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  1. So my Imaginary friends are very vivid in my head. One of them isnt waking up and the other one wont wake up. I dont know what to do. also I would like to know how I can project them into the real world because yeah there in my head but i cant really SEE them like alot of people can
  2. I wasn't expecting to be busy cleaning my house but like i wont have the time to do it! Ugh I only started doing this because I thought I would have the time!
  3. What does it look like now? before and after. Mine went from a green blob to a black blob. Im 3 days in XD
  4. I saw that there were none and I thought it would be cool to have one on Facebook where us tulpamancers can become friends and stuff talk about tulpas and stuff. :) If you would like to join here is the link: Currently there are no members. Im looking for another admin. Also feel free to add me to your tulpa support group if there is one. I just couldn't find it
  5. Im only a day in XD its like ....Wait I will try to find a picture it kind of looks like the second picture only like you can hold it in two hands. and the first picture is the color
  6. Oh god! you make me feel bad for even asking If you cant tell Im new at this XD wow. I cant belive that I thought my tulpa would hate me in the future... Im sorry for even asking -.-
  7. I am one day into making my tulpa and its a green blob. I got mad at myself for being unable to decide what to do. I ended up throwing the blob that is my tulpa. I sincerly regret it and honestly dont know why I did it and I will never do it again. Should I restart? Is my tulpa going to hate me for this in the future? Maybe I should apologize but I just dont know and I need help
  8. Basically I started making my tulpa yesterday. My wonderland wouldn't stay the same and it kept changing because of how much detail I originally wanted. So I wiped that and made it a white room with a black table and my current blob of a tulpa on the table. So Originally I was having so much trouble thinking of a space for it. A lot of people were saying it should be a ball of light or a jar of liquids. But I just couldn't imagine that so it became a green blob on the table. Also how I am Forcing the personality by imagining the traits I want as words. Then I take them and shove it inside the blob. This is my method and wanted to know if anyone does it similarly. Or what is your method?
  9. So yea as the title implies im making a tulpa. But have a few questions. 1. So do you have to make your tulpa at home? Does it have to be somewhere easily accessible? Or can it be an imaginary place? 2. When making the personality where do I have to direct these thoughts? 3. So your tulpa can fall in love with you? 4.Do you have to make a wonderland to make a tulpa? Moved thread ~sushi