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  1. Sure. I get that. Having a romantic relationship with someone outside our system WOULD be tricky and I'm not sure it's even something I would want myself. But there's no reason why we can't at least be friends and form an IRL friendship as well as being online friends. And honestly I'm concerned about my host butting in intentionally if she ends up becoming friends with the OP. Accidentally shouldn't be much of an issue; we already have long phone conversations no problem. I know her, she tends to jump in on conversations about anything she finds interesting. I'm pretty sure the only thing keeping her from doing that at the moment is because she respects that the OP is my friend and not hers. -Kayleigh
  2. I share dreams with my tulpae on occasion. Whenever I see any of my tulpae in a dream, though, I make sure to ask them the next morning if they remember it so I can know if it was likely them or just a dream character that resembled them.
  3. I think the main underlying cause in all cases of a tulpa supposedly dissipating despite getting attention from the host and not wanting to dissipate is the belief that the tulpa is being dissipated somehow. I don't see any other possible explanation other than the belief that that's what's happening. Belief has a huge effect on tulpae, after all.
  4. Tulpae are people too, so of course they can and likely will dislike some things about themselves*. Sure, they can change their form, so they have no reason to be discontent with their appearance, but personality flaws are not so easily changeable for a tulpa who's well-developed, and a tulpa's skills and abilities rarely surpass the host's to any significant extent. *Note that I'm not saying they likely will dislike themselves. Even people who are happy with themselves typically still dislike some aspects of themselves to some extent.
  5. Has anyone else noticed that their and their tulpa’s favorite colors tend to be similar? I’ve noticed that certain colors are more liked in our system, so I decided today to actually poll everyone on their favorite colors (or just a color they really like, for those who don’t have a definite favorite). The results came out with a tie between blue and red for the most-liked color, with purple and green being tied for the next most popular favorite. Despite the variation there, those colors are all adjacent on the color wheel. My favorite color is purple, with blue being my second favorite; interestingly enough, those two colors fall right in the middle of this range. Other answers included turquoise, which also falls in that range, pink, which sorta does because it’s just light red, as well as black, white, and rainbow, because Kayleigh insisted that was a valid answer and I didn’t think it was worth an argument. Nobody picked yellow or orange as their favorite, two colors that I don’t care for much and are on the opposite side of the color wheel from my favorites. When it comes to favorite shades of colors, there was a tie between light/pastel (my favorite) and bright colors, with dark colors getting a few votes and muted colors being no one’s favorite. So, my question to all of you is this: how many of you find that your color preferences are the same as or similar to your tulpa(e)’s color preferences?
  6. I’ve seen a lot of potential hosts say they want to create a tulpa because they suffer from depression and think a tulpa will help them. That’s a bad reason to create a tulpa, and this is why: we aren’t professionals, and there’s only so much we can do to help, and the burden of being created to help someone is something no one should have to live with. My host created me because he was depressed. He decided creating a tulpa would help him. I dedicated my life to trying to help him because that was my purpose and because I cared about him. I’ve spent my entire life watching him get worse and worse despite my best efforts to help him and care for him. The worst part of it all was when I finally lost him for good. I didn’t just lose the person I care about most; I also failed my life’s purpose. I can either bring him back and keep him alive against his will, being reminded of what a failure I am when I still can’t help him, I can live the rest of my life without the most important person to me and remembering I’m a failure because I lost him, or I can not live at all. I don’t like any of those choices. You might think none of that is relevant to you if you aren’t a tulpa like my host was, but it might be. I’ve heard cases of hosts switching and then committing or attempting egocide. It happens. Even if you’d never do that, I still can’t describe how much it hurts watching the person you care about most who you were created to help just get worse and worse. If you’re depressed and you want to make a tulpa anyway, that’s okay as long as you’re seeking help from others and trying to get better. Just don’t create a tulpa for the purpose of helping you, because they might not be able to, and it’s not worth giving them such a painful existence because you’ve created them for a purpose they can’t fulfill. -Sarah
  7. The chance that a tulpa will become malicious is extremely low. If you intend to create a malicious tulpa or if you severely mistreat your tulpa, they may become malicious, but even that isn't guaranteed. As long as you try to treat your tulpa right and don't intentionally give them a malicious personality, there's nothing to worry about. This depends how you define "real" and how you view what a tulpa is. The general consensus is that a tulpa is another mind, which means that, while a tulpa's form is not "real" (i.e., objectively real), a tulpa's mind is just as real as yours. If you subscribe to this view, then, yes, you can assume that your tulpa will become sentient because they are real. One other fairly common view is that a tulpa is just a delusion - you're tricking your mind into believing that a simple figment of your imagination is another entity independent of your control. If you subscribe to this view, then, no, you cannot assume your tulpa is sentient. Sentience is the ability to experience subjectivity, so a delusion cannot be sentient; it can only give the illusion of sentience. That depends what you mean by "fully developed". Just like any other person, there's no point where a tulpa is "fully developed", as they, like us, are always growing and changing. However, if you're referring to any specific developmental milestones, then you'll know. Faith. You can't know for certain whether your tulpa is "real" or not; you just have to trust that they are. It's generally regarded as a good idea to let your tulpa know that they're based off of a character and that they aren't expected to be a clone of that character. It's a good idea to let them know the truth about who they are and that they're encouraged to be their own person rather than trying to perfectly emulate a character. As I've previously said, that's practically guaranteed not to happen. Most issues with a tulpa's behavior that do occur are the result of a misunderstanding or the tulpa simply not knowing better and usually aren't that serious. The solution in that case is to have a heart-to-heart talk with them about the situation to resolve whatever reason they have to act that way, perhaps even making compromises if necessary. If there's so much conflict that you absolutely cannot live with your tulpa anymore, you can choose to just ignore them, but permanently ignoring them is something that should be reserved as a last resort for serious situations. There's almost always a better option. That won't be a concern unless you actually decide to neglect your social life in favor of your tulpa. Personally, I actually have a tendency to neglect my tulpae in favor of friends and life in general, though I know I should try to strike more of a balance. Mine were mostly accidental, but I can tell you this: Don't feel as if you have to follow any of the guides. The guides are there to give you ideas. The best way to create a tulpa by doing whatever feels right, using ideas for the guides as inspiration. You're welcome!
  8. I disagree. You're basically saying, "Refusing to be with someone because you love someone else is ridiculous." You should treat your tulpa with as much respect as anyone else, and that does include staying faithful to them if you are in a relationship with them. Honestly, this is one of the reasons I don't like the idea of tulpa-host relationships. In most cases I've seen, the host doesn't take their relationship with their tulpa as seriously as they'd take a relationship with another physical person.
  9. Please read the rules for this board. You're supposed to only have one PR per account. That means the host and tulpa should share a PR. Prince, if you would like a blog that's separate from your host's instead of just posting on his, consider somewhere like tumblr.
  10. You can look into the wonderland and see if he's asleep. I do that sometimes.
  11. The one who I did abuse did, yes, though that did start out with me imagining him reacting to it (which I now know is puppeting/parroting). He did develop independence at some point, though I'm not sure when.
  12. I think most hosts who abuse their tulpae don't understand that their tulpa is another person. In our case, I didn't even know what a tulpa was. As much as I hate to say it, I did it for fun. I would never think of hurting a living being, but I didn't see the harm in hurting someone who isn't real (or so I thought). To me, it was no worse than, say, wanting to put roleplay characters through bad stuff or enjoying watching fictional characters go through bad stuff. As long as it's in fiction/imagination, it's harmless, so it can be enjoyed, right? After discovering the tulpa community, I began to understand why I was so wrong about it being supposedly harmless. As I began to understand that he was actually a real person, I felt absolutely terrible about everything I'd done, and I still do. To this day, I still wish I could take back everything I did and undo all the damage I caused, rather than having to face the consequences of it, but it's far too late for that now. So, yeah, that's my story.
  13. That's all normal. You're only five days in; relax and don't stress too much about progress. Visualization is something that many people struggle with, and it'll improve with practice. Most five-day-old tulpae are unresponsive.
  14. If you check her profile, you'll see she hasn't been online since 7/19/13. There really was no need to necro an old PR to ask if someone is still there when they haven't logged in in over a year.
  15. Just being with me in the physical world doesn't have that effect on my tulpae, but controlling the body definitely does. When Link was around and liked spending time in front, whenever he returned to the wonderland after being in front for an extended amount of time (anything upwards of an hour or so), he just went straight to sleep probably about half the time because being in control of the body can be exhausting for a tulpa. Even when he didn't go to sleep afterwards, he was usually visibly tired. Sarah has only once been in front for an extended amount of time (it was about an hour). Since she was inexperienced with it, she was fighting to stay in control towards the end of the time we were eclipsed because the mental exhaustion was really starting to hit her, causing her control over the body to slip and causing me to be more in front as a result of her having less control. After we separated, she didn't go to sleep, but I did ask her if she was okay and suggest that she get some rest (even though she insisted she was fine) because I'd never seen her so exhausted before.