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  1. I like this reply a lot. Here's my attempt at pinning down what should be done to find the value, and some things you should take into consideration. We can deal with this problem through doing experiments and getting an approximate value (ideal conditions are impossible to recreate whenever you're measuring), and then deducing a formula that shows us how all the variables are related, so you can calculate the estimate of licks it takes to get to the center depending on the values of the variables you have. This could be achieved by maintaining all but one variable constant, and then looking at a graphic of how the amount of licks changes. Now, speaking about the variables, it's possible to keep them constant at some extent: First you'd have to define the length of the tongue that should actually be licking the tootsie pop every time. This is a value that obviously depends of the length of the tongue and the way each subject of study (a pro tootsie pop licker in this case) does it, so you should probably use the same subject to measure each time, and attach some kind of tape or ribbon at a certain tongue length to keep it as constant as possible. The pH of the tongue depends on what you eat a certain amount of time before measuring and on what time you do it. If you can control the diet of the subject and the hour in which you do the measurements, this value should stay practically the same. Training the subject to apply a certain amount of force to the tootsie pop when licking a few days prior to the measurements is also possible. A device that imitates the texture and form of a tootsie pop, and at the same time measures the force felt because of the tongue, would need to be acquired (or developed). This is a tricky one but it's possible to do. The hydration and nutrition levels of the subject are also important, since this can play a fundamental role when you're trying to control his saliva levels. Controlling the water and food intakes of the subject should take care of this point. Alternatively, you could spare all the above steps by simply creating a replica of a human tongue that has: similar texture and average length; controlled pH levels and amounts of saliva-like liquid (possible if you supply a special solution through the "pores" of the tongue), and a realistic, measured force to apply to the tootsie pop (just make a bionic arm move it or something). Room temperature is controlled and maintained fairly easily with a specialized room and a good AC. The amount of saliva remaining on the tootsie pop can be measured and should be (fairly) constant by itself if you control the rest of the variables. The time intervals between licks can be defined and/or measured with a metronome and special software. Using the same pro tootsie pop licker during the whole experiment is a must, just as controlling the radius of the tootsie pop (achieved by measuring its approximate diameter with a vernier and looking at how much gum there is in its center). Considering you have the necessary equipment to measure all of this, it should be fairly easy to measure the amount of licks it takes to get to the center. Food for thought/things to consider: The amount of licks is (depending on your parameters) discrete, while all the variables taken into account are continuous. In other words, the amount of licks is quantized. The "geometry" of the lick must also be defined: whether it's going to be just in one point of the tootsie pop or you're licking the whole thing until you reach the center, etc. The amount of licks will be different for each person, place, tootsie pop and time, but if you find a valid formula (which could theoretically be achieved by changing one value at a time and see how the amount of licks changes), you can give an approximate value of licks for each person, depending on the data given. If you use the average values of pH in a person's tongue at a certain time of the day (and with a certain/fairly normal diet), the average body and room temperatures and the average diameter of a tootsie pop, you can give a general estimate of this value and disregard the previous point. You could also make an app that calculates this value after finding the formula and asking basic questions to the user (What did you eat today? How long has it been since you drank water? Are you outside or in a room with controlled temperature?) Conclusions My hypothesis is that the value you're looking for is incredibly variable when you're not controlling at least SOME conditions. Also, finding this out would be hard. Hard, but not impossible. Finally, I should spend more time with my tulpa instead of spending it in the forums. Good luck with the fundings for your research.
  2. Wish I did so I could switch careers. Next person should probably go to sleep.
  3. Wish granted, but you abuse your ability to impose and hallucinate, and start believing you have psychic powers. Your family finds out and locks you in a mental hospital. I wish I could trick other people into thinking they're me.
  4. Thanks for your answers guys. Even though it might have just been my subconscious, she did feel a bit more genuine and relaxed after the changes. I guess I'll just accept them. I think I felt head pressures caused by her during last night's session, which was great. I don't know about her levels of sentience though. This is basically how it felt like, I just wasn't sure deviation could happen this early.
  5. So I've been trying to work in my tulpa's personality, but realized I was making her too much like me. I couldn't decide easily on other traits, so I started experimenting with visualization. I had a vague idea of how I wanted my tulpa to look like, so I imagined her as a girl with a blue dress, short hair and brown hair. Suddenly, while I imagined her sitting on my bed to make things easier, I saw how her image changed from how I previously had thought of her to another one, very spontaneously. Even though what mainly changed was her haircut and her dress, I also started perceiving her as a more calm and easy going tulpa, which kind of worries me because the traits that I thought of before (and had already talked her about during two sessions) are very different to the ones she manifested in this session. I'm on my first week of tulpaforcing, but still feel they were too many changes on her personality and looks from one day to another. Should I just go with it and accept the new image I have of her or am I just missing consistence and should be more clear about her traits and looks? I actually like this form of her better, but don't want to end up making a servitor, or watching my tulpa have an identity crisis later on.