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  1. I've been doing a little bit of narration and visualisation every day, though not for prolonged periods. Recently I attempted the "Surprise me" thing and nothing came of it. I suppose I just need to keep trying. I might start planning in order to set aside time to tulpaforce if I keep forgetting to do it.
  2. Wow, it's been a while since I last posted. Still, I haven't forgotten about Arete. I talk to him for a little bit every day, but it's probably not enough. I think I've lost a bit of progress. I have a lot of distractions. I'm really sorry, Arete. ):
  3. I treat my tulpa like a twin brother. Out of the first three categories you named, it's more platonic than anything.
  4. You're not the only sceptic here. Many of us on these forums are scientifically-minded, and experimentation is encouraged. I hope things go well for you. No need to rush, by the way.
  5. Somebody should convert this to an audio guide to make this possible to follow.
  6. Melete

    Tulpa Pixel Art

    Why is your tulpa called "Pixel"?
  7. Anonymous, I think you are the only person your age on these forums. If there was a board like that, you'd be the only one posting in it. Feel free to make a thread for it in the off-topic though; if it generates enough interest maybe the admins would make a board for it. Still, I doubt it. In any case, it's good for you to mingle with older people. It'll make you more mature.
  8. Melete

    Tulpa Pixel Art

    There are plenty of drawings on this board, but no sprites! I thought I'd submit one I made of my tulpa Arete: Here he is in a suit; the one he usually wears when we go to school. Does anyone else make pixel art?
  9. Arete is gradually making progress, though in a slightly uncomfortable way. Whenever I'm doing something wrong or stupid, he embodies my conscience. Previously my conscience was an innate sense, rather than an 'internal voice'. He simply tells me, "Stop doing that," or "You should be doing this." In a way it's puppeted, but part of it seems to come out of the blue. His 'words' (if you call it that, because he doesn't really speak for himself) aren't quite a surprise yet - but it's heading in that direction. I do not need to premeditate what he is going to say quite so much anymore. I'm hoping that he'll take more of a supportive role than a disciplinary one, although his guidance is appreciated. After all, he's meant to be my equal. However, at the same time, he's become a lot more quiet over the past few days because I've had so much on my mind. On the other hand, whilst I was crying after separating from my boyfriend, I called on him for comfort and he kind of helped me. It's difficult to explain, but essentially I projected my own understanding of what I should be doing to calm down and Arete kind of 'said' it instead. He's not vocal, he's still puppeted, but I perceive him as an active presence - I listen to him as though he were another individual, rather than just a part of my own mind, and it motivated me to act and calm down where I would previously have passively endured my tears until they exhausted. So, I think progress is evident these days.
  10. I decided to give my tulpa a form immediately for realism. Arete can choose what he wears and how he styles himself, but his basic appearance is predetermined. This is because real people do not get to choose their form. I want him to be as real as possible, and accepting your appearance is part of being a real person.
  11. I only game a couple of times a week on average because I really don't have a lot of time for it these days. My main distraction from tulpaforcing are things like school, friends and hobbies.
  12. Using Fede's method, Arete is beginning to talk. I'm not yet at the phase where I'm having auditory hallucinations; indeed it's rare for me to imagine him speaking in his own voice rather than my (or someone else's) voice. Most of the time I am 'puppeting', but I have moments where I think, "Wait, did he actually come out with that himself?" However, whilst my forcing has been more sustained generally, today I didn't even think of Arete once. I'm going through a difficult time, and a lot of other stuff is on my mind. Friday will be the last time I see my boyfriend before we separate and he leaves for university. It's difficult to tulpaforce under such stressful circumstances.
  13. I'm female and I'm making a male tulpa who I treat as a twin brother. I decided to make him male in order to ensure that he didn't end up too similar to me.
  14. Part of the reason why you might find it difficult to visualise three dimensions from your drawing is due to the style of your drawing. A linear drawing in that style is not conducive to the visualisation of form. Aim to produce tonal studies - that is, drawings consisting purely of 'shading' without using any lines - and you will gain a firmer grasp of form. This is why I produced oil pastel studies of Arete in as realistic a style I could muster without a physical reference (I'll produce more realistic drawings after he is fully imposed). The use of colour is also an aid to the visualisation of colour. I think that the cartoonish, black-and-white, anime-style drawings that dominate the community here are not conducive to the accurate visualisation of three dimensional forms, especially when no understanding of quality-of-line is demonstrated in these drawings.
  15. I was just attempting to force when I felt an overwhelming feeling of despair and decided to stop. It could be the first sign of Arete projecting his emotions onto me, but it would surprise me. My guess is that I'm simply feeling under stress and entering a state of pure thought and concentration is just too much to handle right now. I've been trying to distract myself because I'm afraid to be left alone with these thoughts right now.