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  1. as far as I'm concerned I made it, I'm still alive and semi stabilized.
  2. well guys, I am finally back, a lot has changed, I've gone through a few jobs, a whole range of antipsychotics, and all my tulpa are gone. currently I am diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and am taking abilify, but i figure join the community again and enjoy it, I will be working on creating new tulpa. let's see how that works with the antipsychotics.
  3. Slendy doesn't talk much. (at all.) he just changes his surroundings to show what he means and moves his body, and sends emotions. But no words. Yori: It's very complicated, and not something that happens really to anyone else, the circumstances brought this about.
  4. Welp, That worked, so this is Serena typing, because Fuliam is passed out in wonderland right now... He managed to split himself into 5 pieces, bringing me, George, Fenris, Slendy, and finally Erus all back. I'll keep you updated on how he turns out.
  5. Holy mother of god golly goodness things have changed. Due to reasons, I kind of merged all my tulpa and me, and started over. Trying to undo that decision. Right now I have three tulpa, Excrucio a succubus, Ries who is another wolf, and finally Steffanie who is a teenage girl. Currently I'm working on mastering time dilation, and figuring out exactly how to unmerge every tulpa again, because i miss them terribly. It literally feels like a hole was carved out of my chest.
  6. I need people to fill out a survey, which you can find here. If you fill it out you are automatically entered for the chance to win any free steam game!
  7. Changed a few things in the original post, so updated with new information.,
  8. Quick update, I unfroze Fenris, and have began work on my fourth Tulpa if you don't count Talebon, or if you do count him my fifth. it is a Slenderman Tulpa, before you freak out and ask why, it's for science. Time will tell how this works out.
  9. hmm. I have had to struggle with the problems of lessened emotions throughout my life Right now I feel more emotions, but that's because i forced all those feeling into a single tulpa, Fenris, who doesn't feel anything but a sort of bloodlust
  10. That's about as possible as a tulpa kicking you out when you're in control.
  11. Exactly, you are not physically feeling it like imposition, you are feeling it in wonderland until you dont feel the physical.
  12. I have made some progress towards time dilation, but recently Serena, George, Talebon, and I have been studying Buddhism. We figure, it would be much easier to deal with Tulpa stuff and let me get peace of mind, if I knew more about Buddhism, which is essentially a belief in having a calm mind in the first place. Ok, progress, keep in mind I am still shaking. I just had the most overwhelming experience, complete sensory overload, so overwhelming it nearly made me vomit. I lived a day in about 20 minutes real time. I think I somehow induced myself into some kind of deeeeeep trance, I was seeing things, and thinking of things I had never even thought of before, and I feel so relaxed, I have no idea how I did it, I simply relaxed with some trance music on. And thought about whatever.