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  1. Day 1 Session 1:Exploration Of My Innerworld. I am Ryota. I am making a tulpa and i would call her Miki. My visualization is weak and i have no idea why. I am an artist and i heard that if you are an artist, it should be easier to visualize than a average person. So, I decided to work on my visualization first. I sit down with the lotus meditation position and close my eyes... I am transported inside the main room of my imaginary house which existed when i used to roleplay in my childhood. i look around and nothings changed except the colour of my sofa. I teleport myself in my former imaginary friend's room. its not changed, i am filled with the feeling of nostalgia. i loved to sleep in this bed, She and i would play here for hours. Such memories make me feel bad and i want to relive those memories.I want to go out now, But i wont teleport this time, I will walk and i do so.I reach the hall's main door and grab it, turn it open... Such light.I am so welcomed with this beach but i wonder why, i am starting to have some distractions and i cant concentrate, I feel so annoyed when these distraction starts to get bigger. Thats when i open my eyes take a deep breath and close it again, those distractions start again but no, i wont give up this time, i start describing everything i do, I heard its supposed to help with focus. There was a smile on my face when it actually did... Then i looked at my brown hands and realized i can be anyone in my wonderland right? I changed my form... Now it was time to see my flying skills, I shouted "Give me power White Fire!" I used to say this when i was younger and feel an aura around me. But in wonderland, That aura was feeling me. I ran towards the sea with all my speed and Pushed the ground with a loud thud and reached for heaven, I was flying... There was a place me and my friend used to visit to play. That place was in front of me, I could see its silhoutte in the bright suns light. I raced towards it with a speed so fast that i could have burned myself in real life... When i reached the place, I swear i saw Susan, (My very first tulpa,i stopped tulpaforcing 3 years back.) Standing and glaring at me. She wanted to say something. But she didnt. She dissappeared. I was shocked at first, And ignored it thinking it was my imagination... This place was a Big cloud with a cloud home in it and a cloud tennis net. we used to play tennis here, Do various stunts, Dive below into the sea. That nostalgia... I visited my Home, The cloudy home, and it felt so empty. I sat down on the entrance stairs. Scolding myself for stopping tulpaforcing. But what could i do, She faded away and never came back. Why Susan? Why?? Then i saw Susan Riding a pegasus right in front of me and disappear into thin air. I started to think is it my imagination? I started getting headaches so i thought this is enough for today and i got back into my Real Life. Day 2 Session 1: Forcing session with Miki. I got back to my wonderland. But this time i decided i would do something different. This time i made a new wonderland. Its just inside of a house made up of dirt at the moment. There is a wooden fan on the ceiling. A portrait of my 3 Imaginary friends A table and a bed. Whole kitchen set all in one room. The ceiling, ground and the walls are made up of Dirt. It took a lot of time to plan out+Try out different colors+Position all the furniture for the house.But finally i was ready to force my tulpa. She has been acting weird lately, Feels like she is sentient. But i know i am subconciously puppeting her. So i want to make her totally independant from me. And i started that now. I summoned her in front of me. She is just a red orb for now. I greeted her. But she started flying erractically. She was so hyper at that time, That i had to focus myself. And i soon managed to. Now she was Changing her form once again, She changed into an anime girl. Well, I liked that form. Or well,Miki liked that and i thought its my emotion. I dont know, Young tulpas are weird. But soon she got that form, She started sending me emotional responses, And i was again in disbelief whether its me, or she. But i chose to go with the flow, Since it will get clear if i give it a little time. I started talking to her and She was giving me emotional response. Like, as in, Facial expression. So our conversation wasnt really brief but thats a part of the process. After some time, I decided to stop. Passive interaction:1 So i was online in IRC. I was chatting with one of my friend, I told her that i made a new tulpa and said "i dunno what to say to Miki" She replied "Ask her if she would like Cornflakes" And i did so. She was making confused expression but in the end nodded yes. I let her taste some from my memory of cornflake's taste. She nodded in a way saying she liked it. I was happy for her. Thats it for today.
  2. Thanks :) Now its done i guess.
  3. Waffles:I guess i did all the corrections there needs to be. For some reason, i can't underline or change the font size of the text. Other than that, i have put an apostrophe and corrected the word 'tulpa'.
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys ^^ . I would like to know the results of your GameForcing, too. Euryale: That would be awesome indeed! We already tried it and it makes it much more enjoyable ^^ Mistgod: Mhm, Some people tend to leave tulpamancy because it's boring. This method is for them. But the gamers may find it much more enjoyable because they can control their whole game!
  5. Hello ^^ I am kira. Today I am going to tell you a new way for tulpaforcing and this type of forcing helps in visualization a lot. I am making a tulpa, he is very clear and I can see him from every angle perfectly. I told this to show you that this type of forcing worked for me. For you? You'll have to try it out yourself. One requirement is that your tulpa should be able to move on its own at this point, let's move on to the main topic. GameForcing: What is this? Generally, people force by imagining themselves in a wonderland or a void/virtual reality. They tend to imagine themselves as they are in real life and they interact with their mindscape like they would in reality. Honestly, I found it boring. So I came up with a new way to tulpaforce. GameForcing, as I call it, is the same as normal tulpa forcing, but this time you take a gaming remote controller (any type), be it joystick or PS2 or PS3 game controller, and you hold it as if you are playing a game. But in GameForcing you close your eyes, and imagine your mental body in third person (this is optional, it can be first person too) and control it like a game character as if you are playing a game. How does it develop your tulpa? Let's concentrate on the visualization part, this time don't try to visualize your tulpa. Try going on solo adventures and work out your visualization skills. Don't worry if your surrounding is blurry at first, just keep on GameForcing and as you immerse in it you may find that the wonderland is way more clearer now. Once you feel like you have gotten very good at visualizing things, start taking your tulpas with you on your adventures, they may get clearer automatically by now. Why go for this type of forcing? Some people have a hard time tulpaforcing because they find it boring and start viewing it as a daily chore. But playing games is fun, who doesnt love it? So, if people started GameForcing, they may start finding tulpaforcing way more fun. Thanks for taking the time to read all the way till here. Let me know if this works for you guys. :)