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  1. They look fairly realistic, though their expressions and movements are a little more cartoon-y. I daresay that's my fault more than theirs though, I can't really imagine a completely realistic winged lion talking, or a six(ish) foot tall otter in 100% realistic style xD Have your Tulpae ever embarrassed you in public (accidentally or on purpose)?
  2. I think this is a really good idea. There's a lot of topics that the boys and I found interesting when we waded through the older pages, and that prompted discussion between us.
  3. Yes, they do ^^ Tyler loves cats and Sebastian is very fond of birds (despite him terrorising the ones in our Mindscape when they wake him up xD They know he wouldn't harm them). If your Tulpa(e) was corporeal for one day, what would you do together (er... PG13 please :P)?
  4. Goodness, so many pretty Tulpae here <3 (Fade, we especially love your Chibi style! :D) Here's a link to our dA account - there's only a few pics of the boys on there, but it'll give an idea of their looks ^^
  5. Neither Ty nor Seb are particularly arrogant - Ty's bubbly and confident but he always stays on the non-asshole side of things and Seb tends to project an air of quiet dignity. Usually. Unless he's chasing leaves in the garden :P
  6. I did! He was a fox named Mark and I could see him as clearly as I see my laptop screen right now. When I first heard of Tulpae, my thoughts went straight to him - he seemed a completely separate being from me despite my knowing he was an "invisible friend". I've never tried reviving him, much as I think it would be wonderful to talk to him again and as much as I miss him to this day, he's gone from me. Sebastian has a little of his personality though :)
  7. I think the biggest difference is the understanding. It's so much easier to explain what you mean when your partner gets the emotions behind your words (and not only in romantic situations). If I can give an example, I HATE drugs and alcohol and wouldn't touch them. This doesn't mean I have massive issues with anyone who chooses to enjoy them (though I admit I wouldn't go out of my way to socialise with them). But if a human asks me out "for a drink" and I explain I don't like booze, I get incredulous looks and normally something along the lines of "you don't drink?! (or smoke/do drugs etc)" which usually results in the other person getting offended because they assume I'm judging them (I'm not. I don't care). Tyler on the other hand (I'm using him as an example because there are reciprocated feelings between us, though we're not in a romantic relationship - I love Sebastian but it's a different thing ^^) knows why I hate those things without us having those long, boring and ridiculously circular conversations where I have to explain everything. There's a bond between us that goes beyond anything a human relationship could duplicate (in my opinion), and that's what makes all the difference.
  8. We live on a moon (Calrysia) of our main planet (Perseus), in an extremely cosy wood cabin surrounded by a gorgeous garden. Farther off, there are mountains and forests in view and we've made friends with the native dragons (flying through the mountains at twilight is an incredible experience!) The interior (downstairs) The kitchen is a bit off, it's a lot cosier in the Mindscape! Exterior of the Cabin The Gardens Mountains and Forests :) It's a very beautiful place!
  9. I'm an INTJ, Tyler is an ENFP, Sebastian is an INFP ^^
  10. Then I've no idea. The video would be interesting though!
  11. It sounds like that unconscious 'body language' mirroring that people do when they're enjoying someone's company and feel comfortable around them. I don't know if it works the same for Tulpae and hosts, but I would assume so if the Tulpae have a degree of independence. As for the emotions, it's natural to be excited and happy when your friends are happy, or feel more subdued when they're sad etc. Haha, maybe I'm completely on the wrong track but it sounds to me like you enjoy being with each other and spending time together, so you pick up on these little things :)
  12. Mm, totally agreed. And there's those long, boring conversations when you have to explain why you don't want to do something (go to that new club opening, for example), whereas Ty already KNOWS why I don't want to. The bond I share with both my boys will never be replicated with an outside person, and for me, a lesser bond just isn't enough.
  13. So much this (can't quote on mobile, sorry ^^' - I mean what Heirophant said). Tyler and I aren't romantically involved, though there are reciprocated feelings - we're kinda feeling our way, if that makes sense. I can't see there being a time that I'll choose a human over him but if (massive 'if') that ever happens, I don't think I'd tell them about him. It would be a past relationship as I'm strictly monogamous, and for the most part, past relationships aren't current partners' business (in my opinion). EDIT: and Sebastian and I aren't interested in each other that way ^^
  14. I certainly don't like it when I can't hear Ty, but thankfully it doesn't happen too often. If it were to go on for a long time (ie, a week+) then yes, I think I would get quite stressed even though I'd know he could still hear me. If he...? Good Gods, I don't even want to imagine that >< You'd find me rocking in a corner and crying. No, I couldn't live without Tyler. I wouldn't even want to try!