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  1. Nothing major but if i create a tulpa without mentioning any political leanings will she lean towards the hosts views? i would hate to make a tulpa that does not share my views on certain matters. This would not be a dealbreaker but it would certainly negatively effect the relationship
  2. So i have just started trying to create my first tulpa, i have tried to sit down and plan out the personality and traits but whenever i try to visualize anthing it just feels like im doing not it right, i can see her standing there and just about move around to get different angles but it just feels so distant like she is an empty shell. What sort of things would you recommend me to try? i really want to pull through with this since i have so much spare time being wasted as of right now. I have already read a few guides but the only one that seemed to help me so far is the breathing in and out meditation technique, and the only time i feel the "head pressure" is when i really focus on how she looks but never when i try to communicate, i also cannot figure out how to send "thoughts" her way without it seeming like i am just talking to myself and not trying to direct it towards her. If anyone else has felt this way or knows of anyway to get me through this little bump in the road it would be appreciated. Much love :)