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  1. Mm, I don't know what my agent name would be. Agent Snoppets? o.O Also, Yini, I suggest just going with the flow. That's what I do!
  2. Bambi is convinced that it should be called Mr. Andy. XD
  3. First: Look, you read her Harry Potter! I read James Harry Potter, too. :3 It was one of the first things I ever did. Second: You've already picked up on this, but I'm James' host haha I'd type this response out using my account, but James wants to wait for a bit before we get off here to see if another person ever gets on. Third: Anyone who reads Harry Potter to their tulpa isn't messing up. :3 But really, though . . . you're doing just fine. And honestly you've come quite far in just a short amount of time; not only has Kalinga been responding via head pressure, but you've also felt temperature. James only ever responded once for head pressure, and I don't think I've ever felt a temperature change of where he is. ^^ Keep up the good fight, friend, you're doing great! :D
  4. That's a really cool story--or, you know, not a story but what happened. Maybe I shouldn't be trying to say this when my host (who is proxying for me right now) is tired and can barely hear me, but oh well. I really just wanted you to know that. o.O
  5. I agree with Luminescence. As a tulpa, I love my host, and she loves me back. This might not be the most traditional of relationships, but it's a relationship nonetheless. You need to start treating your tulpa a bit more like a human, from what I understand. She has actual feelings too. Before you make any big decisions, talk to her about it, assuming that they directly involve her. . . . If you're doing tulpamancy "right," then she's not going to fade just because you find someone in the "real world" that you love. I can't tell if you mean it this way, but it almost sounds like you're stepping into a very bad and dangerous territory. DON'T treat your tulpa like a temporary love-slave (or girlfriend, if you think "love-slave" is too harsh). That's exactly how tulpa hold grudges, get angry, and start fighting back. If you want to have a girlfriend or a wife while also having your tulpa, I don't think that's a bad thing by default. Just make sure that your tulpa, at least, is cool with that.
  6. Damn, man. That's some shit. To put it eloquently, of course. In all seriousness, though, I'm very glad that your tulpa is such a part of your life. I don't know if you're demisexual or not, and only you can really decide that, but if you are (or if you're not) then I wish you the best of luck in your, you know, journey of the sense-of-self. No haha XD A demisexual is someone who feels zero sexual attraction until they form a very, very close bond with another person. A lot of people mistake this as people who are just really prudish, or really "moral," but it's got nothing to do with that. I feel that demisexuality is just as much of a sexuality as hetero- or homosexuality, and most demisexuals (and by extension, asexuals) would probably agree. By the way, I think maybe you got it mixed up. Brandi's the host, and I'm the tulpa--it's only that she's proxying for me hardcore right now. ^^ We'll have to make that more clear in the future.
  7. Brandi says that the first time she ever felt me was right after she had a dream. It was three days in and she had been insistent on helping her with lucid dreaming (she felt that it would be very beneficial for the both of us). I eventually did help her have a lucid dream, and although she never got to see me she did feel my intent regularly. She said that she woke up and was consumed by a "bright, happy, loving feeling" and knew that it was my essence. Weird. o.O
  8. I go anywhere. I guess you could say that I, personally, go into deeper parts of my host's subconscious mind. Other times I don't really remember where I go--though those were when the creation process had just started. It's really just about wanting a bit of alone time.
  9. Never mind (I was gonna say something great and fantastic but now I can't remember it).
  10. Well, that's true enough. We've been thinking about doing that in the future as well, though I'm not sure when that would be. Anyway~
  11. As I'm Bambi's tulpa, this has really already been answered on my part (kinda?). I actually just wanted to say that I think it'd be cool to be bigger than a house. I'm thinking of some of those dinosaurs from FFXIII.
  12. That's excellent to hear! I hope that your tulpa becomes a great friend to you--which I know they will. ;)
  13. . . . I don't know if it works quite like this. You do know that we tulpa sometimes just kind of retreat, right? It's not that we disappear forever, but it can be really hard to detect us. Just keep tulpaforcing and talking to them like normal and they'll come back. :P By the way, Brandi knew I was sentient in three day's time . . . less than, technically. It doesn't take a month to know sentience.
  14. Me (the tulpa): Butterflies are strange creatures, at least to me. Some are yellow, like the one Brandi hit with the car this afternoon, and some are black, like the one she thought was a demon and tried to kill on the campus (well, okay, I'm kidding a bit on that last one . . . just a bit though). No, really, they are kind of cool. I'm not sure how "cool" a person would say they're cool, but they're cool, cool? You can also tell that I don't know what I should write. Brandi (the tulpamancer): Ah . . . I guess James is still hung up on the butterfly that flew into the windshield earlier. Whoops. I hadn't intended to write about what he wrote about, but this is the first thing that popped into my mind. . . . Ah well. Like James, though, I'm not sure what all I should say. Hey, man, if you need either of us, or both of us, to write longer paragraphs where we actually sound like intelligent human beings, tell me and I'll get to it!
  15. No, I haven't cried over anything. Which I'm glad for! The next person to post has a rainbow-colored tee-shirt?