposed to tell her i was nararating to a separate being inside my subconscious?!?! Ya im sure that would work. No mother, not depressed... mentally insane perhaps, ya, but depressed, of course not!!
  2. ohh trust me im definitely planning on finishing. no question about that. :)
  3. wow, i never thought of all the little stuff like that! xD Thanks, I'll pay more atention to stuff like this in the future. :)
  4. Thanks for the info, helps a lot! Nice to know people actually take time to read things and answer peoples questions here! :)
  5. Thanks, and actually i was going to leave the form up to my tulpa, and i was only going to give loose instruction on their personality. I'm sure I'll love it anyway it turns out! Right now Im just trying to plan out the best way to do it. I don't want to mess anything up. :D Also, what exactly should you narrate to them about? Anything and everything thats going on? Just talk like your carrying a conversation and wait for them to eventually reply?
  6. Alright first thank you anyone who decided to click on this! :D So I first learned about Tulpae about a week ago when my friend told me about them. I thought it sounded awesome so i decided to do some research and after a few hours of looking up what they were, and how they worked, I quickly decided to make one. I just brought it up to the same friend and she told me to absolutely not make one. I asked why and she said something along the extent that our brains weren't fully developed yet and that trying to create a tulpa could be seriously harmful. This is what her friend told her about it but I'm not sure i believe it or not. Soooo onto the VERY important question, is there a certain age you should be to create one, and if anyone who's making/made one could tell me how old you are/were when you did would be awesome! Also, I'm 14, so if there is a certain age you should be, am i old enough? Any info would be greatly appreciated! :)