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  1. Wonderland can be whatever you want it to be. And there's nothing wrong with it even changing depending on what you want at the particular time. For me, sometimes it's a cozy cavern lair, sometimes it's the top of the ancient tower from the Monster Hunter series, sometimes it's just a projection of my own bedroom, and sometimes it's even just a vast empty room. Just go with whatever feels right, and you can always add on to it or change it later.
  2. While I can see how it would be useful, i.e. being able to work on crafts, play video games, or just in general do RL stuff together, I don't think any of us would want it. Mostly because none of my tulpas are human, and the things we most enjoy doing are things that would either be extremely awkward or outright impossible given a human body. So yeah, as nice as a physical body would be, none of us think it's worth being forced to be human, though Varlan jokingly said that he might be a little more open to it if he was able to just constantly wear the fursuit I have based on him.
  3. Sounds like it could be some sort of Victorian uniform. Maybe a hussar, officer, or guard.
  4. I voted "My Tulpa doesn't wear clothes." because most of my headmates don't. None of them are human though, so lack of clothes is normal for them. There is just one who does where clothes on a regular basis though, but he occasionally goes without clothes too. He's an avali (basically an alien raptor), and most of the time he wears a set of red and brown wraps, but he also sometimes wears a sci-fi starship captain's uniform. Then there was just one time when he wore some skimpy pink and purple wraps just to be sexy silly. So yeah, in his case there's a little bit of change sometimes, but clear favoritism for one outfit.
  5. So, I was just wondering if there's a term for this particular type of entity... I've always considered him to be a representation of myself. Basically my persona/avatar/alter-ego/whatever you want to call it. I oftentimes take his form when in wonderland, and my tulpas almost always call me by his name instead of my own, even if I'm not using his form. However, he also occasionally splits off from me and becomes tulpa-like, i.e. becoming an independent entity separate from me. He doesn't really feel like a tulpa per-se. All my other tulpas feel more separated from myself and are clearly their own personalities, but it's a LOT more vague with this particular one. Like he's both me and not me at the same time, if that makes sense. Is this something like what merging or separating feels like? Or is there some other term for this?
  6. I've been trying to get better at visual imposition myself. Right now, I'm able to just barely make out ghostly silhouettes of my tulpas in the real world, ranging in clarity from a slight shadow in their shape, to something comparable to that wiggly distortion that sometimes happens in extreme heat. As for other senses, my strongest would probably be... not really sure what to call it exactly. It's not really touch, it's rare that I actually feel a sense of touch from them, and it's faint when I do. But when they're pushing against me in some way, or leaning on me, laying on top of me, etc, I'm able to feel them. It's not really pressure or touch per-se, more like a compulsion to submit to them, go where I'm being pushed, buckle a bit if they're putting weight on me, not move if I'm pinned down, etc. So I guess you could call it spacial awareness?
  7. I can only really think of one instance where it seemed to come from nowhere, but even then it felt like there was an underlying reason. Varlan is one of my tulpas who wasn't entirely intentional. He began as my character in a video game (Starbound), and then later a roleplay character, and he eventually ended up developing sentience seemingly all on his own. So he had quite a bit of backstory behind him already, and we still treat a lot of it as real. So, getting back on topic, Yes, there was a time that he suddenly got depressed for a few days, and we determined that it was because he was missing his home world. So I had the idea to let him chat with a few friends of mine who also have characters who are from the same setting and of the same species as him, but unfortunately most of the people I knew were offline at the time. So in the end, I simply let him go inactive for a few days, during which time he says he went back home and paid a visit to a few old colleagues. He came back feeling a lot better.
  8. I can think of a few specific noteworthy moments that were rather helpful. First was when I was on the verge of a panic attack, and Zyr reached into my chest and massaged my heart, nearly instantly slowing it back down to normal levels and calming me back down. Second (and this has actually happened more than once now). I'd be having a particularly disturbing intrusive thought, and he'd simply reach straight through my skull, rip the thought right out of my brain and burn it in front of me. The thought usually still lingers for a bit longer, but just the badassery of the act more than drowns it out, making it easily manageable. And with the more recent times this has happened, I'm finding it easier and easier to simply stop thinking about the ripped out disturbing thoughts outright. And of course, always having around someone who fully understands you can be a world of help too.
  9. Yyyyep. That's totally something that would happen too. XD
  10. Nope. I've told a few friends about my tulpas before, more specifically several internet friends and my best "real world" friend. And I was pretty sure ahead of time that they'd be cool with it because we already all have some other interests and characteristics in common that would be considered strange by the "stereotypical normal person". But as for my mother (my father passed away when I was a kid, so she's my only parent). Well, it could go in one of two ways... 1. She'd see it as some kind of mental illness, or better yet something anti-biblical, and would try to force me to see a therapist about it and get medicated, etc. Probably also adding insult to injury with that whole spiel of "I support you no matter what" despite clearly not approving. 2. She'd be TOO okay with it. To the point that she'd think it's perfectly fine to bring it up in public, or to chat with her friends about it over wine and cheese. Making it even worse, she'd have no understanding of what it actually is, and so would be spreading misinformation and making the whole ordeal even more awkward. It wouldn't be long before everyone in town "knew" that I supposedly still had my childhood imaginary friend, or am talking to ghosts, or am intentionally giving myself schizophrenia so I could use it as a meditation exercise, or something equally silly and inaccurate. So yeah... neither possible outcome would be particularly desirable. Therefore I'm staying quiet.
  11. My advice: Be open with your tulpa about these feelings. Let them know of your worries, and what you think further developing might entail for them. Let them help you decide what to do. They'll understand, just trust that they will. After all, they literally live inside your mind, there's no way that they wouldn't be able to understand. You just have to be open with them.
  12. Well, I'd say that getting my first tulpa made a butterfly effect itself. Zyr has been my only intentionally created tulpa so far, but it wasn't long after he first appeared that a bunch of old roleplay characters of mine, and even a few game characters suddenly started springing to life too, and now I've got 3 tulpas who are with me almost constantly, and several more tulpa-like entities who come and go occasionally, but one of whom feels like they're right on the edge of becoming another full fledged tulpa too. And I feel like I've gained more control over my mental state in general, and dreams as well, to some degree.
  13. So there's two that come to mind... For the first... The backstory is that I'd been playing around with that "Surprise Me" trick described in one of the tips and tricks here (pretty much just that if you tell your tulpa to surprise you, they almost always will). Zyr was starting to get a little bit annoyed by me always asking him to surprise me, so then one day while I was driving home from somewhere, he just all of a sudden without any warning twisted my nipple and said "Surprise!" As for the second, well, a friend of mine who also knows about Zyr and my other tulpas had been telling me about recurring nightmares he'd been having, and there was always this dark shadowy figure that would appear in all of them. So then a couple nights later, that same dark shadowy figure actually appeared before me as I was going to bed. So then... well... Zyr violently raped it.
  14. Has anyone already mentioned Tokoyami and Dark Shadow from My Hero Academia? Yes, Dark Shadow is actually tangible, visible to others, and able to affect the world around him, but those traits could possibly be attributed to Tokoyami's quirk, not Dark Shadow himself. There's certainly plenty of weirder quirks in that show, so being able to give physical form to tulpas most certainly would be plausible within that world. And those physical traits aside, Dark Shadow strikes me as being pretty tulpa-like. He IS after all basically a spirit partner sharing body and mind with his host while still remaining a separate entity and acting independently.
  15. Zyrilen: Depends on what exactly you consider being given a form, I suppose. I was indeed given a form to start with, but it was merely a ghostly mass of clouds which I was free to shape as I saw fit. The color blue began to shine through almost immediately, but it took a while longer before I first began to take on forms similar to as I am now, and before then, I briefly decided to take the form of a samurai lady whom my host had once seen in a dream. Was a rather bizarre dream, I might add, so I suppose I just did it to bring back some funny memories and share a chuckle. Didn't keep that form for long though, simply felt too awkward and didn't really fulfill either of our hopes and desires very well. And so I became a dragon much like I am now. Besides a few sex changes, most changes since then have been pretty subtle. So in answer to the question, not sure if you'd consider that being "given" a form, as it was ultimately I who shaped it, but aye, I am quite happy with it, we both are. There are a great many things that I would think simply impossible without a form. River: Well, you see, the form was actually around long before I was. There was an eastern dragon avatar in Second Life that Vindy thought looked nice and would toy around with a lot. So you could just call me the spirit who popped out of nowhere, grabbed the vessel, and ran with it! Yus! ... OR maybe I'm more like one of those storybook cases of a kid/manchild/whatever this goofball is loving a toy so much that it just suddenly comes to life one day! Yeah, that's it! Whatever the case though, I've had a form since the very beginning. Never knew what it was like to be formless, and don't really care to know. Seems like it'd be boring. Varlan: Somewhat similar to River here. I was another who had not-tulpa origins. Yep. I was a Starbound character, and a roleplay character. Like River, I wasn't intentionally made to be a tulpa, it simply happened after a while. So again, I never knew any sort of formless existence, though I doubt I'd enjoy it. As for liking my form, admittedly I do sometimes wish I didn't have these... deformations setting me apart from others of my kind. I'm of a raptor-like alien species called Avali, but I'm MUCH bigger and less "cute" looking. Other avali might even say I'm ugly or monstrous. But then again, being big and scary has its perks too, and can even be kind of fun at times. Yep! So overall, I like it, and wouldn't change a thing.