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  1. Hey! So, how did you find out about the existence of a tulpa? How have you first started? Used any guides? If yes, which one? If not, how did you manage it? Any doubts about tulpas in general at first? How has he/she/it introduced to yourself? Just tell your first steps in this thread!
  2. Thanks Luminesce! Your advice is great, so I guess I gotta practise more and and do my best! Hey there! And they sure did. This is kinda what I'm doing right now in TS4, haha.
  3. I used to be a shut-in kid, so that may be a reason why I got these tulpas? I don't have a mental illness, not at all. I guess I was just kinda lonely, so these two tulpas were born. When I think about it, this might be it. I don't have enough will and I do have some doubt about it. So, I'm not 100% sure about the whole tulpa-stuff. Oh, and you don't have to be sorry! I completely understand what you mean, no doubt. And let's just say, I'm now 100% sure about it, how can I clear up my problems with meditation? Or rather, what have you personally done? Did you just sit there, cleared up your mind and thought really hard about your tulpa's appearance? (e. g. I read that some people used a ball and formed it into something they wanted to and went further into detail) Thanks for your quick answer by the way.
  4. Hey folks! I just registered to this page to get my worries and insecurities out here. Recently (2-3 weeks ago) I've been introduced in this whole tulpa-world and I'm fascinated. Of course, at first I was like 'dafuq iz diz magic' but then I remembered that I had two female tulpa before when I was a little child and all my suspiciousness kinda went away. So then it began. I didn't really had a personality nor an appearance for my tulpa. The only thing that has been constantly on my mind about the appearance is that it's a male human, it has brown hair (the style is kinda like a pixie-cut) and it has a "nice aura". Basically an average male human being. So, I started talking to him every night before I go to sleep (in my mind, otherwise my family thinks I'm weird). I introduced myself, told him about my life and after that I just tell him how the day went. After 1~2 weeks I still don't have any clue how exactly he should look like, even his personality was a mystery to me. So instead of drawing him, I created him in a game (Sims 4 *cough*) and I was satisfied with the result. And about his personality, I've decided that his personality should "flow" in time. Like, he can decide how he should be, I don't really care much. And, I should also include this, I didn't do any forcing on him simply because I don't really get it? I've tried to create a wonderland but I just can't think of anything. And meditating seems also kinda hard for me because I can't really stay relaxed 100%. And I'm not sure how you do it, do you just sit here, close your eyes and think of nothing? To be honest, I'm easily distracted to any noise my family makes (door slamming, loud walking, etc.). Anyways, I've somehow decided to talk more to my tulpa in my daily routine (when I'm going to school and stuff) and explained him things. Like, "Oh, this is my teacher. I hate him, [insert explanation here]". I think you get what I mean. Okay, now to some success I've gained recently; A couple of days ago, I wanted to get out of the house (doing some social stuff). So I sat down and wanted to tie my shoes. While I did that, I heard a strange noise in my right ear saying 'oooohhhhh' in a monotone voice? Also it felt like as if someone was blowing in my ear which left me sitting there confused. I asked my tulpa if it was him, but I got no answer. Today I was watching a movie and I suddenly requested my tulpa that he should watch it with me (the movie nearly ended though, so I explained him what was going on before). Then I got some weird foot and hand movements that were not intentional, which confused me a little bit. Also, same question if it was him, no answer. So, am I doing things right till now? Also, how do I visualize right? I've read tons of guides but I'm not entirely sure which one is the right one (same goes for my concentration/medication problem which I mentioned before). Thanks for the answers! (if I get any lol)