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  1. masterrace4life Next person would destroy the world given the chance.
  2. I both sympathize and agree with that statement. Bleargle.
  3. Well then why would you want to wi- WAIT I DON'T WANT TO WIN THIS TAKE IT BACK TAKE IT BACK TAKEITBACK
  4. Only now? I thought that was required to be known once one enters the forum.
  5. Hey, no fighting now. There's plenty of my soul to go around.
  6. You won the chance to lose again! Yaaaaay!
  7. Ah, alright, I guess I see what you all mean then. I've been expecting it to be something just really different and weird, as that's what I've read in almost every guide. Sorry for the question that's been asked a million times, it's just a confusing topic for me, even after all the reading I've done on it. And Mistgod & Melian, please get out of my head. I have important things in there. Secret things.[/i]
  8. I've been working on this for a little bit now, with no luck so far. I'm assuming it takes time to learn how to do so, but how would you describe it? So far from all the guides I've read, it seems to amount to an unexpected/"alien" emotion, or a type of feeling you get from when they try to communicate with you. This concept seems so bizarre to me, so I'm hoping that maybe having a few people here describe it could possibly help me to do so myself.
  9. While I don't personally share your philosophies on Tulpas Mistgod, I definitely can agree with you on that last part. There's definitely many mind skills you can learn in the creation of a Tulpa, even if for some reason you fail to make one.
  10. It does depend on mood for me as well. I generally sleep better during my periods of it whenever I go to bed with a good mood. Try seeing if you can make her happy somehow before bed to test it out?
  11. It's been a while since I last updated, but not much has happened beyond me simply trying to erase doubts and open my mind for communication. I'll sum up the events of days 11-14 here. Days 11-14 - September 20th-24th, 2015 -------------------------------------------- I've really been working on eliminating doubt and changing my mindset through rationalization and just thinking deep about what I feel and why. Doubt and fears do still exist, but around 50% less than during my last panic. Mostly it's just from me frequently expecting the worst case scenario, which is very hard to fight against. I've been messaging with several people who have been a great help in this regard. I've focused hard on trying to open my mind to vocalization. I've had a few "conversations" with Kalinga, but the responses were fluid and felt like I was making them - Nothing alien or anything that truly surprised me. I'm pretty sure that it's my mind not necessarily parroting but speaking for her. I did it a few days anyways, just to hopefully give Kalinga some idea on how to speak, but I've started going cold turkey since this morning. I can "feel" her when I think about her though. I haven't received any thoughts or emotions that have surprised me or felt alien yet as well, but I'm sure with time we'll get communications down. I'm excited for when we finally do though - I know doubt will be my biggest issue with Kalinga, but having some basic communication at least will go a long way. And that's it really, beyond average standard forcing for things such as visualization. I've stopped personality forcing, as I generally get the picture of who she is. I never really went in depth to her traits, mainly because that's not how I think. I have a hard time analyzing people in depth, and rely on what I generally know/feel about them, and I have that already with Kalinga. Visualization, wonderland creation*, and vocalization practice are what I mainly do when I force, with maybe some talking to Kalinga thrown in. Parallel processing is definitely going to be a focus once we have at least decent communication/visualization skills. *It's still a work in progress, mainly because my visualization skills are bad and I can't keep it from changing or gaining any real clarity beyond a mushroom in a field. I'm considering changing it to something else, but for now it stays.
  12. King

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted, but you cannot control the ability. Anybody who sees or hears you now think that they are you, and also gain your ability. However, whenever they see somebody who has your power, they go into a bloodlust and rip the other Influenced apart. You, the original, can only watch as the world enters the apocalypse - the apocalypse of Kudwafu. After months of hiding and living off scraps of food, you meet your demise when one of the Influenced come up behind you. I wish for an Exterminatus.
  13. You better keep on passing then, cus this is my win.
  14. Let me preface this by saying I am in no way a professional on any aspects of Psychology/Tulpas, and can be completely wrong in my post. The most likely answer that comes to mind to me is definitely the depression. I go through periods of it, and whenever I do my sleep schedule just falls apart, and I find myself either ending up in your shoes where I just can't sleep for more than a few hours, end up staying awake till it's almost morning and end up with only an hour or so, or even go for a few days without sleeping at all. Honestly, if it IS the depression that is causing it, the only thing that you can do is what I've read that you've already done/are doing - make sure she knows she's loved, stay with her, and try to help her cope with it.
  15. Are you new to visualizing in general still? I had a very similar problem when I was first starting to visualize - I'd see disturbing creepy shit, such as Kalinga's face distorting to fucked up poses, or stretched out beyond normality, stuff like that. In my own experience as a fellow novice, it starts to go away bit by bit. You start to see less and less disturbing thoughts, and more of what you want to see as you focus more and more.