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    KM & RD

    Questions 1 to 6 for KM: Ah, okay! Question 1 for RD: Yeah, Donald's pretty fucked up... Question 3 for RD: Makes sense that you wouldn't like Cheerilee's Garden (though I myself like it) Question 5 for RD: By sexual feelings, I mean like, lust or horniness. Question 6 for RD: Sorry, I'm just really nervous about what people (and tulpas) think of me. Maybe some more questions will give you an opinion? (For KM) 1: Ever seen Rick and Morty? 2: Pizza or chocolate? 3: You have the ability to bring every tulpa both you and others have to physical life, but you have to badly injure either yourself or a willing participant in order to do so. What do you do? (This question is based on a dream I had a short while ago) 4: Would you consider making a creepypasta based tulpa? Just curious, as I myself am considering making a Smile Dog tulpa. 5: (related to above) Favourite creepypasta? 6: How did you find the Pony Hypnosis? (For RD) 1: Bacon or ham? Or neither? 2: Panther shirt or puma shirt? 3: Favourite movie? 4: What do you think of KM? 5: Do you know LOTS OF THINGS? 6: What was it like before you were created?
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    KM & RD

    This is very interesting! Although, I do have some questions. For both you and Rainbow Dash. (For you) 1: Why do you use Pony Hypnosis? Besides tulpa reasons. 2: When did you decide to make a tulpa? 3: How many tulpas do you currently have? 4: What is the most disturbing, fucked up, and just plain wrong in general thing any of your tulpas have ever said/done? 5: Which of your tulpas is your "favorite"? 6: Have you ever had sex with your tulpas? (For Rainbow Dash) 1: Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump? 2: Favorite food? 3: (weird question) do you enjoy stuff like Saw, Cheerilee's Garden, Hostel, and the like? 4: What do you think of KM's other tulpas? 5: Have you ever experienced any sexual feelings? 6: What do you think of me? Be honest (I'm sorry I just really like hearing what tulpas think of me) Well, that's all of them! Have a nice day!
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