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  1. *Phew* I actually draw stuff with a pencil every day, So I celebrate about knowing that. ;)
  2. Without using Rasznir's Guide. My Visualization is so terrible, I can't even see the canvas and the numbers to do the exercise! And for the worst of all, I can't even see that ''Fuzzy gray form'' of JD's guide! Help?
  3. Interesing... Also, I have another question. Is Active Tulpa-Forcing more effective if I take more time Tulpa-Forcing? *Sigh* I can't touch, see or feel my Tulpa. not even actually create my own wonderland, Help?
  4. I am new on the Tulpa stuff, My name is Anonymouse. The anonymous mouse that lives somewhere in your house. You guys can also call me Mouse, AM or Anonymous Mouse if you want. My goals here are being the Tulpa Forum champion of one of the games. Have lots of Tulpas (I still have no Tulpas. I suck at Forcing. *Sigh*) and be a popular member of the forum. Also, Here goes a question... How did you guys discover this Website? I did it thanks to a member named Anew, She appeared on the sploder game making website and telled me about this awesome stuff. I don't know if she is here. But nevermind. Anyway. How did you guys discover this Website?
  5. Hi here! I am Anonymouse, The average mouse anonymous that is really boring and lives on a mouse hole in your house. I just started this Tulpa stuff on 20/08/2015 (In day/month/year format) so I hope I learn lots of awesome things and learn how to raise Tulpas. You guys can also call me Mouse, AM or Anonymous Mouse if you want. Also, I really like eating cheese!