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    I have crawled (More like drunkenly stumbling really)my way here from the deep web.
    Host: Crawl
    Tulpa: Sapphire
    Tulpa stage: Somewhat finished, now at the final level, Imposition! (And then switching/possession?)
  1. Well, for anyone curious, the persona plan flopped. Too much "Me" in it I suppose. (Reason I'm posting this late is IRL crap. I may attempt another persona sometime in the future, but don't cross your fingers.)
  2. Woah, seriously? Do you have a link? I tried looking for an article like that, but i'm only finding Mandela Effects of the movie.
  3. Banned because you're welcome. Also because Yuko Tatsushima.
  4. @Vosaiu, Where The Wild Things Are is the best book ever. @NoneFromHell, So you think extended usage of a persona causes to become an tulpa? Do you think that is partly the reason so many accidental tulpas are "born"? Tulpa.Info seems to contain a great many creative people here... @Najere, soulbounds are certainly similar to personas, your explanation is quite well explained, Troy is wrong! @Melian, i've heard of Spock doing that before! I think I might work on "forcing" a persona. Tomorrow I act in a play, and it'll be interesting to see the results. Should I actually do that inste
  5. Tulpa Scholar fits you well, Lacquer. I never looked at it like that, thanks for expanding my perspective!
  6. Its good to sort-of have you back, Melian!
  7. Evening, So, i've read online about how some actors create new personas for acting. I'm curious to see some more cases of this. [Famous Tulpamancers[speculation] So, how do you peeps think it would work to create an actor persona? Do you think it would be like making a tulpa? Tulpas and Acting Thanks for reading!
  8. Is Sock Cottenwell the greatest name ever conceived? How many tuppers you got in there? Did you draw their designs yourself? Your picture of Moge-Ko is pretty amusing(In your art thread), in fact your art style in general is rather simplistic, yet still rather good in its execution. What inspired your art style?
  9. Something about seeing this picture makes me happy.
  10. It could very well be. Until proper resources are directed towards the study of tulpas, we won't know for sure(Unless some smart stud should pop up!) BTW, is your name a parody of Megatron?
  11. Info Exchange, someone in the Unverified Users section posted about it. I got curious and investigated it, and ended up here.
  12. Nice to meet you, good sir! Is you avatar staring me down? Did your host utilize any guides when making you, or were you an "accidental" tulpa? BTW might wanna drink some tea for that cough!
  13. I see, so... Not scared = 2(18%) Scared of host's fears = 2(18%) Scared of separate fears = 7 (63%) Man, that is very interesting! Really, the implications here are interesting!
  14. Evening, So, we all know we hosts get scared, and less of us know that tulpas can get scared. Tulpas and fearCan tulpas have their own fears My question to you fine people is what are your tulpas afraid of, and if they're afraid of the same things as you! Thanks for reading!
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