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    Still available through PM on the IRC, or my Steam.
  1. I'll be leaving for an indefinite amount of time of my volition. Whether I am truly 'leaving' is debatable, since I never took an active part on the forums. Contrarily, I was using the IRC daily. What is definite, though, is that I no longer consider myself a part of this community. The community isn't how I liked. For a presumably science-oriented community, the only 'explanation' seems to be 'Just believe!', 'Always assume it's your tulpa!' The research forum seems to only consist of repetitive polls. The only post of interest I have found was posted in 2013, part of a lecture by Pleeb, and posted by SkyeWint. The place seems to be run by an elite circlejerk that governs everything that happens on the site. On the IRC, I was asked to bring a complaint about a moderator to .mods so as to not clutter .lounge, which I did, only to later be threatened with a ban by the person I was complaining about. That's pathetic. And that's oppression. This person always acts the victim, and even went ahead and called me a retard, and Goopi an arsehole right here on the forums, calling me a dramawhore, in the same thread in which she admitted to making a post to bring about bickering. I had a talk with waffles about it, and he said that they were talking to Yuki about her abrasiveness and her faults which could cause problems, which is of course completely fair, something which I would have had no problem in if this was done before she became a moderator. Needless to say, she continued to be toxic. During some of the first meetings, potential candidates for chat mods were selected, these being Shinyuu, Farcaller, Yuki, Waffles, Vos, Carolina, WhiteNoise, Maya and myself. At this time, I had been here for around 4 months, and let it be said that I had NEVER seen Yuki and Vos say anything whatsoever. The other candidates were dismissed completely. I understand that I'm ranting and that nobody cares, so I'll stop now. I wasn't the best person to be around on the IRC, many times I shitposted, annoyed mods, and was a little rude with people. Even if they don't see this, I'd like to apologize to the good people I offended or irritated. I'm not too bothered if I ruffled a few feathers. I would like to let sleeping dogs lie but I couldn't help myself. I'll still be on the IRC, connected with my bouncer. I won't be taking an active part in discussion unless contacted directly. See yer.
  2. Well... If you can count calling people retards as immature, sure. I'll go with it.
  3. Banned because I had to go on your profile to read your profile picture text.
  4. Banned for not using a capital letter and a full-stop and not using a space after the comma in your signature.
  5. Nekomata

    Stupid Jokes Thread

    Why does a milking stool have only 3 legs? Because the cow has the utter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Banned because your profile picture spookily changes each time I go on your profile.
  7. Heh. This gave me a good few laughs. Keep up with that art.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I'll keep them in mind.
  9. Heyo. I have debated back and forth with myself whether I should make another tulpa and have just recently made my mind. Can you guys please share your experiences/tips/anything really about having two tulpas? Ask for more information if you need. I am usually unwillingly very vague -Thanks.
  10. and unfortunately contracted
  11. Banned for not capitalizing the first letter inside the brackets and not using a full-stop.
  12. Banned because it's 12:45pm and I'm still tired.
  13. Banned for using a scary avatar.
  14. Banned because I am bored and need to keep this going.