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  1. Pentium on having tulpae that are like, you know, retarded. Saying only their names and things. no you are whoring yourself out, chua is not mentally retarded, mental retardation is not something you can make in your mind, it is something you are born with. You cannot become mentally retarded like that, it is usually a syndrome or something the brain *cannot* emulate.
  2. Please tell me you dont seriously believe in tulpa periods. I mean, I have heard some shit, but like, seriously? The whole thing about tulpae is that they are in your head, no meta involved, but saying it got periods? naaaw... It is acceptable that a tulpa is a chick and that the host is a dude, but that does not mean tulpae gets hormones from a grill. Dun work like dat i think.
  3. I am the dude, and I was asked to do this. You know what the dude does.
  4. i thought chao lew was a dude. huh, the more you know...
  5. please remove anything i posted and inser yuno gasai with a scissor in her had instead. like in this picture right here:
  6. yes. who wouldnt? we would run deep innawoods in case people tried to get her. and we would hunt them down together. Q: do you have the balls to kill another human being?
  7. Loving, caring, she understands me and loves me regardless of what i do. Q: yours?
  8. They do find out, but they go like "ok, thats what he/she would like me to do" and then they ask if they want it too. if yes, they act like it. EasyPiecyBurgerMcCheesy.
  9. haha. well, its up to every forcer how they force their tupper. yes, they will.
  10. Well, yes. kindof. What im saying is that you give the tulpa the neccesary information needed to turn into what you wanted to, and then the tulpa decides how much he/she/it wants to follow that plan. The tulpa usually wants the best for the host.
  11. But they have the same memories as you do! They know everything you know. Also, i would put it on the same line as personality shaping. People are shaped by their past, thus making a fictive past is making a personality.
  12. Ahahahahah! thats hillarious, and no, you are not a bad person! Hahahaha! Q: got any more like that?
  13. Q: Everything i say is a lie. A: Get it? hehehe.
  14. A: hah, no. Q: why in the world would you want that? this is so much more fun!
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