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  1. I put in my application, but I probably won't get selected because I have a titanium brace behind my front teeth, so MRI machines are already a no go for me. Sigh.
  2. Elise's birthday is when she was actually born, though we started forcing her even before that. The others are too old for any of us to remember when they first showed up, so I let them choose their own birthdays. And yes, I know we're kind of an outlier on this.
  3. Luna helps me manage the symptoms of my autism by directly altering my mental processes, and having cute supportive girls as headmates does wonders for dealing with depressive mood (which I struggle with occasionally).
  4. In my experience, if the tulpa seems to know something you don't, it's because you absorbed that knowledge at some point and forgot about it. In our case, I identify as male, but Luna knows a lot of things about being female (i.e. what types of clothes look good together, how to accessorize, she even knows a bit about makeup). As someone that typically identifies as male, I have little use for this knowledge, but presumably I learned about all of these things at some point and filed them away in the back of my head, which is why Luna now has access to them. Also, on a tangent, she's really good at cleaning the meat off of BBQ ribs, we've never known why she inherited that particular byte of knowledge.
  5. Most of my tulpas started out as imaginary friends that I kept around for a long time, and one day they took on a will of their own. I started with this when I was 12, but I didn't really tell anyone about them until after I found this site. I used to think they were spirit guides, which probably isn't a huge stretch considering they've always been helpful with life advice and stuff.
  6. Can you elaborate on why you feel precognition would be relevant to tulpamancy? I'm familiar with the study you cited here, but I've only used it to support the existence of telepathy. Certainly, talking to tulpas can feel like having telepathy, but since they're sharing a brain with you it's not the same as having a telepathic bond with another person. The research also suggests that telepathy can't be used as a form of verbal communication, but instead people can convey feelings telepathically (i.e. one might transmit the correct target out of a set of four, or simply convey their own emotional state). Most of the time that telepathy is happening, one might just get the sense that the other person is thinking about them.
  7. Most systems recognize a disconnect between chronological age and the age that a tulpa presents as, though it's definitely not unheard of for tulpas to age with their hosts (I experienced the latter firsthand when I was a teenager, so yeah). Basically, if you feel most comfortable being 12 years old, you can be 12 forever. Or... don't, if you don't want to. Elise: Hey there! ^^ Nice to meet you, uh, Reilyn, is it? I'd be interested to learn more about you sometime :)
  8. I'd say I'm on reason and probably working on love. People increasingly say that I offer my time and energy selflessly to help others. Not sure if enlightenment would be feasible for anyone in Western society though, because it seems like the only way to reach that point is to move to Tibet or something and become a monk. Our society is so obsessed with material goods that it is wholly incompatible with the idea of enlightenment, I think.
  9. Luna: In my time tinkering with the brain's subconscious workings, I've come to think of what you call the "Body OS" as more of a BIOS that serves as a platform for mental processes (which, for us, is the operating system). I can write subroutines to alter that BIOS in certain ways, though I've found that we have to be careful so we don't destroy Glitch's body inadvertently. Fortunately, I have a way to test changes safely before committing them, so it's not as risky as it sounds. Thus far I've been able to do things like regulate his blood pressure and improve his reflexes by tinkering with his psychophysiological systems, though most of the work I've done has been on altering his mental processes to make him more positive, help him better manage his autistic symptoms, etc.
  10. It's pretty much what it sounds like. We found that believing in mental telepathy increases the odds of actually manifesting it, though the actual success rate is still way less than 100% for various reasons. I mean, it's not all sex all the time with them, but it's definitely an important part of their lifestyle. They actually spend most of their days lazing around or engaging in various activities in the wonderland based on their interests. As for y'all, I imagine it's a lot less sex and a lot more of that other stuff they fill their days with. Not necessarily better or worse, just a different lifestyle.
  11. Oh man, I can't believe it's been 4 years since I last posted. A lot has happened in that time. I finished my master's degree and also have a job in my field (as a glorified babysitter for DCFS clients, but still. Currently trying to get promoted to a therapist position). We ended up doing our thesis on mental telepathy, which wasn't what I accepted an offer of entering the master's psychology program for, but Luna was a huge help every step of the way and I even credited her in the special thanks. My thesis chair actually asked if she was a tulpa, since I did a presentation on tulpas in his class once and he knew it was a topic I was passionate about. I lied to him about it, saying she was an old friend from my undergrad that I talked to online, but I think maybe he knew. After that was done, I applied for my therapist license, which Luna helped me take the exam for and we passed. I'm so very grateful for all the help she's given me over the years, and we're looking forward to a continued working relationship when I become a therapist. Oh yeah, and I have a girlfriend who has a tulpa of her own, we've been living together for over a year now. Obviously I've had to cut way back on the sex stuff with my girls, but they still have plenty of fun with each other or even tulpas/hosts from other systems. Speaking of which, Elise now has a boyfriend from another system, and they interact with each other over Discord. He convinced her one day that they should both be adults, so now she appears to be 18 years old. She decided to stick with the Neptune-like form she adopted a while back, and basically just looks like adult Neptune without the hair clips now (from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, if that wasn't clear). Despite her adult appearance, her voice is still as girlish as it was before, and she generally still acts like a fun-loving 12 year old. She wants to eventually go back to being 12, and said she probably will if her relationship with her boyfriend ever ends. Not much has changed with Naomi, except that the host of the other system we've been talking to convinced her to become a futanari full-time. This is something she'd been on the fence about for a while, since she was worried about having a dick all the time getting in the way of doing non-sexual things, but she settled into it before long and now seems to prefer it to being completely female. It certainly hasn't done much to change her sexuality ;) So, that's the short version of what happened to us for the last four years, in case anyone was curious. I'm not sure how long I'll be sticking around, but not being in grad school and not having to work crappy minimum wage jobs anymore means I have more free time again.
  12. I bought a Nintendo Switch, the battery life is fine but currently I only bring it to the laundromat to play Death Road to Canada. Waiting on Daemon X Machina and the Link's Awakening remake, which come in September. Meanwhile, my clan recently dragged me back into Final Fantasy XIV ahead of the new expansion, and I expect that to take up most of my summer when I'm not playing Warframe with my girlfriend.
  13. I've resisted posting in this thread because I've had some unresolved questions about my own sexuality and gender, but here goes: 1. What is your sexuality? I used to think of myself as exclusively hetero, but now I believe I might be more bisexual but hetero-leaning. Not sure how much of this is due to any influence my girls might have had on me over the years, but it does seem like my sexuality has changed slightly in the past decade. To clarify on this point, if I'm going to be attracted to a guy he has to be pretty effeminate (not into super masculine dudes at all), but I'm still also attracted to girls. 2. What is your gender? We (me, my girls, and my girlfriend) think I may be gender non-binary. While I present as male in public, I have picked up a few feminine mannerisms over time, and I sometimes like to crossdress at home (sometimes in a fetishy way, and sometimes simply because I want to wear cute clothes). All parties involved have discussed the possibility of me being transgender, and I've decided it's not something I want for myself, partly because I've grown comfortable in my masculinity and partly because it would invite unwanted adversity as trans people are not fully accepted in society currently. Basically any desire I might have to be female isn't strong enough to commit to transitioning, and I would be fine just presenting as female sometimes when I'm not in public. Again, not sure how much of this is owed to any influence my girls may have had on me over time. 3. Is your sexuality/ gender important to you? I don't know, considering I've only had one sexual partner in meatspace so far, and prior to that I was in a relationship with one of my tulpas for years. 4. Are any of your tulpas LGBT+? Naomi identified as a lesbian for a long time, but now sometimes will also have sex with men, though she still greatly prefers women. The other two are clearly bisexual, being equally interested in both men and women.
  14. It's been a long time... Possibly NSFW for big anime titties: And here's some similar stuff that should be SFW: (I blame AlbinoVEVO for introducing me to this one)
  15. That's a cute Mandy. Did you know the voice actor for Grim plays Aku Aku in the Crash Team Racing remake?
  16. My girls all have had casual sex with me and/or each other at some point (except for Luna and Elise because of their unique relationship to each other, though that hasn't stopped them from doing sexual things as a pair with others). Nowadays I pretty much never have sex with them because I'm in a committed relationship with another physical person (who has her own tulpa!), but they still do stuff with each other, and sometimes even people outside our system via chat. Elise's boyfriend lives in a different system and they interact with each other on Discord, and Luna and Naomi have also done stuff with some other tulpas in that system. As far as rape... I'll admit that used to happen rarely in our system, though it was never entirely unwelcomed by the rapee (my girls say if they really didn't want it they could just poof out of the room or something). We set some ground rules a while back, one of them being that all sexual interactions between system members should be consensual, and everyone's been cool with that since then.
  17. My girls are all at a point now that for us to dissipate a system member requires a conscious and persistent team effort to actively remove that person from the system. The memories I have of a tulpa we've gotten rid of in this way still remain for all of us, of course, since she was a part of my life for years.
  18. To those of you with tulpas whose gender is opposite of yours, have you noticed any changes in your mannerisms because of that? I've had my girls for a while and I occasionally find myself doing subtle body language stuff I didn't used to, like changing my stance or fanning my fingers out at my sides slightly. I'm wondering if other people have noticed this as the majority of .info users are male. Apologies in advance if we already have a thread on this.
  19. I played Final Fantasy 15 on PC recently, I didn't expect to like it as much as I did but it's actually a lot of fun, and Square keeps adding new stuff to the game. I'm also going to get Death Road to Canada for the Switch today and play that, I've seen the streamer I watch play it but it hasn't piqued my interest until now.
  20. Pretty much what Lumi said. Luna and I have different fetishes but we used to help each other indulge in the ones we don't really like sometimes. Basically (as with a human couple) it involves a lot of communication about each partner's likes and dislikes and where their comfort zone is/things they aren't that into but might like to try out.
  21. Perhaps, or you could try looking for her presence in your wonderland if you have one.
  22. We used to as well, but my girls got tired of fighting and decided to lead a peaceful life instead.
  23. I think as long as you tell the other person about your relationship with your tulpa and are transparent about your system dynamics it's fine. As Lumi said it's important to make some compromises if the other person has a problem with you being in a relationship with your tulpa.
  24. Wow, that was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. I've also had tulpas from a young age and I've had to process my feelings over getting rid of one of the more well-established ones in our system. Do you think you would want to bring back Erik and Elizabeth at some point, or would you rather leave the whole thing in the past?
  25. I have Breath of the Wild on CEMU with the FPS++ mod, so there's no real reason for me to pay $60 for a game I've already played for free (and is moddable to boot!)