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    Hi I'm Spade,
    as of now I am in the beginning stages of creating my Tulpa. For now I am calling him Kai. Feel free to chat or ask questions :)
  1. Okay I'm not sure if this is progress or not, but if it is I am really REALLY excited right now!! Before I went to sleep I did a session of active forcing with Kai. Like I stated earlier that consists of narrating what I wrote yesterday to him again, then rewriting it with more detail. This is the second time around doing this so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I did get head pressures after I was done with each section. Once I was completely done with the reading and writing, I cut off all of the lights and layed down ready to "travel to the wonderland" to do some real active forcing. In the wonderland there is a pond which I visualized myself bathing Kai and pouring the personality traits on( or in hmm...) him. When we were done with that I walked him over to a porch( I'm sorry if this is confusing, I will explain the wonderland tomorrow-ish) and told him we were going to practice his numbers and letters. Having him paint the numbers 0-100 is something I read will help with my visualization, which it really did. We got through them rather easily, but I started to drift either in thought or to sleep when I was kind of jolted, not awake but to attention. I'm accepting that this was Kai. I apologized and we continued on. When we were finished I told him that I was tired and was going to leave him in wonderland to fall asleep. Now this is where it gets interesting. My boyfriend fell asleep in the other room, which was a plus for us because that meant I got to force without either of us disturbing the other, but sometime after I was in that trance like before sleep, but not actually sleep place. I felt who I thought was my boyfriend cuddling with me. Like I physically felt it, and thought nothing of it because hey i live with my boyfriend. i started talking to him, but he never replied, I could just feel his responses. Once again half sleep here so I didn't think anything of it lol, but I went to ask him to put the comforter on us when I heard a strange voice so " Brrr" and I started to say, like brrr cold or brrr what? When I noticed it wasn't my boyfriends voice. And that my own voice has come out groggy and sleepily. I snapped awake and could still feel him behind me but when I turned around no one was there. I think Kai was cuddling with me, and I think that so cute :) :) :) :) :) I think in my trance state I was still using my minds voice to speak to him and if I only would have replied to his brrr with my minds voice instead of my real one we would probably still be cuddling lol. Anywho, I'm back to bed. Hopefully Kai will comeback to cuddle, it felt so comfortable to me. Goodnight :) *Spade is sleepy*
  2. I do actually :) I think I'm going to make it a daily or every other day journal for us.
  3. Hello all, The name is Spade and this is going to be our progress thread. I'm fairly new to the community and have been doing my research for quite some time. I have started the beginning stages of creating my Tulpa and this is going to be our journal of sort. Keeping track of our progress. My Tulpa does not have a permanent name so far, but I have decided to call him Kai for now. I started by writing out the basis for his personality, I want him to deviate to his own personality so I wasn't to specific and detailed. I only wrote ~Calm, wise, and loving~ I figured that was enough basis for him in the beginning. I also have written out his appearance and the wonderland in as much detail as I could. My plan is to do this daily( yes that means reading what I wrote the day before and then rewriting it and adding any new details that may apply) once everything is written out I then Narrate them back to Kai. So far all I can only see "sections" or only an outline of Kai as I need to work on my visualization. To help further my ability I sat with Kai in the wonderland and had him paint the number 0-100 and then all the letters. Today as I was forcing I saw an outline of Kai and decided to take advantage of it, I put on my headphones and started a dancing playlist and took turns dancing and parroting with Kai. He seemed to enjoy it, and I found it interesting that he seems to dance differently than I do. If you can't tell I am a rambler and I'm on mobile so I apologize if this doesn't seem organized(because it isn't lol) Anywho that's all for today, feel free to pm or comment.
  4. [/font] Hi PrinceSpade here, but feel free to refer to me as Spade. Im new to Tulpamancy and have been researching it for a short while. I've recently started my creation process for my tulpa. I've decided to call him Kai until he chooses a name for himself. I'm a pretty chill and open guy, so feel free to ask questions or just chat period.