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  1. Sorry, i din´t mean to sound like i dick, one of my friends committed suicide a few years ago so i just kinda freak out when people bring these kind of things up :/ You seem like you´ve thought this through and i suppose it seems like a good idea if that´s how you really feel (sounded like you were just going to isolate yourself with philip at first because of all the talk about goodbyes and missing people) It´s sad that you´re "leaving", but good luck with it.
  2. Lik dis if u cry erytim ;_;
  3. The issue doesn´t really lie in whether or not she wants to switch. If you want to look at it from a purely objective viewpoint: People change, so will Amelie. Who says she wont "grow out of tulpas" after 5-10 years? Decide that she will be better of on her own? I know you properly trust her a lot, but a lot can change during the sands of time, just think about what kind of person you were 5 years ago. It just seems like an "easier/prettier" way to suicide, giving up your body to slowly dwindle away as a thought inside someone elses mind. I´ve been out there myself, so i know it might seem like a good idea to go through with something that will rid of all the troubles life brings you, but there are other ways. It doesn´t fucking matter what troubles you, even thought it all seems like it´s never going to end IT IS, and you can work towards ending it. It doesn´t matter if you think you´re fat or have a shitty personality no one likes, you can become fit if you want to, you can find people who fit your personality, you can get a better life. TL;DR Please don´t fucking go through with this, you´ll make a dane cry.
  4. A: used to happen quite often when i was in highschool. Going out, being wasted and crashing at someones place. Q: roll that shit up
  5. I wish I could say I´m happy for you and Philip but this just seems wrong somehow. It´s not that I don´t understand where you´re coming from, or why you want to go through with it, i´ve been there, but how is this any different from wanting to commit suicide? Your problems are still going to be there, you´ll still be sad inside, you´ll still be you, switching out with someone else isn´t going to change that. How long can you live in a world of just two people before you get tired or start going insane? 5 years? 10? 50? who says you´re going to get out if you can´t take it anymore? Amelie might not want to switch back once she gets a taste of it. Say fuck you to the bullshit society has put into your mind: You don´t need a good/fancy job You don´t need to give a shit about your family You don´t need to stay locked in all the problems you have Fuck all the mandatory bullshit and expectations, you are you, you´re fucking awesome, fuck what people think, go out and live another 7 years, life becomes a lot more clear when you´re 25, All you need is you and the people you care about(phillip and amelie). Sit down and think about the things you want to do together, dream big, find out what you always wanted the most or suddenly crave and GO FOR IT. Find out what you need to achieve in order to get it, set goals, fuck everyone else and what they think of your goals, it doesn´t matter if you want to fuck a lion with a shotgun, become fit or live a life around escorts in new vegas, almost anything is within your grasp these days as long as you work for it. I know it sounds like a good idea now, but so did suicide at one point as well right?
  6. A: Fuck you, don´t ask smart questions G: What makes you happy?
  7. Nice! We had the same breakthrough a week ago, however i was at at a Christmas dinner with the family. (Try explaining that the reason why you dropped one of the treasured porcelain cups that was passed down from generation to generation from the descendants of Jesus himself was because your "other self" finally figured out how to move your entire arm and wasn´t paying attention to what you were doing "out there") Any updates on the mystery mans looks? Did he get more refined?
  8. Depends on what kind of parents you have and how you explain it. I can´t stress it enough: if people start thinking you are a schizo you´re fucked. They will properly try to get you to a shrink, and then it gets written on your public record and then you can kiss any "good" job buh bye. Then again, if you´re young enough they´ll properly just think it´s an imaginary friend and give you extra love and hugs. On a side note, if it means that much to you, you could always just tell them you´re going for a walk and then go outside to talk to her.
  9. Q: If you´re so horny all the time that you have to masturbate at your work, you properly need some help. A: Have you ever truly been in love? If not, why? If yes, what happened? On a related note: The reason why there aren´t that many "good" questions is because there´s too many people <18 in this thread.
  10. >2012 >Not nailing possession first so your tulpa can hug your with your own body. >ISHYGDDT
  11. Pffft progress, who needs it these days.
  12. Move it to the bottom of the page, problem solved.
  13. Yeah, i figured the same thing. I think it has something to do with the entire "automated muscle movement" thing. We´re so used to it happening automatically that we feel awkward/uncomfortable when we have to do it ourselves. Feels like the same thing applies to full-body possession only worse. Merry christmas swede.
  14. Luc plz Q: What´s the most depressed you´ve ever been and why? (IE: out of cash, lost job, suicidal)
  15. Wat..... ____________________________________________ I think the reason why you have the viewpoint that you do is because you have yet to experience what it´s like to have a tulpa. If i asked you to explain how you say "spaghetti ocean" to a 3 year old, would you be able to? You could explain to him how it sounds, but the way you move your tongue is something that has to be experienced before you truly understand it it. Separating your tulpas thoughts from your own is the same, you can´t explain how it works or how you do, but after a while it automatically happens.
  16. Natasha


    Fern, Splash, Bergamot Five senses, Synec-doche Clear Archid, Acid, Cat Contrail, Tea, Glacier Murmured
  17. A: We´re forced by intergalactic laws to pay for our date as well as ourselves. Q: Na na na na na na na na na katamari damacy Bonus Q: Why is Sweden so bad compared to Denmark?
  18. Natasha Humour

    Mildly related. Made me fall of my chair, my sides were not prepared. Then i realized this properly happened at some point of time:
  19. Ain´t gonna be long until people start shouting "Viva la revolucion" (anybody got a che guevara tulpa?) What´s with all the suspicion of the mods, they are doing a fine job aren´t they? Do anyone have any solid arguments as to why you want to see what they are talking about? I assure you it´s nothing short of boring as shit anyway, IE: keep eye on this guy/i warned that guy/etc/fede made someone cry again.
  20. A: Well fuck.... I had a granola bar yesterday, does that count? Nothing really happened this year that hasn´t happened before, so i guess the highlight of 2012 would be... Natasha becoming sentient. Q: Do you have any new years resolutions planned and did you keep your last ones?
  21. We should start a Kickstarter for "Hiring Morgan Freeman to voice tulpa science video" all the cool kids use Kickstarter these days. I´m sure we´re only going to need like 200-500k$