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  1. Yeah, absolutely. I can project pure, raw emotion to my tulpas, and they can do the same to me. It's called tulpish.
  2. Quoting because it relates to what I want to say. I had a pretty similar situation with Gamzee. He appeared as a soulbond that became a tulpa over time. Though he still retains many traits from his base character, he's not him, and we both know that. He's never, in his almost three years of existence, had an identity crisis over being based on a fictional character. However, just because it's not an issue for some tulpas (like mine and Koyvx's) doesn't mean you shouldn't be wary of it.
  3. Q1: Does your Tulpa like our world? Obsidian adores it much like I do. Gamzee thinks there's a lot to appreciate about it. They both enjoy it, though they also like our mindscape. As for Quartz... I don't think he ever liked our world much. The limits of it bothered him. Q2: What are the things that your Tulpa appreciates of it? I think Obsidian really loves everything. She is such a sweet girl. She loves flowers and nature. She loves the sun and the moon. I can't think of anything she doesn't like, she's such an optimist. Gamzee's a huge nerd for video games, movies, and technology in general. He also greatly enjoys food.
  4. Yeah, I've had it happen before. Sometimes it can just seem like your tulpa, but not actually be your tulpa, so you have to be discerning. Generally speaking, it'll be easier to tell when your tulpa is fully developed if they're actually in your dream or not.
  5. Curse Quartz and all the cute things he says. I have a habit, due to my anxiety, of playing out future scenarios in my mind. I was thinking about some paperwork I dropped off at the counselor's office that was basically a checklist of problems. I was imagining my therapist going through each with me and harassing me for checking the 'I'm not sure I want to get married' box. I was explaining why that is to her in my mind. It put me in a major slump, and I started feeling even more anxious, because I started thinking about my abandonment issues and the like. So here I am like, "Quartz is going to get bored of me!" and Gamzee's like "Nah sis, he adores you." And I'm like, "He hasn't known me as long as you have, he's going to get bored," so Gam shuts up and then Quartz starts talking. Quote: "I fell in love by choice and chance. There's not a single damn thing in this world that will make me stop loving you." I really have no idea where he gets this. I'm so bad at romance. I suck at being cheesy-cute, and for him it's like every other word out of his mouth. I still can't really fathom why he adores me so much. It just doesn't make sense to me. I'm still worried I'm unintentionally manipulating him. Sorry for the blogginess of this update, it's just really hard to explain this without also explaining the situation.
  6. Obsidian's first words (besides words of comfort to me- I didn't realize that was her) were "Actually, I'm a girl," since before I had pinned her as genderless.
  7. Wow, you sound a lot like me. Your situations echo mine a lot. Anyway, I have three tulpas and it's never been a problem, even with my emotional instability, so you should be just fine. You sound like you've thought about it a lot.
  8. I have the extension currently turned on and it is still so amusing! I've been screen-shotting the results and sharing them with friends. I worked with Quartz again today on some things. This morning, we got up together, and his presence was more distinct from my own (more than normal, anyway.) It was almost eerie. I'd describe it as that feeling you get when you know you're being watched by something sentient, but you can't see it. Except I knew it was there and I could see it (not visually, but through visualization.) He made a small change to his form, and though it's not always there, he sometimes has eyes. They are bright blue and kind of remind me of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, in how they look and in the concept of an object person having eyes. It's very unnerving. We also decided to try co-fronting, as you could call it. Half-possession, maybe? Half-switching? Whatever terminology you'd use, it was interesting. The purpose of this was for practice and to see what it would be like. Quartz expressed a wish to play his source material, and since I have three of the games, but am too much of a pussy to play them, it seemed fair to let him play them. Co-fronting felt really weird to me. We were both 'piloting' the body, and referring to 'us' as 'we'. I wonder if anyone else with tulpas has tried this before? --- This might come off as 'bloggy', but I'm feeling really insecure about how aggressive I am at the moment, especially when it comes to guys... which, considering two dudes are permanent residents inside of my head, isn't a good thing. Since Quartz tries to help the most, he gets the most of it. I feel so guilty. I need to work on my aggression issues, especially for their sakes.
  9. I don't know if there is any universal advice to be found. Anything that could be said could also be contradictory or even detrimental for someone. A great example would be the "trust-every-thought-to-be-your-tulpa" I so often see. I understand the value behind this phrase and its importance in the development of a tulpa, but I've seen it go badly for some people, even myself. Suddenly an intrusive thought is actually communication from your tulpa, and that can be concerning. I think this is where the 'evil tulpas' come from; it's not that the host's tulpa suddenly turned evil, it's that they had an intrusive thought and believed it was their tulpa. I feel like this advice is good enough to give to people without that problem, though I wish there was a disclaimer included with it more often, something like "Hey, if your tulpa says or does something weird, consider this: It is probably an intrusive thought!" (If you're prone to those. I know I am. I've done everything and I still get them.) I think the ideal guide would be tailored to everyone, but I also think that's just not possible, with so many different opinions. If I were to write a guide defining tulpas, though, I would just use this site's definition, since it's so straightforward, and most people agree with it. Vastness isn't good when it comes to guides; there's nothing worse than being vague and uncertain when it comes to them, if you ask me. If the guide itself cannot even decide on what a tulpa is, how is a newly-introduced person supposed to decide?
  10. Awe, Roxas was my favorite KH character! As Luminesce said, the games are amazing, as are the characters. Did you know Roxas from the games also kept a journal? A bunny cat form sounds interesting. I hope to see it at some point. I can't imagine what it looks like.
  11. I downloaded the Chrome extension that changes "friend" to "pet" and I was literally crying with laughter. It's the best thing I've done all day. Anyway, I practiced communication and controlling intrusive thoughts today. I also practiced sharing with Quartz, mostly with hands and legs. We practiced tactile imposition too, and actually got pretty far! (This was mostly due to his effort - I was ready to give up so many times throughout the process!) EDIT: I removed the extension and downloaded another one. Now it goes like this: "Friend" -> "Friend" "Supportive Friend" -> "Supportive friend" "Support" -> "Support" "Supporting" -> "Supporting" "Possession" -> "Sharing" I'll probably add more over time.
  12. Since everyone else has so beautifully summed up their belief about the tulpa phenomenon, and since mine are very much the same (FallFamily's theory matches mine the most) I'll focus on answering the question of different experiences. I think this is also the easiest question to answer, and I can sum my response up in a sentence: We are all different people, who have different skills and abilities, different levels of intelligence, different personalities, etc. We are all different, which is why the experiences differ. Example: For one person, they may have a vocal tulpa within a week, whereas another person may have one within 3 months. Why the disparity? It could come down to a lot of things; perhaps Person A had more time to spend on developing their tulpa, or maybe they have more practice with thoughtforms. They could have used methods to increase vocalization, such as parroting until the tulpa learns to speak for itself. On the other hand, Person B may have had less time or less practice prior to this first tulpa. It's also possible they had mental barriers blocking out their tulpa's voice. Maybe, in both of these scenarios, it's the tulpa who is responsible, not their host! That's a possibility as well. You have to look at all the possible reasons and consider which is the most likely.
  13. This is so cool! I'll definitely use this in the future.
  14. Amazing responses! @ParanoidLlama: I am the same way. Everyone in my life describes me as ambitious, self-motivated, hard working... I don't know where they get that idea from. I spend all of my energy just getting out of bed and functioning.
  15. I kept thinking about this quote last night, and it's starting to change my opinion on a lot of topics. Already, Obsidian's optimism is changing me. On a somewhat-related note, I need to come up with a nickname for her.
  16. Since this forum is in need of discussion, I've been trying to come up with new topics and threads... I hope this hasn't been posted about before. Here are some questions to think about and discuss: 1.) Does having a tulpa increase or decrease your motivation? Why or why not? 2.) Has having a tulpa changed important goals in your life? 3.) Has your tulpa helped motivate you when you otherwise would have procrastinated? If so, how? 4.) Does your tulpa have outer-world goals? What are they, and how big are they? Would you/are you trying to help them achieve those goals? 5.) @Tulpas, how lazy is your host? I hope to read some interesting, thought-provoking posts, and maybe stir some useful discussion. I'll refrain from sharing my personal experiences for right now, since this isn't my PR.
  17. Things have calmed down a bit now. We're still not talking a ton, but it's better than it was before. I was forcing with Obsidian this morning and asking her how she felt about different things. I asked her what she thought of flowers and projected images to her. She said in a really cheerful voice, "They're pretty!" (Her voice is seriously precious and there's no comparison.) Then I asked her how she felt about fake flowers (which I despise) and she replied with: "They're nice! They want to be real flowers, you know? They're trying their best and I think that's great." I was a bit surprised. She loves them for the reason I hate them. Huh.
  18. It's fine that your tulpa changed form. The second part is also fine. You don't have to have a wonderland yet. In fact, you may want to wait on having a wonderland so the two of you can design it together. To narrate while reading a book, just read the book in your mind as if telling your tulpa a story. You can do that right now or in the future. You might just be sick, or it could be your tulpa. It seems a little early for that, but some develop faster than others. It is completely fine that you haven't talked to him in a few hours.Sometimes you're busy and that's okay! I'd say be wary if you go a day without at least passively forcing in the first stage of their development. Your tulpa will most likely know all of those languages.
  19. These are all so diverse, but so lovely! I'm going to start listening to them all.
  20. Hosts: Post any songs that make you think of your tulpa, that are special between you, that you listen to when forcing, or that might relate to the whole of tulpamancy in general. Tulpas: Post any songs that make you think of your host, that are special between you, that describe what it's like to be a tulpa, or that might relate to the whole of tulpamancy in general. I'll probably listen to all of them. I love finding new music. You all have pretty good taste. For me, a song that makes me think of tulpamancy in general is "Hello, How Are You?" a Japanese song that has been covered by many English-speaking artists. There are many versions, but my two favorites are by and . Though it's actually about an isolated little girl with social anxiety (just my interpretation) who finally makes a friend, I think it will resonate with a lot of other tulpamancers. A song that makes me think of my tulpa, Quartz, would be by Christina Perri. It's always been one of my favorite songs, and Quartz likes it too. He's a romantic person, unlike me... so he picked the song out for us while we were browsing my MP3 player. It's a really special song to me because of that.
  21. I've wondered about this, too! I mainly do possession with Quartz, who is non-human, but still humanoid. It's usually hand possession, which is fine, but I let him possess parts of my face at times (such as eyes, mouth, nose) which he doesn't have in his main form. I think considering he has a human form in which he uses those, it's not too rough of a transition. I can't really speak for him. Possession takes work on both sides. Hosts must relinquish control, while tulpas must take it. We must resign ourselves to lose a way in which we interact with the world, while they must physically interact with the world through us. Generally when Quartz is possessing, I am always underneath, able to take control in a millisecond if needed.
  22. So, last night Quartz and I got into another fight. It happens a lot, and as always, I instigated it. I just love to fight, don't I? He pointed out a completely accurate flaw of mine and I overreacted, getting offended when he told me. He was polite about it and I pretty much went off on him. Being in physical pain didn't really help either; I was much more agitated then usual, and even his calm remarks were grating. I really need to work on taking constructive criticism, especially if I want to become a better person. Gamzee mediated between us (mostly taking my side, honestly) and I talked with Quartz via text, since verbal communication wasn't working well (we were in the wonderland at the time.) We worked it out. I apologized for overreacting and not taking his concerns seriously. He apologized for saying some things. We're still not talking a lot, but it's something we'll work through, as always.
  23. Well... I've experienced both. I don't think there's much I could say that has not already been said. I wouldn't surrender my real-life relationship for a tulpa. It's too important to me. I haven't ever told my partner about my tulpas, though I'm sure she would be open minded about it. Maybe I will at some point, but I'd have to casually introduce the idea at first. There are a few differences, the most notable difference being the loss of physical contact (unless you practice imposition and you git gud.) There's also the ability to speak through emotions, also known as Tulpish, which you can't do with other humans. There's that sense of understanding with a tulpa you can't get through another human. I think that's what makes tulparomance so desirable to some people. I think it's okay. The relationships I've experienced taught me a lot about myself. I wouldn't choose to love a tulpa if I could help it, but how much choice do I have, really? (Probably more than I give myself credit for.)
  24. Alright, thanks! ^^ Good luck with your new tulpa, by the way! You'd better keep us all updated on how it goes. I haven't updated this thread in a few days due to not having internet. But I do have a few tiny updates here and there. I've been practicing getting into my mindscape without the help of my tulpas. Usually Quartz pulls me in, but I've been managing to do it by myself recently! I'm pretty excited about this. Quartz designed my room, so I've been 'exploring' it. It's very Gothic in style, but cozy. I like it. There are two four-panel windows on the right side of the room, and by one of the windows, there's a very large writing desk that takes up about half of the space over there. It's cluttered with papers that I sometimes write on when I go there. I've also explored Quartz's room. His is much larger than mine, and it's built on a lower level of our mansion. It's very spacious, with a TV, some videogame consoles, a large bookshelf that runs behind the bed, and a lamp or two. Maybe I can find some kind of room-designer game to illustrate. (Or I could play Minecraft for the first time in forever...) On the same level (and actually very close by his room) there's a woodshop. I've seen him working in there a few times. I find it a little weird that he takes an interest in woodworking. I know absolutely nothing about it, and it's not one of my interests, but to each their own. I guess it makes sense, since he designed most of our mansion. As far as I know about Gamzee and Obsidian: I have not explored their rooms. I've encountered them both in the mindscape before, but I've never been by their rooms. I'm not even fully sure where they are. I need to make a map or something, seriously!
  25. @Anderson and tulpa: That is so cute. I have a few new quotes from Quartz that I find amusing: The other day I was venting about my father and he just said... with the straightest face... "Wow, what a dick." There was a time I was really angry at someone and I just kept going on thinking these angry thoughts... I guess he heard them, because he just said "Oh my" in this quiet voice. It was as funny as it was embarrassing. He said something really cute yesterday. I don't want to post it here. It's really cheesy.